consolut offers a number of tools which can be downloaded free of charge.

 consolut TP-Upload

A transaction to easily up- and download transport files.

 SE16N for all systems

This download also allows you to use SE16N for WebAS, BI, APO etc.


The transaction SGEN is used for compiling existing ABAPs. consolut helps you to make effective use of the benefits of SGEN.


This is a collection of useful tools for iSeries.

 STR(CON)SQL for AS/400

This tool is an easy, very convenient STRSQL substitute for all clients who have not licensed STRSQL or would simply like to run SQLs in a batch.

The consolut  SAP Kernelpatch Service
is intended for clients who do not want to patch their SAP kernels themselves but would like to use stable, tested SAP kernels.