Authorization Objects

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Complete Authorization Object Documentation From S up to ZZZ

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Authorization Object
Authorization object for data exchange using the R/3 adapter
DDL Entity Access
mass processing tool to extend articles
ILM DB Store: Authorization for Access to ILM Store
ILM DB Store: Administration Authorization
ILM DB Store: Client Authorization
ILM Store: Authorization for Access to ILM Store Monitor
Social Media Intelligence Authorization
Authorization Object for Customizing Datasift report
Job Documentation Change Control
Solution Manager Web Dynpro Configurations
Access to BDoc Development Tool (obsolete)
ISTEP Administration
Solution Manager App Type
Authorization for Approval Procedure functions
Auth. for Applications provided in Workcenter
Business Process Change Analyzer
BPM: Analytics Configuration
BPM: Analytics Detail
BPM Authorization (BPM, DCC, DVM)
BPO Authorization (BW Dashboad Maintenance)
BPM: Analytics Variant Category Usage
BPM: Connector Repository
BPM: Analytics Variants Usage
Authorization to allow to use Write destination to BI
Authorization for Custom Code Library
Cross Database Compare: Comparison Instance
Cross Database Compare: Comparison Object
CHARM Context Authorization Object: Trans. Type, Activity
Auth. Object CHARM Context for Check-Out/In in Directory
Change Management: Cross-System Object Lock Authorization
Change Management: Downgrade Protection Authorization
Service Content Update Authorization
Config.Valid. Comparison List Maintenance
Config.Valid. Report Execution
Config.Valid. Target System Maintenance
Deployment Effort Recording
SAP Solution Manager - Data Volume Management
DVM Application
Run the Coninuous Improvement Dashboard
Run and define the Coninuous Improvement Dashboard
Administrate the Coninuous Improvement Dashboard
Authorization on Solution in Service Delivery Work Center
Authority Object for UI object control
reachable functions in SAP Solution Manager
SAP Solman Generic Storage for config read access via RFC
Guided Procedure Browser and Maintainance Authorisation
Authorization for IT Event
Job Scheduling Authorization - SAP Solution Manager
Job Documentation Authorization in SAP Solution Manager
Job Overview Activity Authorization
Job Monitoring Activities
Job Request Authorizations
Job Scheduling Management Applications
New Job Documentation Authorization in SAP Solution Manager
Job Progress Monitoring
New Job Request Authorizations
New Job Schedule Authorization in SAP Solution Manager
New Job Template Authorization in SAP Solution Manager
Accessing Monitoring & Alerting
Accessing Notification Entries and Lists of Recipients
Persistent Locks in Solution Manager Projects
Maintain Router permission table
Authorization for Maintain ServiceTime application in SAM
Authorization for Maintain Service Outages in SAM
Service Desk: allowed actions during message processing
Check for IBase Components
Substitution for authority object
Solution Manager Setup - Configuration
Authorization to access Solution Manager User Administration
IT Service Provider Authorization
Authorization for Supportability Performance Platform
Solution Manager Support Tool
Authorization for SAP Service Request
Tab Selection in SAP Solution Manager
Solution Manager - Time Recording for Messages
Job Documentation Template Authorization
Authorization for IT Task Planning
Solution Manager - Test Management
Authorization Objects for UDA Projects
Work Center UI Elements
Auth. for WebDynpro Components embedded in Workcenter
Changes of Returns Deliveries via Returns Monitor
OBSOLETE Reporting Task based authorization object
Define Statutory Reports based on authorization Object
Authorization to Display Season Workbench
Authorization to Display Production View in Season Workbench
Authorization to Display Purchasing View in Season Workbench
Authorization to Display Sales View in Season Workbench
Authorizations for Season Workbench
ABAP Language Version
Authorization Object for Trust Relationship Access Control
Authorization Object for SACM-uittests
Authorization object for ACM demo
Authorization Object for ACM Unittests, Hierarchies
Authorization Object for ACM Unittests
Business Address Services: Communication Addresses
Business Address Services: Address Type 1 (Org. Addresses)
Business Address Services: Address Type 2 (Private Addrs.)
