consolut SGEN Usage

Reducing delays for users


The transaction SGEN is used for the generation of ABAPs. Normally, ABAPs are compiled when they are called up for the first time, often resulting in long waits for users. Unfortunately, there is no option for generating the ABAPs needed by the customer, because no one knows in advance which ABAPs will be needed. Also, there is no way of finding out afterwards which ABAPs have actually been used. Unfortunately, it would take between 8 and 24 hours to compile all the ABAPs available (about 170,000 in ECC 6). This time is required following each support package update as the generation of "invalidated loads" is unsuccessful: they are not correctly identified by the system. This is why consolut offers the service of precompiling the most frequently used ABAPs for different systems. Then, there is hardly any delay for the user the first time an ABAP is used. As soon as all the functions have been called up once on the first system, you can even generate your own file transfer and transfer it to other systems. Virtually no more compiling is needed.


The program is currently available in English and German.

System requirements

There are no special system requirements for the use of the tool.

Product liability

SGEN is a free-of-charge program. consolut assumes no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage caused by the use of the program, including the inadvertent deletion or editing of data as a result of improper use.


More detailed information is given in the folowing PDFs:

 Further information Download

 consolut SGEN-Usage Download

The following file transfers are available for downloading:

As of SAP NetWeaver 7.02, 7.31 & 7.40:

  • Import E34K974321 and run Report ZGENSETM_REORG in order to get rid of non existing ABAPs  in the new table GENSETM which would cause many of short dumps ...
  • Start SGEN with "resume" (it will take several minutes until the first ABAPs are compiled)
    (on 7.02, SP10 or note 1633118 should be installed)

Up to SAP NetWeaver 7.01:

  • Import I60K900043 and run report ZGENSETC_REORG to update the table "GENSETC"
  • Start SGEN with "resume" (it will take several minutes until the first ABAP are compiled)

GENSETM Exports:

  • ERP 6.06: SNXK900142 (26306 ABAPs)
  • ERP 6.06: RE4K909340 - GENSETM Export (25000 ABAPs)
  • ERP 6.05: E34K974323 - GENSETM Export (26377 reports)

If you are missing a GENSETM export here, you could convert one of the following GENSETC exports with report ZGENSETC2M_COPY. 

GENSETC Exports:

  • ERP 6.04: TRBK900012 (18832 ABAPs)
  • ERP 6.0: C34K971763 (17975 ABAPs)
  • ECC 5.0: TSTK903613 (12000 ABAPs)
  • R/3 4.7: I47K900105 (11931 ABAPs)
  • R/3 4.6C: D02K900497 (7666 ABAPs)
    (and D02K900495 for ZGENSETC_REORG as 4.6C Version)
  • SolMan 7.01: SOMK900072 (13892 ABAPs
  • SolMan 7.01: SMPK900022 (10509 ABAPs)
  • BI 7.3: CBDK900077 (21194 ABAPs)
  • BI 7.01: BIDK900170 (11076 ABAPs)
  • BI 7.0: BIDK900029 (7311 ABAPs)
  • BW 3.5: BIDK900014 (4622 ABAPs)
  • PI 7.0: PIDK900012 (7993 ABAPs)
  • CRM 7.0: CE2K902812 (28000 ABAPs)
  • CRM 7.0: I39K900012 (12001 ABAPs)
  • SCM 5.0: APPK900011 (11800 ABAPs)
  • SRM 5.5: SRCK900147 (2420 ABAPs)