consolut IDES FAQs

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Q1: How do I obtain a user for the SAP IDES system provided by consolut?

A1: You use the web-service as described in "Free IDES Access" and we will create a user for you.  

Q2: My user seems to be disabled or I forgot my password - what can I do?

A2: You can just use the following web page and unlock your user and reset the password again. Then this webservice will send the new password to you within seconds and you can start working. As we do have a lot of users requesting this service, but the SAP Licenses are limited, we have to lock users sometimes. EXT9000xxxxx users cannot change their password and the password will be reset each night at 00:01am CET. Therefore, they have to ask for a new password every day.

Q3: Which Clients can be used in what way in the SAP system?

A3: We provide access to the clients 500 & 800. In IDES systems typically 800 is "the big Client" with data. This is the same in our setup. This data is copied to 500 as well. In 800 customizing is not allowed in SCC4 and you do NOT have customizing authorizations in your profile. Therefore SPRO always tells you on the "display only" access.

In client 500, you can do client dependent customizing and you can modify workbench objects like forms etc. At the moment, no actions with developer keys are possible.

You can create transports based on your work as well. We will create an option for you to download these transports as well, if needed. An import of transports is not supported for users. Since you have these wide authorizations, please keep in mind that other users are using the system simultaneously and you should not make the system unusable, especially as this is a free of charge service. Otherwise it could happen that consolut can no longer provide this service for all of you.

Q4: Which authorization does my user EXT0000xxxxx or EXT9000xxxxx have?

A4: Your user profile has a VERY wide authorization. It is copied from SAP_ALL and reduced by a few special authorization objects in order to ensure that not the complete system might be destroyed - but still you can more or less do anything in the system. So, please be a bit careful with what you are doing.

Q5: Why can’t I create ABAP programs?

A5: We tried to open the system even for ABAP development. Unfortunately, the system got crashed in less than 4 weeks. Therefore, it will not be possible to allow ABAP Development or client independent customizing again. We are sorry for that, but some of you misused the system and we therefore cannot open it again for this purpose. For ABAP Development, please use our MiniSAP system.

Q6: I have problems with the system. What can I do?

A6: Please always keep in mind that these systems are free of charge. But still, consolut tries to provide you with support. Please use the forum at with your detailed problems. We do not support you on phone or via mail. Please note that it might take a few days until question is answered.  

Q7: Is it possible to access the consolut SAP IDES system via SAPGUI instead of Webgui?

A7: Yes, you can even use the consolut SAP IDES System with your own SAPGUI as follows:

    Application Server: i62external

    SAProuter-String: /H/

    System-ID: I62

    System Number: 09

Q8: Where can I download the latest SAPGUI?

A8: There is a SAPGUI for Windows and a SAPGUI for Java available. SAPGUI for Java works on all platforms, SAPGUI for Windows works on Windows only. Mainly used is the SAPGUI for Windows.

You can download the SAPGUI without any authentication at:

* SAPGUI for Windows can no longer be downloaded at SAP without an S-User, but we found an university with a free download at (just download SAPGUI 7.10 there)

* SAPGUI for Windows or Java can no longer be downloaded at SAP without an S-User either, but we found another company in the UK, that provides this for you at (just download SAPGUI for Java 7.20 or SAPGUI for Windows 7.10 or 7.20 there)

Right now (september 2010), SAPGUI 7.10 for Windows seems to be far the most stable version ...

Q9: Which browser should I use for the consolut SAP IDES usage?

SAP ONLY supports the following browsers:

  • IE6
  • IE7
  • IE8
  • IE9
  • Firefox
  • IPhone and IPad

The following browsers are NOT supported:

  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Safari

You can try it on your own risk, but typically it will not work.

That means that in case of problems you should switch to the Internet Explorer or Firefox. Especially with Opera, we had major trouble ...

Q10: Why do I see the message "Maximum number of sessions reached" ?

A10: The Web-GUI (SAPGui for HTML) does support one session only. But, you have 2 other options. Via Webgui, you can login several times (not allowed via SAPGUI). Or you could use the Java GUI or Win-SAPGUI and can then work with up to 15 sessions.

Q11: Where to find the documentation of the business processes of the SAP IDES System ?

A11: The complete processes are described in detail on the following - in english and german available - PDFs - this is of enormous help in order to understand the implementation of this virtual demo company:

Q12: Which languages are available in the SAP IDES System provided by consolut ?

A12: We are happy to provide nearly all languages for you with the full functionality (not via MDMP) as this system is based on Unicode. The following languages are installed and activated:

  • Chinese, Simplified
  • Chinese, Traditional (Taiwan & Hongkong)
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Norwegian
  • Russian
  • Slovakian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Thai
  • Turkish

Q13: I received a user, but the password seems to be wrong. What can I do ?

A13: All passwords in this system are case sensitive. Therefore, the passwords, that are mailed to you, need to be entered in uppercase. In lowercase, it will not work. EXT0000xxxxx users can then change the password during the next logon and then you can use lowercase or a mixture as well. EXT9000xxxxx users cannot change the password and therefore just use the mailed password until the end of the day (00:01am CET).
Please have a look at Q14 as well ...