Business Address Services:Addr.Type 3(Work Center Addresses)
ABAP Daemon Framework: Startup Administration
ABAP Daemon Framework: Startup Configuration
System Authorizations
Authority object for ABAP Development Tool Resource Access
Roadmap: Definition of Attributes (Transaction RMDEF)
Roadmap: Definition and Maintenance of Roadmap
Roadmap: Access control to tabs in projectspecific roadmaps
Alert Management: Configuration
Alert Management: Edit Alert Categories
ALV Administration Tools
ALV Standard Layout
ALV Report-Specific Layouts
Authority Object for AMC Logging
Authority Object for WebSocket Origin Header
Authorization Object to read TCP Log Files
APO Authorization Object: Maintain SAP Delivery Objects
Applications log
Execute Data Destruction Run for Data in the Database
Include Resources in Deletion Packages
Execute Data Destruction Run
Set Expiration Date to Today's Date
ARS Transport Administration
Implementation Assistant: Roadmap (Type and Flavor)
Separate Roadmap Type and Flavor
Authorization for Software Collection (ATO)
Authorization check for PID tree maintenance
BC Set Authorization Object
Batch Input Authorizations
BC-SRV-KPR-BDS: Authorizations for Accessing Documents
BC-SRV-KPR-BDS: Authorizations for Document Set
Authorization Object for NW bgRFC
Configuration of Inbound Processing of Integration Processes
Industry management
Authorization for Data Browser Functions
Org. related authority check for generic lists
Time related authority check for generic lists
Background Processing: Background Administrator
Background Processing: Special Authorizations for API
External Scheduler
Background Processing: Operations on Background Jobs
Batch Processing: User Name and Program
Background Processing: Background User Name
BTM: Administrator authorization object
BTM: Configurator authorization object
BTM: Developer authorization object
BTM: Monitor Authorization Object
Public holiday and factory calendar maintenance
Authorization for Queue Handler Monitor
Custom Business Objects: Authorization
CCMS Monitoring Console
Authorizations for Transferring Central System Repos. Data
Authorization for client copy in source client
Authorization for client copy in target client
Authorization for Synchronizer and Scout
Customizing Distribution: System Accesses
System Landscape Maintenance Authorization
Clarification Controller: General Authorization Object
Collaboration: Authorization for Feed
Client Copy Process Execution
Client Copy Exit Execution in RFC
Data Import for Client Copy
Administration of Customer-defined Objects
Conversion Services
Coverage Analyzer: Administration
CPIC Calls from ABAP Programs
CTC authorizations
Administration Functions in Change and Transport System
System-Specific Administration Authorization for NON-ABAP
C calls in ABAP programs
Data Aging
Data Aging : Partition Management
Authorization for file access
DB2/390: Database Administration
DB2 OS/390 commands: in Database Performance Monitor (ST04)
Database Multiconnect
Authorization for Data Dictionary and database utility
Authorization Check for CDS Annoattion Definition Owner
Structure Changes in Support Package Systems
Shared Table: Sharing type or DDTENANTKEYS maintenance
ABAP Workbench
Dictionary Authorizations
DMC: Transaction and Activity
DMC: Administration activities
DMC: Conversion Object activities
DMC: Organizational Object Activities
DMC: Project activities
DMC: Subproject activities
MWB: Reading / writing authorization in sender / receiver
Authority object for SAP SLO Data migration server
Authorization object for activity group maintenance
DMIS Analysis Development authorization
Authorization object for DMIS activities in activity group
DMIS Analysis Authorizations
Authorization Object for OBT Business Object Directory
Development authority for DMIS
Authorizations for MWB/ Migration Object Modeler
DMIS Portfolio Object Development
Authorization Object for Posting Engine Content Development
Authorization Object for Posting Engine Project Execution
DMIS Portfolio and Project Management authorization
Authorization Object for Remote Function Calls
Authorization Object for TDMS 4.0 Scrambling
