Authorization Objects

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Complete Authorization Object Documentation From /AAA up to E

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Authorization Object
Application Document
Application Archiving
Value Schedule Assignment to TSW Location
Brazil True-Up
Commingled Stocks
Commodity Pricing Engine Integration
Online Pricing Distributions
Global Derived Characteristics
Inventory Monitor
Invoice Router
Manual Application Workcenter - Node Key
Manual Application Workcenter - Common Fields
Non-Standard Settlement
Orchestration Framework and Back-to-Back
Authorization Object for Access to Organizational Data
Purchase to Storage
Authorization Object for Price Protection
Revenue Recognition and Purchase Realization
Contract Settlement
String/Circle Authorization for Standard Settlement
Contract Application Spot Monitor
Contract Settlement
Tolerance Schedule
True-Up Report
Common UI Node Access
Set Up Load Data Capture
Load Data Capture
Value Schedule
Volume Schedule
Authorization for Error Handling Change Log
Custom Functions
Custom Data Link
AIF content delivery
Custom Message Text
Authorization Check for Customizing Steps
Authorization for Details and Processors Assignment
AIF Error Handling: Emergency Correction
AIF Error Handling: Interface-Dependent Check
AIF external contact
Custom Hints
Authorization for Interface Determination
AIF File Adapter: Access to Application Server
Authorizationobject for Message Delete Report
Authorization Check for AIF Processing
Authorization Check for AIF Read Access Log
Authorization Check for AIF Read Access Log Customizing
AIF Serialization: Serialization Object Dependent Check
AIF Error Handling: Technical mode
Authorization for Value Mapping
Authorization for BW reports
Authorization for Document Maintenance
Authorization for GTIN Number Range Table
Authorization for ID versions
Authorization for mobile transactions
Authorization object for AIN profile
Authorization for SSCC Number Range Table
IL Localization - Cash ID for Cashier
IL Localization - Entity in Foreclosures
IL Localization - File number in Form 6111
IL Localization - Foreclosures
IL Localization - Index
Authorization Object For Croatia Web Service(Business space)
Intrastat Reporting for Baltic Countries
Analytical balance
Authorization Object for Financial Plan Header
Authorization Object for Milestone Checklist
Authorization Object to Override Access Control
Authorization object for TA /CUM/DESIGN
Authorization object for TA /CUM/DESIGN
Direct Store Delivery: Tour status
--- DEPRECATED --- Maintain Default Values for Import
**Obsolete**Maintain Providers of Information
Provider of Information
**Obsolete**Edit Intrastat Declarations
Intrastat Declaration
Selection Program for Intrastat Reporting
Edit Worklist
Authorization Object for Areas (eg. Replenishment Workbench)
Authorization Object for Order Proposals
Authorization Object for Replenishment Planner
FS-CAA Authorization Object
Business Partner Additional Details
Brasilian Country Specific Authorizations
Tramer Authorization Object
Authorization Object for Activity
Authorization Object for Attachments for Issue/Activity
Authorization Object for Selection of Code Groups/Codes
Authorization Object for Issue/Change Request
Auth. Object for Reference Objects for Issue, CR & Activity
Authorization Object for Reminders
Authorization Object for Subscriptions
Authorization Object for Descriptions
IPX: Authorization for Blocked Data
IBX: Dialog & Batch
Authorization object for InC Application
Document Builder Confidential Check
Document Builder Authorizations
SAP Gateway: Administration authority check
Obsolete!! : SAP Gateway: Design Time Activities
Authorization object for On-behalf Subscriptions
SAP Gateway - User Self Service Management
SAP Gateway: Administration authority check
SAP Gateway: Design Time Activities
SAP Gateway: Authorization for SData Service
Authorization Object for Admin Pull Notifications
Search help authorization object
Authorization object for transactions
REA Lean Data Entry
Authorization for work-list
MAP: Authorization for Assignments to Events
MAP: Authorization for Event Occurrence
Authorization Object for Deletion Reports
Authorization Object for Displaying Read Access Log Entries
Authorization Object for Deleting Read Access Log Entries
Authorization against Maintenance Group
Authorization object for maintenance group and qualification
Assignment Notes
Authorization for Permanent Performance Monitoring
Pre-Booking Mode
Authorization to Display Own Assignments
Authorization to Display Assignments of Other Resources
Authorization to Enter Personnel Numbers
Authorizations for demand operations Vs candidate operations
Authorizations Bonus-Malus
Authorizations Bonus-Malus Premium and Rating Models
Authorizations for IC Management (AT)
Authorizations Insurer Information System (AT)
Authorizations Insurer Information System (DE)
Export Malus File
Registration Authorizations (AT)
Authorizations for Registration (Germany)
Authorizations for Vehicle Change
Authorizations EuroTax
Obsolete: IIS Superuser
OBSOLETE: Special Handling of the Status Field in the Reg.
