Kernel Patch CDs for iSeries (AS/400)

Receive Kernel Patch CDs for iSeries (AS/400), completely patched and easy to install with LODRUN.

Just order completely patched kernel CDs instead of trying to patch the kernel yourself and running the risk of all the well-known hitches.

Do you want to take a look at the easy installation of these kernel CDs?

Example: Installation instructions for the patched kernel CDs 7.00 Unicode

Example: Installation instructions for the patched kernel CDs 7.20_EXT Unicode

In view of the problems with the manual patching of kernels reported by many clients, we have developed completely patched kernel CDs.

You will probably have experienced one of the following problems:

  • After APYR3FIX, the SAP system refuses to start because of kernel inconsistencies.
  • APYR3FIX is aborted with errors while you are loading the SAP Kernel Patches
  • What do you need to update to obtain a usable new kernel?
  • Kernel patching is very labour intensive and you need to confirm a large number of different downloads.
  • Which kernel patch levels are stable?
  • ...

We spent a long time thinking about the best way of helping our clients with these problems and came to the conclusion that the only effective solution was to patch the kernel for the client.

What we can do for you:

  • Add all the useful patches to the kernel for you
  • Test the kernel for you
  • Convert the kernel to a special format so that you only need to run LODRUN to integrate the entire kernel
  • Copy the patched kernel onto CD
  • Send you the CD
  • Or simply offer you the CD as an ISO file for downloading from our website
  • ...

What you need to do to integrate the kernel:

  • Integrate our kernel CD into iSeries (AS/400)
  • Rename the kernel using the library name you prefer
  • Test the kernel in your system environment

We offer this service at a charge of only € 125 per kernel CD. To order kernel CDs, simply send us an email with details of the CDs you need.

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