Authorization Object for Replication Server
LT Basis: Transformation Rule Framework Authorization
DMIS_EXT: BPL Context Management
Authorization Object for TA SDMSK (Data Masking)
SE61 Documentation Maintenance Authorization
DBOS Cockpit: System Authorization
Data Transfer Workbench
DX Workbench: Transaction Code and Activity
DX Workbench: Transaction Code, DX Project, and Activity
Authorization object for dynamic logpoints
Authorizations for Test Automation with SAP eCATT
Authorization object for admin in connection with eCATT
ECL Viewer: Authorization Object for Stamp Categories
ECL Viewer: Authorization Object for Printing with Metadata
ECL Viewer: Authorization Object for Printing with Metadata
ABAP: Editor Checks
Authorization Check for Code-Based Enhancement Options
Enqueue: Display and Delete Lock Entries
EPM: Authorization Object for EPM Sales Quote Demo
EPM: Authorization object for protecting BP data access
EPM OIA: Authority Check for country
EPM: Authorization object for protecting Product data access
Authorization for ESFUTIL
Administration Enterprise Search
Authoriz. Check on Category level
Authoriz. Check on Connector level
Administration ABAP File Processing Client
Authoriz. Check for publishing Tags in NW Enterprise Seach
Authorization for Real-Time Indexing Data Transfer
Authorizations for Enterprise Search Query Log
Authoriz. Check for Tagging in NW Enterprise Search
NW Enterprise Search, Test Automation
Authorization for Carrying Out the Changeover to the Euro
Authorization to Maintain Exchange Rates
Interface-Specific Authorization for Forward Error Handling
Central Field Selection
File Access Administration
Authorization Object for Flight Bookings (Demo)
Formula Builder Methods
Form Processing: Authorization for Form Update
Form Processing: Authorization for ICF Service
Framework Registry: Area
Framework Registry: Class Role
Authorization object for check of parameter name & value
Framework Registry: Service Provider
Framework Registry: Element Type
Framework Registry: SP Type
Feature Toggle Customization
Feature Toggle Customizing
Authorization for SAP FTP-commands
Actions for generic form designer
Change and Delete in the GOS Attachment List
Authorization for Generic Table Browser
Authorization for GUI activities
HDG: Protection of DB / View access via DP
Hierarchy maintenance authorization check
Maintenance of Industries in the SQABRANCH Entity Table
Authorization Check for ICF Access
Recorder Activity for Internet Communication Framework
Administration for Internet Communication Framework
WFEDI: S_IDOCADM - Debugging Functions
WFEDI: S_IDOCCTRL - General Access to IDoc Functions
WFEDI: S_IDOCDEFT - Access to IDoc Development
WFEDI: S_IDOCMONI - Access to IDoc Monitoring
WFEDI: S_IDOCPART - Access to partner profile (IDoc)
WFEDI: S_IDOCPORT - Access to port description (IDoc)
WFEDI: S_IDOCREPA - Access Repair Programs
ILM Checksums: Definition
ILM Checksums: Execution and Evaluation
Authorization for Legal Hold Management for ILM
ILM: Display Print Lists in RW System
ILM Retention Warehouse Configuration: Repository, Views,...
ILM Store Browser
ILM Storage and Retention Service
IMG: Authorization to perform functions in IMG
IMG: Authorization to Generate the Enterprise IMG
Information Retrieval Framework - System Administrators
Information Retrieval Framework - Data Collection process
Information Retrieval Framework - Model maintenance
Information Retrieval Framework - RFC
Information Retention Manager: Attribute
Blocking of Archived Data
Access to Expired Data with Legal holds
Data Controller Authorization Object used in Rule Generator
Information Retention Manager: Development Authorization
ILM: Display Authorization for Data
Authorization Object for Org. Entity
Information Retention Manager: Object Group
Information Retention Manager: Customer-Specific Settings
Information Retention Manager: Ass. Object Type - Audit Area
Policies and Rules
Information Retention Manager: Policy Type
Information Retention Manager: Rule Group
Authorization check for extrernal RFC call in ISR
Knowledge Warehouse
Knowledge Warehouse: Administration
Authorizations for Attribute Values
Authorizations for Attribute Values