Authorizations Type/Region
Authorization Object for BP Texts
Authorization to Change Ad Order after Soft/Hard Deadline
Authorization to Reset the Deadline Status Characteristics
Global Hierarchy
Plant Hierarchy
RM Authorization Object
Personas 3.0 admin object
Personas: Authorizations regarding flavor usage
FS-PM: Action
FS-PM: Business Transaction
FS-PM: Amounts
FS-PM: Replacement Business
FS-PM: Postal Codes
FS-PM: Correspondence - Documents
FS-PM: Correspondence - Copies
FS-PM: External Applications
FS-PM: Check for Floor Plan Manager Applications
FS-PM: Balance Delimitation
FS-PM: Assessment of Unit-Linked Annuity Insurance Benefit B
FS-PM: Charges
FS-PM Fund Management
FS-PM: Financial Service
FS-PM: Sales Products
Check Tool: Authorization for Data Source
Check Tool: Authorization for Check Variant
FS-PM: Company Assignment
FS-PM: Dual Control for Authorization Group
FS-PM: Activities Related to FPP
FS-PM: Template for In-Force Business Configurator
FS-PM: Migration
FS-PM: Maintenance of Customer Redefinition Hierarchy
FS-PM: Workplace
Authorization Object for Master Policy Business Process
BUI Authorization Object
FCP Authorization - Registry Table Entries and Configuration
BUI Persistence Authorization Object
CLM Actions
Authorization Object to Execute CLM Utilities
Authorization for LPA
Enable or Disable ALV Toolbar Buttons
Business Partner Authorization
Marketing Free Maintenance
Owner Field Level Authorization
PPN Management Authorization
Accounting Document
Revenue Accounting Document Report
Overwrite User Status Checks
Authorization object for the Benefit Mass Change Report
Authorization object for the Seals Management Report
Authorization Object: Currency EURO Conversion for BBIC
Authorization Object for Metering Area
Tax Invoices and Correction Tax Invoices
Condition Technique: Authorization Cross-Client Config.
Condition Technique: Condition Maintenance (Generic Part)
Condition Technique: Field Catalog, Condition Table
Condition Technique: Condition Maintenance (Release by Auth)
Condition Technique: System Settings
Postprocessing Order
Back-End Document Display Authorization
Survey Participant Master
SRM Survey Package
SRM Survey
Labor Management Executed Workload
Labor Management Performance Document
Location: Access based on Authorization Group
Authorization Object SCMB: Define PSM Selection
Authorization Object SCMB: Supply Chain Unit
Special Functions SCM Basis
Authorization Object SCMB: TSP Administration
Warehouse Dependant Shift Definition
General Transportation Authorizations
Master Data Maintenance in Routing Guide (General)
Authorization for Transportation Status
EWM Activity Area
Authorization Object for Account Assignment Data Management
EWM Batch
EWM Check Monitor
EWM Warehouse Costs and FTE Data
EWM Data Container for Demo Content
EWM Warehouse Request
Loading Appointment
Loading Point
EGF Authorization Object (Object Selection)
EGF Authorization Object (Maintain Layouts)
EGF Authorization Object (Maintain Chart Template)
Labor Management - Engineered Labor Standards
EWM Express Delivery Company
EWM Executed Workload - Special Functions
EWM Indirect Labor Task
EWM: Implementation Tools
EWM Storage Bin
EWM PLC-Relevant Processes
EWM Migration Reports
EWM Monitoring Activities
EWM Measurement Services
Output Management
EWM Physical Inventory
Labor Management - Planning & Simulation
EWM: Planned Shipping Handling Unit
EWM Inspection Document
EWM Inspection Document - Element
EWM Inspection Document - Finding
Authorization Check for Logistical Follow up Action
EWM: Quality Level
EWM Inspection Settings
EWM Queue
EWM Screen Enhancements for RF
EWM Logical Transactions for RF
EWM Resource Type
EWM Special Functions
EWM Special Functions per Warehouse Number and Entitled
EWM Special Functions per Warehouse Number
EWM Slotting
EWM Stock at Location Type 'Storage Bin'
EWM Stock at Location Type 'Warehouse Number'
EWM Stock at Location Type 'Resource'
EWM Stock at Location Type 'Transportation Unit'
EWM Time and Attendance Integration
EWM Warehouse Task Creation
EWM Warehouse Task Processing
EWM Means of Transport
EWM: Processing VAS Order
EWM Wave Templates, Condition Records for Wave Template Det.
EWM Waves
Warehouse Billing Measurement
Request for Warehouse Billing Measurement
Specification of Warehouse Billing Measurement
Snapshot for Warehouse Billing
Activities (Read Only, Modify All) in EWM Work Center
EWM Work Center
Access secure GP data provider
Execute ABAP report from GP
Web Service Monitoring
/SLCE/ Authorization Object
implementation assistant activities
Account Assignment Categories
Editing of qRFC Messages from EWM
Activity Management
Business Object Authorization in SLC
Supplier Classification
Dun and Bradstreet Interface Access
Extensibility for a Business Object
TMC-TM: System Authorization
Super User Authorization for Retrofit Extension Function
Authorization for Generic Read Access
Authorization Object for Master Data Access
Resource History Authorization
Authorization for TRP Access
Authorization for TU Access
UI2 cache invalidation and reconstruction authorization
Page Building Service: CHIP
UI2 Service
UI5 flexibility services
Layered Repository HTTP Access
Authorization to use mashups
Create Administration Authorizations for Each Object Type
Superuser per Object Category and Activity
Authorization object for MPN Restricted Interchangeability
Authorization Check in FSH and MSP RFC function Modules.
