Interested in ABAP programming ...?


Due to license issues this service is no longer available.

Aus lizenzrechtlichen Gründen ist dieser Service nicht länger verfügbar.



...then just try out MiniSAP. In the MiniSAP system, SAP provides a free of charge ABAP and BSP development environment so that you can learn about ABAP in practice.

MiniSAP is made available by SAP free of charge as a test drive with a 90-day licence. Anyone can download the version or order it from SAP at no charge or for a very small charge and install it themselves using Windows or Linux. However, it is not easy to meet the server requirements and also not easy to ensure that this system is stable without further knowledge.

Downloads for MiniSAP in the SAP Developer Network (SDN):

Those who want to install the system themselves will find a good description in the blog series of Manfred Lutz on SCN:
 "ABAP Trial Version for Newbies"

A MiniSAP System is a smaller version of the SAP system without modules like (FI,CO,MM,...). However, Mini SAP offers all the programming possibilities of SAP programming languages such as ABAP and BSP. MiniSAP is therefore a complete SAP Web Application Server ABAP on Release 7.0. The MiniSAP system offers the complete ABAP part of a NetWeaver system.

... convenient and free of charge with consolut

consolut offers a MiniSAP environment (in the meantime a lot more) at  ERP & MiniSAP.

During your free-of-charge online tour, you can experience all the possibilities of a complete ABAP development environment.

As we would like to offer you the opportunity to try out as many functions as possible, the authorizations are very comprehensive. In the interests of all users, we would however request you not to overdo these authorizations, If our MiniSAP is not used properly, we will be forced to shut it down.

How can you obtain a user ID for the MiniSAP system?

Please use the following URL to  Request access data

(Information on  data protection)

We will then create a user for you and send you the password as soon as possible. Please use an email address where you can actually be reached as we sometimes need to block users for licensing reasons. We can then send a new user ID automatically to your email address.

Start WebAccess

 Reset password / unlock user

Important information for new MiniSAP users

  • All the transactions which are important for developers, such as SE80, SE37, SE38 & SE11, are available.
  • Only objects beginning with "Z" can be created.
  • All objects created by users themselves may be saved only as "local objects" in the package $TMP or in the package ZN4S. Other packages and development classes are not possible.
  • All the programs of the development environment can be viewed by users for their own information.
  • To familiarize yourself with ABAP, take a look at the transaction ABAPDOCU, which contains many good examples and explanations.
  • The MiniSAP system is rebuilt from time to time. After a rebuild, all your settings and the programs you have developed yourselves will no longer be available.
  • If you want to save source code, you can do this for example by using the cut and paste function.