KW Framework: Authorization Check
Administration of KW Document Models
Language Administration
System Measurement Authorization
Maintenance Authorization for LCR Database
Authorization to Access LDAP Directory
Authorization to Maintain Directory Mapping
Authorization Object for NW LDQ
Authorizations for Access to Legal Holds
Authorization to Execute Logical Operating System Commands
Authorization Objekt for System Landscape data Maintenance
Mobile Engine: Synchronization of Offline Applications
Administrator Authorization for Local Admin (Client)
Alert Management
BC-BMT-OM: Allowed Function Codes for Manager's Desktop
Number Range Maintenance
NWBC Authorization object
OAuth 2.0 Client Configuration
OAuth 2.0 Client Use
OAuth2 Client
OAuth 2.0 Object
SAPoffice: Office Administrator Authorizations
SAPoffice: Authorization for an Activity with Documents
SAPoffice: Authorization to Create Shared Folders
SAPoffice: Office User Attribute
Authorization Object for Sending
Authorization Object for Send Request Overview
SAPoffice: Transaction Code Authorizations
Authorization to Release Rules
OLE calls from ABAP programs
Authorization for SAP Service Marketplace Logon
OTR Activities
Authorization to Change Objects: Language-Dependent
Authorization to Maintain Structure Packages
File system access via ABAP/4
ABAP Page Builder: CHIP
ABAP Page Builder: Page Configuration
PCo: Authorizations for PCo Business Suite Integration
Personas: Authorizations regarding flavor use
Profile parameter administration
Starting Processing Report, Administration Reports
Define Conditions for Actions
Edit Action Profile and Define Actions
Generic Programm Start
ABAP: Program Flow Checks
Project Management: Project authorization
Project Management: Extended authorization
DevWorkbook: Project authorization
Project Management: General Project Function Authorization
IMG: New authorizations for projects
Authorization Object for PSE administration
Administrating Component-Specific Patches (Configuration)
Queue Management Authorizations
Monitoring of QRFC IDoc Queue
SAP Query Authorization
Launching code analysis, accessing results
Specify profiles, handle exemptions
Read access logging: User exclusion list
Read access logging: Configuration of data to be logged
Read access logging: Switch on/off logging for client
Read access logging: OBSOLETE
Read access logging: Administrative log
Read access logging: Log domain
Read access logging: Log data
Read Access Logging: OBSOLETE
Read Access Logging: Logging Purposes
Read access logging: Configuration recordings
RAL: Technical administration tasks (OBSOLETE)
RAL: Performance / Functional Trace
Authorizations for RBAM Trace (tx SRBT)
Recording of Web Dynpro Applications
Authorization Check for RFC Access
Authorization Check for RFC User (e.g. Trusted System)
Auth. object for RFC_ABAP_INSTALL_AND_RUN function module
Administration for RFC Destination
Authorization to Use a Search Help via RFC
Authorization Object for Trusted-Trusting System Definition
Access Control for Trust Relationships
Remote Content Activation of SAPI DataSources from a BW
SAP DataSource Authorizations
CLTV Model
Response Model
RFM Response Rate Model
RFM Segmentation Model
Response Prediction Models
Infrastructure of the Analysis Authorizations
Authority object RSMRM Accural Determination Models
Authorization for RSMRM - Coupon Redemption Models
Data Warehousing Workbench - Objects
Data Warehousing Workbench - DataStore Object (advanced)
Analytic Index
Analytic Index
Planning: Aggregation Level
BI Analysis Authorizations in Role
BW4HANA Edition - Administration
BEx Broadcasting Authorization to Schedule
Business Explorer - BEx Texts ( Maintenance )
Business Explorer - BEx Reusable web items (NW 7.0+)
Business Explorer - BEx Web Templates (NW 7.0+)
Extraction from ABAP CDS View
Business Explorer - Components
Business Explorer - Components: Enhancements to the Owner
CompositeProvider (local and ad hoc)
Data Warehousing Workbench - Currency Translation Type
Business Explorer - Data Access Services
Data Warehousing Workbench - Data Flow
Data Warehousing Workbench - DataSource
Data Warehousing Workbench - Data Transfer Process