Archiving Engine - Delete Scenario
SAP Solution Manager business object attributes
Solution Manager - Procedures
Logs for Data Sent to SAP
BPR Snapshot
CCDB: Store Customizing
CCDB Store Content
Authority Object for CCMSBI Reporting
Standard Component View Elements
Solution Diagnostics E2E Analysis
Solution Diagnostics Template
Solution Diagnostics Data Transfer
EEM Related Authorization
Global Service Access Point
Authorization Object for Administration Tasks in LMDB
Authorization Object for Logical Component
Authorization Object for LMDB Objects
Authorization Object for Product Systems in LMDB
roadmap authorization object
Roadmap Structure Change Authorization
BPR authority check (Solution Manager)
BPR Context Authorization check
SAP Solution Manager Tab
Solution Directory
Authorization Object for Ariba Integration
Authorizations for Order Allocation Run
Authorization for Consistency Check Report
Authorization Object for ARun Insight to Action
Arun authorization to check the logs
Authorizations for Order Allocation Run
ARUN Workbench
Authorization object for ESH Model Browser
Authorizations in Audit Processing
Asset: View
Asset Postings: Company Code/Asset Class
Asset Postings: Asset Class/Transaction Type
Asset Accounting Company Code
Asset Customizing: Chart of Depreciation
Request Type for Appropriation Requests
Company Codes for Appropriation Requests
Business Areas for Appropriation Requests
Controlling Areas for Appropriation Requests
User Status of Appropriation Requests
Requesting Area of Responsibility for Approp. Requests
Responsible Area of Responsibility for Approp. Requests
User Status for Appropriation Request Variants
Approval Level for Versions (Program Planning)
Company Codes for Investment Program Positions
Business Areas for Investment Program Positions
Controlling Areas for Investment Program Positions
Profit Center for Investment Program Positions
Persons Resp. for Investment Program Positions
Program Type for Investment Programs
System Activities for Program Types
Controlling Area for Data Retrieval Program EIS
Asset Classes: Asset Classes
Asset Accounting: Authorizations for Periodic Processing
Group Asset
Asset Master Data Maint: Company Code/Asset Class
Asset Master Data Maintenance: Company Code/Business Area
Asset Master Record Maintenance: Company Code/Cost Center
Asset Master Data Maintenance: Company Code/Plant
Authorization for Budget Display
Maint. (Create/Change) 'Buying Company' in EBP Systems
Contract Authorizations
Authorization object for contracts in SRM5
SRM: General Access Authorizations in EBP
Live Auctions
SRM Bid Invitation
SRM: Confirmation in EBP
SRM: Maintain Contracts
SRM: Process Invoices
SRM: Edit Purchase Order Response
SRM: Process Purchase Orders
SRM: Process Bids
SRM: Process Shopping Carts
SRM: Edit Vendor List
SRM: User Function / Role
SRM-SUS: Action
SUS: Accesses to Documents in SUS (new)
SUS: Document Access in SUS
SRM: Vendor Activities in EBP
Billing Document
Price List
Rebate Due List Header
Transaction Data Header
Settlement Document Header
Document in Follow-Up System
BE Framework - Metadata
Business Event Event
BRF: Standard Authorization Object
Authorization for BI Content Activation Workbench
Side Panel: Notes & Attachments
Side Panel: Collaboration
Authorizations for Buy Planner
ALE Customizing Distribution: Group Activities
ALE/EDI: Maintaining Logical Systems
ALE/EDI: Distribute Master Data
ALE: Distribution Model Maintenance
ALE/EDI: Receiving IDocs via RFC
ALE/EDI: Generating Messages (For Example, Reduction)
Application Specific Upgrade: Authorization Content Version
FS-CM: Authorization for Facts Capture (SFC)
Business Partner: Authorization Types
FS Business Partner: BP Role Cat./Differentiation Criterion
Business Partner: Credit Standing Data
Business Partner: Field Groups
Business Partner: Authorization Groups
Grouping Characteristic for SAP BP-FS
Business Partner: Rating Procedures
Business Partner: BP Roles
Selection Variant for Total Commitment
Business Partner Relationships: Relationship Categories
Business Partner Relationships: Field Groups
Business Partner: Purpose Completed
Authorization Encryption Card Master
Payment Cards
Unmasked Display of Credit Card Numbers
Business Partner: Data Cleansing
Data Cleansing
Decision Tree Maintenance
SAPDXfer: Central Tools - Initial Data Transfer
Case Authorization
Job Authorization
Logistics - Check Transaction Code at Start of Transaction
Financial Closing cockpit: Application
Financial Closing cockpit: Organizational Unit
Financial Closing cockpit: Task
Financial Closing cockpit: Template/Task List/Task Group
FOX Explosion Framework
FOX Customizing
FOX Explosion Framework
Cross-Application Mass Maintenance Tool
Follow-Up Functions for General Notifications
Follow-Up Functions for Notifications
Extended Change of Notification Type
Access to Tasks in General Notifications
Product Catalog Authorization: Category
Authorization: Product Catalog - Maintenance
Partner Contact Management
Pendulum List Indirect Sales
General Authorization for Products
Solution Manager/Service Desk: Executable Actions
ALE Distribution Unit: Customizing
Status Management: Set/Delete User Status
Excise Duty - Check Transaction Code at Start of Transaction
Authorization for Tax Type and Tax Warehouse
Cross Application Components - Output Control (obsolete)
Cross-application advanced ATP Product Allocation reports
Key Figures in Generic Key Figure Monitor (Administrator)
Key Figures in Generic Key Figure Monitor (User)
Admin. Authorizations for Key Figures in KPI Watch List
User Authorizations for KPIs in KPI Watch List
Cross Application Components - Output Request Items
authorizations for Personal Object Work List (POWL) iViews
Application Area in cFolders
For business partner related data search
cFolders Top Level Objects
cFolders User
Commodity Risk Reporting: Add-hoc evaluation
Commodty Risk Reporting end-of-day
Authorization for CRM Middleware Generation
Commodity Management EndOfDay EXCEPTION Snapshot Time Def.
