SIMG_GM_AVC_DERIAO - Define Account Assignment Derivation of Availability Control Objects

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Use this step to define strategies for deriving Grants Management (GM) account assignments for GM availability control.

Each GM account assignment where you create budget or to which you post a budget usage is assigned an account assignment in the availability control ledger. In this IMG activity, you define the logic on how the account assignments of the availability control ledger (availability control object) should be derived from the budget and posting objects.

Each derivation strategy consists of a sequence of steps that uses one of the following derivation methods:

  • Initialization
    In the initialization step, you can define whether you wish to exclude individual GM account assignment elements in the availability control ledger.
  • Assignment
    In the assignment step, you can determine whether the values for the individual GM account assignment elements of your postings should be carried forward partially or in full to the account assignment elements of the ledger.
  • Derivation rule
    In the derivation rule step, you can directly enter the assignment of the GM account assignments of your postings to the ledger account assignment.
  • Table Access
    In the step table access, you can access individual records from database tables.
  • Function Call
    In the step function call you can execute the predefined derivations, for example, searching for account asssignment elements in master data hierarchies.
    Note that function calls can be deleted from strategies at any time, but you must execute the activity Include Predefined Rule Steps when creating function call steps.

All derivation steps defined here can be linked to requirements which must be met in order that the derivation step can be executed.

You want to summarize the budget for assigned funds in the availability control ledger in the following way when entering budget values:

Posting to Account Assignments   Acct Assts in AVC Ledger
Fund/Spons.Prog./Spons.Class/Validity no.   Fund/Spons.Prog./Spons.Class
FND1/SP1/SC1/VN1 -> FND1/SP1/SC1
FND1/SP1/SC2/VN2 -> FND1/SP2/SC2
FND1/SP1/SC3/VN3 -> FND1/SP3/SC3

A possible derivation strategy in this case consists of three derivation steps which carry forward the values of the account assignment elements one after another to the relevant account assignment elements in the ledger, the fund and funds center being carried forward in full, while only the first 5 figures of the commitment item are carried forward.


The example explains that a suitable technical name is required for the GM account assignments when you use assignment steps for this type of summarization.

If you use descriptive names for your GM account assignments, there are function call steps available that carry out an evaluation during the derivation of master data hierarchies.


SAP provides standard strategy 9HSAP000, which illustrates examples of how to use assignment and function call steps.


If you do not have to carry out summarization of budget values in one of your availability control ledgers, that is, if all control objects in this ledger match the Funds Management budget objects, then it is not necessary to to define your own strategy. In this case, leave the field Strategy for Derivation of Control Objects empty in the IMG activity Define Attributes for Availability Control Ledger.

  1. Create your own strategy by copying the strategy 9KSAP000 delivered by SAP.
  2. If required, include other predefined steps of step type Function Call in your strategy.
  3. Edit your strategy adding other derivation strategies if required,
  4. Save your strategy

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