Q14: My user is locked or my password seems to be wrong in the meantime. I received a mail, that my users were locked. What can I do ?

A14: Because of licensing issues, we have to lock users, that are not using the system regulary. Therefore, we always send you a mail, that informs you on this. You can reactivate your user at any time - this is very easy ;-)

You just visit the website and enter your user id and your eMail adress, that you are using with this consolut IDES account. Then you will receive an eMail with an unlocked user with a new password within seconds. Therefore, please do NOT reactivate just because you received the locking eMail.

Q15: How to logon to the SAP IDES System provided by consolut ?

A15: Via the web you just use the following link:

If you want to logon via SAPgui, you should have a look at Q7.

Q16: Why is the system not available ? When might the system be in a planned downtime ?

Please have a look at the global announcements at

Q17: Is it possible to access the MiniSAP N4S via SAPGUI ?

A18: Yes, you can even use the consolut SAP ERP MiniSAP N4S System with your own SAPGUI as follows:

Application Server: n4sexternal

SAProuter-String: /H/

System-ID: N4S

System Number: 01

Q18: Is it possible to access cFolders & cProjects ?

A18: Yes, you can even use cFolders & cProjects as follows:

You can access these features with Internet Explorer & Firefox with the following URLs:

cFolders in Client 500 in I62: ... client=500

cProjects in Client 500 in I62: ... client=500

cFolders in Client 800 in I62: ... client=800

cProjects in Client 800 in I62: ... client=800

Please do NOT use the Port 8009 ! (That port is typically not open)

Q19: How to use consolut IDES Systems with Java GUI?

A19: Install the latest Java GUI from SAP for your platform.
The configuration files (typically called "platin.ini") are located here:
    * Win32 platforms: home directory\SAPGUI\settings and home directory\SAPGUI\connections
    * Mac OS X: home directory/Library/Preferences/SAP/settings and home directory/Library/Preferences/SAP/connections
    * Unix platforms: home directory/.SAPGUI/settings and home directory/.SAPGUI/connections
Example for a Windows SAPGUI Control file "platin.ini":
# @INCLUDE = sapguiconfig/platin.ini

# For MiniSAP with the N4S system it is:
N4S : conn=/H/

# For the IDES ERP System I62 it is:
I62 : conn=/H/

@StreamlineDefault = Streamline
@TradeshowDefault = Tradeshow
@lookAndFeelDefault = null
@theme = Complementary
@language = en
@autoSelectMode = true
@frameWidth = 823
@frameHeight = 609

Q20: BW customizing in MiniSAP N4S

A20: BW customizing is now exclusively possible in the MiniSAP system N4S (client 500).

Objects (InfoObjects, InfoCubes, DSO´s, etc.) an Queries can be maintained in Z* - namespace.
Objects in other namespaces may be displayed only.

The following source systems are avaiblabe:
- I62CLNT500 & I62CLNT800 (these ones point to I62 – the IDES ERP system, which you can use with the users EXT*)
- ZFILE (Generic File Source System)

It is not allowed, to activate the Business Content.

Please note, that the systems can (and will) be reseted at any point of time!

Q21:Customizing and Settings in client 500

A21: As this system is used by many other users, we kindly ask you to keep some basic stuff in mind before starting with your own company and processes in this system.

If you do your own customizing and settings, try to make sure, that you always work with a copy and don’t change settings in the original as e.g. organization-units, document types, …..

Sales document type in module SD

The initial screen for an outline agreement (for example, a contract) differs from the initial screen for a standard sales order. In the outline agreement, the system prompts for special information, such as the target quantity and the dates that define the validity period of the agreement.

So if you change a sales document type instead of copying it, the whole process differs from the documentation in the IDES helpfiles.

Same way with masterdatas (customers, materialdata, vendors, …..).

Customer 1000 in company 1000 IDES Frankfurt has several settings in its masterdata that allow to test some processes as shown in the IDES help-PDFs.

If you want to test some processes for customers in your own company,  just create your own customers. Give them  the settings you need for your process.

That makes sure, that the original IDES-data and processes will stay as they are and it takes you only a few minutes to create your own data

Q22: Is NWBC available for the IDES System?

Fortunately, we were now able, to support the Netweaver Business Client (NWBC) in a testdrive scenario in the E62 ERP system.

There are 2 options for using the NWBC:

  • as HTML version without any installation (with some limitations)
  • as installed version on top to the Win SAPGUI (with all features)

Netweaver Business Client (NWBC) for HTML:

Netweaver Business Client (NWBC) for Windows:
This is supported on windows only.
You need to install the SAPGUI 7.20 for windows with the latest patch. You can optain the download at
On top of that, you need to install the SAP NWBC. For the download, you do need a SAP OSS user (s000xxxxxx).

SAP NWBC Download at:

SAP NWBC Configuration: Name: E62.800 URL: Type: ABAP Client: 800 Language: EN, DE or whatever ... The rest can stay empty ... For logon you need to use the user DEVELOPER, that is typically used for N4S, but works for NWBC in E62 ERP 400, 500 & 800 as well. Further information on the NWBC: * Note 900000 Netweaver Business Client – FAQ * Differences & Enhancements in NWBC 3.5 – PPT


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