CMM: Accrual Document
CMM: Worklist
CM Runtime Valuation - Administration
VLOGP based Runtime Valuation - Auxiliary Data
Commodity Management EndOfDay Snapshot Time Definition
Access to Versioned Persistency
Authorization object for CAG
Authority Object for Cascade Changes
Authority object for Manual price bucket maintenance
Authority object for Manual price bucket maintenance
Authorization for all OMSs other than Real estate (Obsolete)
Authorization for all OMSs other than Real estate (New)
Authorization for activities(Normal mode)
Authorization for activities(Change request mode)
Authority object for price protection
Authorization object for receivable in CMS
Authorization object for Real estate objects in CMS
Authority object for resale tracking and claim management.
Authority object for Schema generation
Authority object for Schema maintenance
CRM Middleware: BDoc Modeler
Authorisation for CRM Adapter Repository
Authorization for CRM Middleware Generation
XSteps: Authorization Object
Authorization object CRM Order: Condition Change Approval
Authorization Object for Alternative IDs
Set Types/Attributes: General Authorizations
Categories: General Authorizations
Categories: Authorization for Configuration-Relevant Data
Hierarchies: General Authorizations
Authorization Check for Interlinkages
Authorisation object for Product Catalog Browsing
Product Master: General Authorization
Product Master: Authorization for Category
Web Channel User Activity Authorization Object
Web Channel Application Authorization
Authorization to manipulate mashups configuration
Commodity Pricing Formula Assembly Configuration
Coverages for Commodity Pricing Engine
Document Data for Commodity Pricing Engine
Document Default Data for Commodity Pricing Engine
Price Quotation for Commodity Pricing Engine
Commodity Pricing Experts
Commodity Pricing Engine: General Settings
Authorization for Checklist Template
Create Project Definition
Authorization for Project Template
Authorization for Evaluation
Authorization for Project Type
Authorization for Control Plan Template
Authorization for Version
Authorization to create mashups
Authorization object for DSM Agreement status change
Authorization Object for DSM Application status change
Social Services - Authority Object for Administrator
Social Services - Authority Object for AET
Authorization Check for Social Services Change Processes
Auth. Objct for Eligibility Period Maint. in Social Services
Authorization Object Access Control Engine
Auth. Object to control adv features in Actions AB in WEB UI
Authorization Object CRM Order - Business Object Activity
Indicate If PFCG Role Is CRM Analytics Professional Role
Authorization Object for Approval Process
Authorization Scope
CRM Business Partner: BP Roles
Authorization for Rule Based Assignment
CRM@BRF: Authorization for Term
Authorization Object for Business Partner Group Hierarchy
Authorization Object for Coherent Categorization
Authorization for CRM eCATT Based Unit Testing
Authorization Object CRM Channel Mngt. Campaign Content
Authorization Object CRM Channel Mngt. - Partner Self Serv.
Authorization for Qualification Maintenance
Authorization Object CRM Channel Mngt. - View Restriction
Authorization Object CRM , CIC - Check Overriding
Call List Authorization Object
Authorization Object UI Framework - configuration tools
Authorization Object CRM Order - Bus.Ob.Service Confirmation
CRM Order - Billing Request
Authorization object CRM order - bus.ob. purch. sched.agrmt
Authorization Object CRM Order - Bus. Ob. Sales Contract
Authorization Object CRM Order - Bus. Ob: Financing Contract
Authorization Object CRM Order - Bus. Obj: Sales Contract
Authorization Object CRM Order - Bus. Ob. Service Contract
Authorization Object: CRM Marketing Business Object Campaign
CRM Marketing: Campaign Authorization Group
Authorization Object: CRM Campaign Assignments
CRM Marketing: Campaign Type
Campaign Date Ranges
CRM Marketing: Person Responsible for Campaign
Authorization Object: Campaign Template
DigitalAssetManagement: Generate DA search criteria
Authorization to Read Document Hierarchies by WebDAV
Authorization Object CRM Order - Bus. Ob. DSM Agreement
Authorization Object CRM Order - Bus. Ob. DSM Application
Authorization Object CRM DSM Program object
Call Center Mode
Authorization object - Rule Policy
Authorization Object: CRM Live Rates Background Jobs
CRM Funds Management: Authorirty Object for Accruals
Fund Usage
Authorization object for account hierarchy
Gift Card Account Authorization Object
Authorization Object CRM Grantor Program object
Authorization object of CRM Handheld for Employee scenario
CRM Marketing: Marketing Contact Authorization Object
Authorization Object Installed Base
CRM ICM Administrator Object
ICM Security Level for Business Partner Authorization Object
ICM Security Level for BP Profile Authorization Object
ICM Security Level for Case Authority Object
ICM Security Level for Incident Authorization Object
ICM Security Level for Lead Authorization Object
ICM Security Level for Operation Authorization Object
ICM Security Level for Relationship Authorization Object
ICM Relationship Activity Static Object
Authorization Object for Mail Forms
Authorization Object CRM Order: Incident Management
Indirects : Relationship Tables
Authorization Object: CRM Marketing BO: MDF Initiative
CRM Marketing: Authorization Group - MDF Initiatives
CRM Marketing: MDF Initiative Type
CRM Marketing: Person Responsible for MDF Initiative
CRM : Incentive Program Authorization Group
Incentive Program : Dynamic Authorization Check
Incentive Program
CRM Order Authorization Obj - Bus.Ob. License Usage Confirm.
