H99_B2ACHECK - HR-B2A: Check Program for B2A Application

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Check Program for B2A Application


You can use the check program H99_B2ACHECK to test individual settings for Business to Administration with the B2A Manager.


Group box Check number range:

The number range HRB2A is used to assign the GLBID number. This is a number used internally with a unique ID. The number range is made up of a 20 digit number. The system checks whether the number range is available, checks its status, and whether other numbers can be chosen. Transaction SNRO is used to view and maintain the number range.

No interval is supplied for the used number range. If no number range is available, create it in your system for the number range HRB2A. Maintain the interval as follows:
No. = 01
From number = 00000000000000000001
To number = 99999999999999999999
Number status = no entry required

You cannot change the number range HRB2A used by the B2A application.

For reorganization, refer to report H99_B2AREORG.

Group box Check authorizations:

Checks authorization object P_B2A

  • Fields for Authorization P_B2A:
You can control authorizations for actions within the B2A application by using the authorization object P_B2A. The authorization can be assigned for the country grouping, subject area, document type, personnel area and personnel subarea. The check can be used to test individual values for the parameters named above.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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