Business Explorer - Enteprise Report Reusable Elements
Business Explorer - Enterprise Reports
Business Explorer - Folder View On/Off
Business Explorer - Global variables
Central CompositeProvider
Data Warehousing Workbench - Hierarchy
Authorizations for TLOGO Object History
Data Warehousing Workbench - HybridProvider
InfoCatalog - User Assignment
Data Warehousing Workbench - InfoCube
Data Warehousing Workbench - Inspection Plan (Obsolete)
Data Warehousing Workbench - InfoObject Catalog
Data Warehousing Workbench - InfoObject (InfoObject Catalog)
Data Warehousing Workbench - InfoObject (InfoArea)
Data Warehousing Workbench - Maintain Master Data
Data Warehousing Workbench - InfoSet
Data Warehousing Workbench - InfoSource
Data Warehousing Workbench - InfoSource (3.x, flex. update)
Data Warehousing Workbench - InfoSource (3.x, direct update)
KPI Monitoring: Authorization for KPI Catalog
KPI Monitoring: Authorization for KPI Definition
LOPD: Customizing Authorizations
Data Warehousing Workbench - MultiProvider
Data Warehousing Workbench - DataStore Object
Data Warehousing Workbench - Open ODS View
Data Warehousing Workbench - Open Hub Destination
Business Explorer - Variants in Variable Screen
Data Warehousing Workbench - Process Chains
Lock Settings
Planning Function
Planning Sequence
Planning Function Type
Authorization Object for BI Planning Process Management
Authorization Object for Transaction RSFC
Authorization Object for RS Trace Tool
Data Warehousing Workbench - Key Date Derivation Type
Business Explorer - Individual Tools
Data Warehousing Workbench - Transformation
Data Warehousing Workbench - InfoSource (InfoArea)
Data Warehousing Workbench - Quantity Conversion Type
Business Explorer - Workbook
BW Workspace
xa Analytics Role
Front-end Integration - Xcelsius Visualization
Design Studio: Authority Object
Design Studio: URIs accessable through HTTP Tunnel via RFC
CCMS: System Administration
System Administration Assistant: Execution
System Administration Assistant: Application View
Use of Audit Information System (SAIS)
Security Audit Log Activities
Authorization object for administration of SAML 2.0
Change documents
Change Documents of Change Document Object
Customizing ID Mapping - Assignments
Customizing ID Mapping - Configuration
Customizing ID Mapping - Mapping Definition
Customizing ID Mapping - Repository
Case Management: Case
Case Management: Authorization by Field
Case Management: Status
Case Management: Text Notes
Authorization for SAP GUI Scripting
SAPscript: Activities
SAPscript: Layout set
SAPscript: Graphic
SAPscript: Graphics (BDS buffer)
SAPscript: Style
SAPscript: Standard text
Appointments diary: Administration
Data Interface for the Service Assistant
Authorization for /bdl/sdcc in AddOn-Namesapce
Authorizations for SDCCN Data VIewer
Authorization object for download service
Security Policy
Security Policy Attributes
Security Configuration API
HTTP Security Session Management
Check at Start of External Services
Start Services in Substitution
Use Search Help for RFC
ABAP Shared Objects: Management
Shared Objects: Monitor
Authorization for projects in SIW
SAPcomm: Server Authorization
SMB Special Tasks and Administrative Tasks
Authorization Object for SMB
Solution Manager Document Attribute Auhorization Object
Solution Manager Document Authorization Object
Solution Manager System Landscape Maintenance
Solution Manager - System Landscape - Technical Systems
Spool: Actions
Spool: Device authorizations
Spool: Restriction on Maximum Number of Pages
Records Management: Circular
Records Management: Authorizations for Document Content
Records Management: Authorization for Documents
Records Management: Authorizations for Attributes
Records Management: Authorizations for Versions and Variants
SRM - Keyword Catalog
SRM - Process Route
Records Management: Record: Authorizations for Record Strctr
SAP Records Management : General Authorization Object
SAP Records Management: Authorizations for Archiving
SRM Status Management: General Authorization Object
SRM: Authorization Object for Status Network
SRM Status Management: Auth. Object for Status Profile
Administration/Configuration of SOAP Runtime