Authorization Object for super-ordinate IP in IP Mass Genera
IPM Generation Profiles
IPM Hierarchical Attributes
CRM Order Authorization Obj - Bus.Ob. Lcense Acquis.Contract
Authorization Object for IPM Rights Availibility Analysis
CRM Order Authorization Obj - Bus.Ob. License Sales Contract
IPM Views for Hierarchical Attributes
Authorization object for Collision Check
E-Commerce: Authorization for Campaign Processing
E-Commerce: Authorization for Marketing Functions
Authorization for Dynamic UI
IST Dealer Portal - Business Partner Authorization
IST Dealer Portal - Service Contracts Authorization
Authorization Object for Processing of Item Categories
Authorization Object for Processing Profiles
Utilities check cockpit
Authorization Object: CRM Marketing Business Object KeyTimin
CRM Marketing: Key Timing Authorization Group
CRM Marketing: Type for Key Timing
CRM Marketing: Person Responsible for Key Timing
Authorization Object CRM Order - Business Object: Lead
CRM Marketing: External List Management
Loyalty Member Activity
CRM Live Rates Planning Element
CRM Live Rates Plan
Authorization for BOL MAL Mapping Tool
Authorization object for Mass Change Procedure
CRM Marketing: Report Name
CRM-Marketing: Authorization Object for Data Source Transpor
Marketing Additional Date Ranges
Authorization Object for Templates
CRM-Marketing: Authority Check for Modeling Completed
CRM Marketing: Marketing Plan Authorization Group
Authorization Object: CRM Marketing Plan Assignments
CRM Marketing: Marketing Plan Type
CRM Markeitn: Person Responsible for a Marketing Plan
Authorization Object CRM Marketing - General Settings
Authorization Object CRM Marketing BusObject Marketing Plan.
CRM Middleware: Admin Console
CRM Middleware: BDoc Modeler
CRM Middleware: Data Collector/Extractor
CRM Middleware: Flow Control
CRM Middleware: R&R queue administration
Authority Check for Nota Fiscal creation with the CRM
Authorization Object CRM Order - Business Object Opportunity
Authorization Object: CRM Opportunity Relationships
Authorization Object CRM Order - Visibility in Org. Model
Authorization Object CRM Order - Allowed Organ. Units
Authorization Object CRM Order - Own Documents
Authorization Object CRM Order - Credit Card Processing
Authorization object CRM order - allowed org.units: purch.
Authorization Object CRM Order - Business Transaction Type
Authorization based on relationship with doc partn: Obsolete
Authorization based on relationship with document partners
Authorization Object CRM Order - Visibility in Territory
Authorization Object for Operational Reporting
Authorization Object: Product Association Rules
Authorization Object: CRM Marketing BO: MDF Program
CRM Marketing: Authorization Group - MDF Program
CRM Marketing: MDF Program Type
CRM Marketing: Person Responsible for MDF Program
Authorization Object for Loyalty Partner Point Accounts
Authorization Object CRM Order - Business Object Project
Authorization Object CRM Order: Problem Management
Authorisation Object for PPR Maintenance via BAPI
Authorisation Object for PPR Maintenance via PRP API
Point Account : Authorization Object
Authorization Object CRM Order - Bus. Obj. Rebate Agreement
Authorization for Responsibility class group
Real-Time Offer Business Tools
Real-Time Offer Management Configuration
Real-Time Offer Management Events and Data sources
Real-Time Offer Management Landscape
Real-Time Offer Management Monitoring
Authorization Object CRM Order - Business Object Sales Order
Authorization Object: CRM Marketing Object scenario set
Authorization Object CRM Order - Social Deduction Plan
CRM Marketing: Segment Type
Authorization Object CRM Order-Business Object Service Order
Authorization Object for SLA Tables
Authorization Object CRM Marketing High Volume Mass Mailer
CRM Marketing: Sample Optimization
Authorization Object CRM Order - Bus.Obj: Social Application
Approve Social Application / Social Service Plan
Authorization Object: CRM Marketing BO: MDF Sub program
CRM Marketing: Authorization Group - MDF Campaign
CRM Marketing: MDF Campaign Type
CRM Marketing: Person Responsible for MDF Campaign
Categorization Authorization Object for SSC
Organization Data Authorization Object for SSC
Authorization Object CRM Order - Bus.Obj.: Social Srvc.Plan
CRM Marketing: Segment Type
Territory Managment : dynamic authorization check
Territory Management
Tour Maintenance
Authorization Object: CRM Marketing Business Object Trade
CRM Marketing: Campaign Autorization Group
CRM Marketing: Campaign Type
CRM Marketing: Trade hard link
CRM Marketing: Person Responsible for Trade
Authorization Object: Trade Promotion Template
TPM: Mass Approval
CRM: Text ID
Authorization Object CRM Order - Request Category View
CRM Web Service Consumption Tool
CRM Web Service Tool
CSI Cleanup
CSI Instance Operations
Content Sync - Create/maintain delivery packet
Content Sync - Download & Install content packages
Process Assignment Customizing and Synchronization Reports
Spec2000: Authorization object
CC Change Master - Authorization Group
CC Eng. Chg. Mgmt. Enhanced Authorization Check
CC Engineering change mgmt - revision level for materials
CC Engineering Change Mgt - revision level for documents
Authorization to delete incorrect goods mvts - not in use
CIM: Reworking error records from autom. goods movements
Activities on network header level
CIM: Order category
CIM: Authorization for Prod.Order/Order Type/Plant/Activity
CIM: Plant for order type of order
Authorization to Delete Orders - Not in Use !!
Network: MRP Group (Plant) and Transaction Type
Confirmation: Authorization for actual work center
CIM: Confirmation
PS: Work Center for Network Activities and Activity Elements
PS: Activity types for network act. and activity elements
APO 2.0 + 3.0 Authorization Object: Macro Maintenance (DP)
APO 3.0 Authorization Object: Macro Names
APO Authorization Object: Alert Monitor
Authorization Object: Alert Monitor Profile
APO Authorization Object: ATP
APO Authorization Object: CIF Error Handling
Authorization Object SCM 4.0: Maintain Copy Table
APO Authorization Object: CTM Profile (Capable-to-Match)
APO Authorization Object: CVC Maintenance
APO Authorization Object: Master Data, Resource Definitions
Authorization for Products in Demand Planning
Administrator Authorization for Managing Display Profiles
APO 2.0 Authorization Object: Demand Planning Version
APO Authorization Object: External Procurement Relationships
APO 3.0 Authorization Object: SDP Functions
APO 2.0 Authorization Object: DP/SNP Functions
Authorization for Key Figure Values (APO 4.0 and Later)
Authorization Object SCM 4.1: Like Profile
APO Authorization Object: Master Data, Locations
APO Master Data: Partner Location
APO 2.0 + 3.0 Authorization Object: Macro (DP)
APO Authorization Object: PP/DS, Location Product
APO Master Data: Partner Product
APO Authorization Object: Model
Maintenance and Service Planning: Cycles
Maintenance and Service Planning: Maintenance Objects
Maintenance and Service Planning: Plan
APO 3.0 Authorization Object: SDP Planning Books
APO Authorization Object: Production Campaign (Manual)
APO Authorization Object: Production Model Plan
APO 2.0 Authorization Object: Planning Books
APO Authorization Object: SNP Planner
APO Authorization Object: Production Backflush
APO Authorization Object: PP/DS, Production Planner
APO Authorization Object: Master Data, Products
Authorization Object SCM 4.1: Promotion
Authorization Object SCM 4.1: Forecast Profiles
APO Authorization Object for Product Storage (Master Data)
APO Authorization Object for Hierarchies (Master Data)
APO Authorization Object: PP/DS, Resource
APO Authorization Object: Master Data, Resources
APO Authorization Object for Resource Network (Master Data)
APO Authorization Object: Constraint Users
Authorization Object SCM 4.0: Maintain Realignment Table
Authoriz. Obj. SCM 4.15: Maintain RLG Table (InfoProv)
Authorization Object Season Year
APO 3.0 Authorization Object: Selection in Planning Area
APO 3.0 Authorization Object: Selection in Planning Area
APO 2.0 Authorization Object: Data Selection
Authorizatn Obj.: Release Handlg for Sales Schedulg Agreemnt
APO 2.0 + 3.0 Authorization Object: Transportation Lane
Authorization Object TP/VS (release SCM 4.1)
Authorization object for transportation lanes
Authorization Object SCM 4.1: Time Series
Authorization Object APO: Period Split Profile
Authorization Objects APO: Planner
APO Authorization Object: Planning Versions
Authorization Object APO: VMI Transport Load Builder
Authorizations for XLS Upload Screen
Sales and Operations Planning (SOP): Application
CIM: Work center category
CIM: Work center- plant
Authorization Check for Alert Type
Automotive Dealer Portal: Functions
ISAUTO_JIT: Sequenced JIT Calls (seqJC)
Authorisation checks in VMS
Evaluation of Audit Trail: Check Transaction Codes
Automotive: Production Backflush
REM: Backflushing in Repetitive Manufaucturing
REM: Restricted Backflushing
REM: Posting Reporting Point Backflush Later
REM: Resetting Reporting Point Quantities
MPE:Buy off template
Authorization for Characteristics Maintenance
Authorization Group in Characteristic
Interface Design
CAPP: Standard value calculation - application
CAPP: Standard value calculation - master data maintenance
Manufacturing Certification Category
Authorization Object to Display/Maintain CIF Queue Contents
Replace Characteristic
Load Standards Data
Class Split/Merge
Authorization for Class Utilities
Profile Maintenance/Assignment of Settings in Classification
Mass Processing of Classifications
Shift Report - Work Center
Schift Report - Equipment
Schift Report - Functional Location
Shift Report - Work Center Hierarchy
Consolidator Portal - Authorization object
PP-PI: Control Recipe - Plant
PP-PI: External Control Recipe Execution (PI-PCS)
CIM: Production resources/tools master - authorization group
Releasing Data Targets for the BW Upload
PP-PI: Authorizations for PI Sheet
PS: Activities for Flexible Detail Display
Standard Variants in Dynamic Item Processor
MDF Object Type
Create/Change/Display/Delete Object Link
Authorization for Original Application File
Authorization for authorization groups
Authorization for document access
Authorization for Markups