Central SOAP Runtime Administration
SOAP Runtime: Web Service Consumer Configuration
SOAP Runtime: Web Service Provider Configuraiton
SOAP Runtime: SRT Destinations
Web Service Error Log
Web Service Functional Trace
Web Service Lock Traces
Authorization Object for Logical Port Maintenance
SOAP Runtime: Logcal Receiver Determination
Web Service Message Monitoring
Web Service Performance Trace
Web Service Payload Trace
SOAP Runtime Profile Administration
Authorization for Access to Payload Data in Traces
SOAP Runtime Scenario
SOAP Sequence Authorizations
Watcher Service Authorizations
SOAP Runtime: Web Service Special Settings
SOAP Runtime User Accounts
SOAP Runtime: User Account Assignment
Authority for configuration maintenance of UDS
Maintenance of the UDS Index in the Web Service Framework
Start Authorization Check for TADIR Objects
IMG: Authorizations for status
Authorization for StreamWork API
Reports for Testing the Social Media Integration
SAP UI Support Authorizations
Deadline Service: Authorizations for Deadlines
Switch Settings in Switch Framework
Authorization Object to Check Syn User Authorization
Display Authorization for System Information
System-Specific Authorization for Transport Organizer
Cross-Client Table Maintenance
Table Maintenance (using standard tools such as SM30)
Authorization for Organizational Unit
Table Access by Generic Standard Tools
Client Comparison and Copy: Data Export with RFC
Authorization object for SQL Command Editor
SAP TAO Service Providers Access (Agent and Collector)
Technical Configuration Task Lists
Transaction Code Check at Transaction Start
Technical Configuration Task List Group
Technical Configuration Content
Technical Configuration Parameters
Authorization for SAPterm for Individual Languages
Maintenance of Glossary and Terminology Objects
TemSe: Actions on TemSe objects
Tools Performance Monitor
Use of interface for PC translation tool SAPtop
Translation Performance Monitor authorization object
Administration Translation tools
Translation environment authorization object
Transport Organizer
Administration of TREX
Authorization Object for Tax Refund File
Authorization Object for Tax Refund List
Authorization Object for Tax Refund Upload
Manages authorizations to Translation System API
Authorization Check for SM04, SM50
Authorization for Update Administration
Time Streams
Test Workbench structure maintenance
Authorization Object for Text Verticalization
Time zones
Unified Connectivity Administration Authorization
UCON CSP Whitelist Admistration Table Access
authorization of UCON HTTP Whitelist Administration Tables
UCON HTTP Whitelist Access
authorization for UCON HTTP Whitelist Setup
Register in UDDI Registries
Certificate Logon: Certificate Request and Assignment
Administration Functions for User/Authorization Administratn
Authorizations: Role Check
User Master Maintenance: Authorizations
User Master Maintenance: User Groups
Globally Deactivate Authorization Objects in a Client
User Master Maintenance: Authorization Profile
User Master Maintenance: System-Specific Assignments
Authorizations: TADIR Objects in Roles
User Master Maintenance: System for Central User Maintenance
Authorizations: Transactions in Roles
Authorizations: Field Values in Roles
Authorizations for VMC Administrators
Transport of Java Development Objects
View Repl - Authorization object for RFC OP
General authorization for CRM Enterprise Search
General authorization to use WCF Feed (Atom Feed)
Help Center Administration
Administration Personalization in WD4A Components
Administration Personalization in WD4A Components (obsolate)
Recording Web Applications
SAP ArchiveLink: Authorization Object for Document Search
Authorizations for ArchiveLink Logging
Authorization in Logging Print Lists in ArchiveLink
ArchiveLink: Authorizations for access to documents
SAP ArchiveLink: Authorization to Access Print Lists
ArchiveLink: Authorization for Redlining
Obsolete: Flexible Workflow Administration Authorizations
Workflow: Flexible Workflow Definition Authorizations
Workflow Modeler component: activity/content access right
Workflow Modeler : Access right to UI areas (tab...)