Authorization for document status
Authorization for document activities
Status-Dependent Authorizations for Documents
Document Distribution: Authorization for Recipient Lists
Document Distribution: Authorization for Distribution Order
Authorization Check for Compliance Check
EHS: Authorization Object for General Scope of Application
Status of Objects
Authorization Maintenance/DG Exception Assignment
Authorization for Maintaining Dyn. Classification Data
Authorization for DG Data Maintenance in DG Doc. Table
Authorization - DG Packaging for Handling Unit
Additional Data for Dangerous Goods
EHS: ***Obsolete*** (Use C_EHSW_EAF)
Label Printing
Edit Print Requests in GLM
Function Workbench
OBSOLETE Assign Health Surveillance Protocol to a Person
EHS: Diagnosis Key
OBSOLETE Lock/Unlock Examinations for Medical Service
EHS: Examination
OBSOLETE Reporting with Logical Database
EHS: Health Surveillance Protocol
EHS: Persons in Occupational Health
OBSOLETE Assigning Persons to a Health Center
EHS: Person-Related Occupational Health Data
OBSOLETE Proposal List for Person and Health Surv. Protocols
EHS: Question Catalog
EHS: General Questionnaire
OBSOLETE Reopening a Medical Service
OBSOLETE Scheduling
OBSOLETE Opening a Medical Service
OBSOLETE Diagnoses for a Person
EHS: Test
OBSOLETE Test Results of a Medical Service
EHS: Document and User-Defined Text Link
EHS: Injury/Illness Log
EHS: Agent Type
EHS: Incident/Accident Log
EHS: Measurement
EHS: Editing of Original Analysis Value
EHS: Measurement Project
EHS: Work Area Header
Group Management for EHS Object
EHS: Phrase Item
Substance Volume Tracking
EHS: Authorizations for Editing Report Templates
Display Change Documents
Utilities - Service Administration
EHS: Waste Management - Disposal Processing
EHS: Waste Management - Disposal Processing Functions
EHS: Waste Management - Waste Management Business Partner
EHS: Waste Management - Disposal Documents
EHS: Locked Personal Data
PP-PI: Process Message Evaluation / Evaluation Versions
PP-PI: Production Version - Plant
Handling Large Projects Administration
Packing in Production (HU Creation)
SNC User Authorization
IS-A-JIT: JIT Outbound Calls
PP KANBAN Processing
CIM: Capacity leveling
CIM: Capacity planning
Authorization for Classification
Authorization for Class Maintenance
Authorization for Finding Objects
LIME Document Check
LIME Handling Unit
LIME Location
LIME Stock Item
LD: Processing Lines
Phys. Inventory: Authorization Check of Calling Application
Target of a Logical Link In The UI Framewrk of WebClient
Configuration Management - Extended authorization manager
Variant Table - Link to Database Table
Dependency Maintenance
Interface Design
Variant Function
Knowledge-Base Object
Runtime Version of Knowledge Base for SCE
Variant Table - Structure
Variant Table - Contents
Authorization Object for CM - Configuration Management
Authorization Object Supply Chain Unit Hierarchy
PP-PI: Process Messages - Plant
PS: Milestones (Authorization Group)
MPE Action Settings
Manufacturing Certification
MPE Genealogy
Production Hold
Manufacturing HR Qualifications
Manufacturing Standard Text (obsolete)
MPE : User Profile
Navigation Profile
Plan Operation Activity Execution
Execute Operation Activity
Authorization Object OPM Planning
PP-PI: Production Campaign
Communication With External Applications
PP-PI: External Planning Tool
Authorization for iPPE Workbench Administration
Sales and Operations Planning (SOP): Version
PS: Planner Groups for Standard Networks
Authorization Check for Alert-Based Rating Profile
Authorization Object for Production Optimization Interface
Authorizations for Planned Independent Requirements
Demand Management Reorg. - Activities
Authorization Object for Archiving Selection
iPPE: Assignment to Focus Master Record
iPPE Geometric Instances
iPPE Alternative: External Key
iPPE: Focus Master Record
PP-PI: Ext. Access to Message/Instruction Characteristics
PS: Administration Authorization for specific reports
PS: Controlling Area for Project Definition
PS: Profit center for project definition
PS: Project Procurement Authorizations
PS: Transaction-Specific Authorizations in Project System
PS: Project Manager for Project Definition
Project-Oriented Procurement
PS: Project type authorization for WBS elements
PS: Controlling Area Authorization for WBS elements
PS: Cost Center Authorization for WBS elements
PS: Lean Staffing Assignment Authorisation
PS: Profit Center Authorization for WBS elements
PS: Model for User Field Authorization for WBS elements
PS: Project Manager Authorization for WBS elements
PS: Text Type Authorization for PS Texts
Authorization object for project based services
iPPE authorization to edit historical objects w/out chg no.
iPPE Alternative: External Key
iPPE Alternative: Type
iPPE Nodes: External Key
iPPE Nodes: Type
iPPE Variant: External Key
iPPE Variant: Type
PVS Node Structure
RM-FRM: Formula Views
RM-FRM: Formula Modeling
Authorization Check for Label
Authorization Check for Label
Building Blocks
Calculation Rules in Process Parameters
Access to Recipes
Change Recipe Status
Managing Output Layouts
Authorization for Mass Changes to Data
Monitor Tasks in Trial Management
Authorization Check for Trials
Authorizations for Routings
Update Material Master from Routings
REM: Repetitive Manufacturing
FC: Business Objects
FC: Technical Objects
SCMB Scheduling Authorization Object: Calendar
SCMB Scheduling: Delete Log Data
Demand Coordination Planning Level Transaction Authorization
Hierarchy Delete transaction CSCPHIEDEL info structure check
Demand Coordination tran CSCPDC3 supplementation method defn
Supply Chain Planning: Planning authorization for a model
Demand Coordination transaction CSCPDC5 planning model check
Assigning Resource Allocation Hierarchies to Planning Models
Copy Available Capacity to a Resource Allocation Hierarchy.
LASP: Sequencing
Authorization for Shop Floor Dispatching & Monitoring
Shop Floor Order Execution Action
BOMBOS - Worklist Table
EHS: Phrase Library and Phrase Group
EHS: ** obsolete **
Reports with Specification Type
Value Assignment Usage with Specification Type
Specification Value Assignment Usage
Specification Header with Specification Type
Specification Header
Specification Status with Specification Type
Specification Status
Value Assgmt with Reference to a Spec. with Spec. Type
Specification Value Assgmt with Reference to a Spec.
Authorization for Digital Signature
Authorization Group for Digital Signature
PS: Simulation (Authorization Group)
Situation Instance Activities
Situation Definition
Situation Instance
Authorization Check for cFolders
Authorization Check for File Transfer Interface
Manufacturing Standard Text
CS BOM Authorizations
CS Authorization to change BOMs that are maintenance mode
CS BOMs - Mass changes
CS Authorization to process BOMs without a change number
CS BOM Plant (Plant Assignments)
Manufacturing Standard Category
Authorization for Class Types
Authorization for Org. Areas in Classification System
Authorization for Characteristics of Org. Area
PP-PI: Transfer of Orders from Higher-Level Systems
Cache and Draft Administration
DARTX: Generate Data Extracts
DARTX: Generate Data View
DARTX: Maintain Data View
Special Authorization for Transaction CLUNDO
Authorization for Objects in Variable Lists
Variant Configuration - Display/Maintain Object Dependencies
PS: Activities for Project Versions
Tax Service Integration: Display Trace Auth. object
Authorization: Characteristic Value Maintenance
Warranty: Actions
Warranty: Process Object
Warranty: Status
Kind of acces to asset: FTP, mass transit, mass update etc.
Access to LOIO/PHIO, generic props.: table CRMC_DAM_AC_LOIO
Permission to release locked assets
Data Cleansing
ALE Synchronization
Force Element Relationships
Initialization of New Systems
Flight: Maintain Classified Information
Logistical Function in Purchase Requisition and Order
Authorizations for Correction of Mobile Error Messages
OBSOLETE: Authorization for Training Data (PM)
Relocation Planning (Maintenance of Relocations)
PM: Authorization for Training Data - Confirmation
PM: Authorization for Training Data - Approval
Access to the WM Additional Attributes
Navigation and Authorization Control for WM
Authorizations for Migration Object Modeler
DMS Authorizations for User Groups
Device Reassignment Authorization object
Distribution Package Authorization
Package Variant Authorization
Object for smmw_sbo transaction
Creating Outbound Messages
Authorization for Outbound Messages for Receiving Systems
Decision Service Management: Managed System Activities
Authorization for Solution Manager ACTIONs
Authorization for Solution Manager EODs
Authorization for Solution Manager Issues
Authorization for Solution Manager Top Issues
Authorization to Configure Data to be Sent to SAP
Authorization Object DSADEV (New)
DSADEV authorization check for report chapter texts
DSADEV authorization check for check group texts
DMD: Master Data - Data Contents
DMD: Maintain Data Model Definitions
Solution Manager - Maintenance Optimizer - System Status
DRM: Resale Link Database Maintenance Report
Direct Store Delivery Promotions
Solution Manager Solutions Authorization Object
Authorization Object for Self-Diagnosis
SAP Solution Manager - Start
Solution Manager - Authorization for Session Type
Solution Manager - Authorization in a Solution
Solution Manager - Visibility of Systems
Solution Documentation Assistant Authorization
Solution Manager ReportingAuthorization
Solution Manager - Authorization for an Area
Solution Manager - Visibility of Solutions
DRM : Staging Area: Release
DRM: Staging Maintenance at Manufacturer
DRM: Staging Maintenance at Manufacturer
DSVAS: Service Assistant Development
DSVAS: Service Assistant Production
DSVAS: Service Package and Session Authorization

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