Workflow Modeler template: activity/content access right
Workflow Modeler: activities for user workflow
Workflow: Event Functionmodule remote called
Workflow Guided Procedure Engine Access
Workflow: Handling of Integrated Inbox View
Workflow: Authorizations for Process Types
Workflow: Substitute Rule
Workflow: Work Item Handling
Process Integration - Business Process Engine NWA Access
Workflow: Authorizations for Processes
Authorization Object for Web Service Tracing&Logging
Authorization for X500 directory access
Obsolete as of XI 2.0. Use S_XMB_AUTH
Integration Engine: Administrator
Integration Engine: Activities for Individual Areas
Obsolete: Do not use. Use S_XMB_MONI instead
Authorization Object for XI Message Monitoring
Internal Access Authorization for XMI Log
Authorization for External Management Interfaces (XMI)
Authorization Object for Custom Code Management
Auth. Object for Zero Downtime Option Compliance Checks
Authorization Object for Mashup to access a Tag attribute
Authorization Check for Mashup to access a Tag Attribute
Authorization Object for Tag Attributes
Control for Granular Authority Check
TDMS4HCM: Transfer program Confirm mode control
HCM Basis: Control of HCM Object Selection
ExpMgt: Analysis Process: Plng Profile, Version and Analysis
Exposure Management: Raw Exposure Maintenance
Maintain Tax Rates, Exemptions, Deductibility
Transp. Management: Administrative Settings
Transp. Management: Freight Agreement
Transp. Management: Forwarding Agreement
Transp. Management: Internal Agreement
Transp. Management: Freight Agreement - Master RFQ
Transp. Management: Mutual Agreement
Transp. Management: Forwarding Agreement Quotation
Transp. Management: Freight Agreement Request for Quotation
Transp. Management: Service Product Catalog
Transp. Management: Static Check on BO Name
FS Business Partner: Standing Instructions
Business Partner: Authorization for Where-Used List
Transp. Management: Business Share
Transp. Management: BW Initialization
Transp. Management: Calculation Sheet
CML: Authorization in Loans Archiving Area
Transp. Management: Condition Definition
Authorization for an Authorization Group
Authorization for Securities Account
Authorization for Product/Transaction Types
Portfolio Authorization
Securities Account Position
Transp. Management: Planning Explanation Tool
Generic Transaction: Authorization Types
Authorization for Treasury Financial Position
CFM Position Management Reporting Using Logical Databases
Transp. Management: Freight Unit Building Rule
Obsolete, Hedging Area
E-Hedge Accounting in Company Code
Authorization for Hedging Relationship (P-HA)
Authorization for Product/Transaction Types for IGT
Transp. Management: Instructions
Corporate Actions I
Corporate actions II
Transp. Management: Page Layouts for Transportation Cockpit
Position in Futures Account
Obsolete: Use T_PLN_XORG
Transp. Management: Profile and Layout Sets
Assign Attributes to Positions
Transp. Management: Decreasing Capacity Profile
Transp. Management: Delivery Profile
Transp. Management: Incompatibility Profile
Transp. Management: Planning Profile
Transp. Management: Selection Profile
Transp. Management: Tendering Profile
Obsolete: T_PUR_XORG
Transp. Management: Rate Table
Integration of Risk Check Decision with SD
Results Database: MTM Key Figure and CMM Reporting Attribute
Results Database: Characteristic Value and Key Figure
Results Database: Delete Single Records
Authorization to Exercise Options
Characteristic Values in Risk Management Reports
Application Objects for CFM/Banking Analysis
Transp. Management: Scenario Builder
Transp. Management: Scale
Transp. Management: Schedule
Transp. Management: Freight Settlement
Transp. Management: Forwarding Settlement
Security Price Maintenance - Price Type
Obsolete: Use T_SLS_XORG
Master Data: Class Category
Transp. Management: TACT Rate
Transp. Management: Allocation
Basis Prices
Authorization Object for Derivative Contract Specification
Derivative Contract Specification: Commodity Prices
Commodity Curve
Transp. Management: Trade Lane
Exposure Position
Raw Exposure
Effectiveness Tests
Time Pattern
Authorization for Legal Report Type
Obsolete: Hedge Management: Snapshot
Hedging Area
Hedge Management: Snapshot
Hedge Management Cockpit
Authorization Object for Hedge Request
Transp. Management: Tools
Obsolete: Use T_TOR_XEG
Transp. Management: Order Management & Planning (Execution)
Obsolete: Use T_TOR_XPG
Transp. Management: Order Management & Planning (Purchase)
Authorization Object for Trade Request (RFC)
Treasury: Trader Authorization
Transp. Management: Transshipment Location Assignment
Authorization object for Commodity master data
Authorization object for Commodity Futures Dialog
Authorization object for Commodity Forward data
External Account
Execute or Display Evaluation Data on External Accounts
External Account Statement
Obsolete: Use T_TR_FWOF2
Obsolete: Use T_TR_FWQF2
Obsolete: Use T_TR_OTRF2
Obsolete: Use T_TRQ_XSO
Transp. Management: Delivery Based Transp. Requirement
Transp. Management: Forwarding Order
Transp. Management: Forwarding Order Functions
Transp. Management: Forwarding Quotation
Transp. Management: Order Based Transp. Requirement
Transp. Management: Waybill (Purchase)
Transp. Management: Waybill (Sales)
Authoriz. to change UII or create UII with R_IUID_GENERATION
UIU: Component Access Authorization Check
Data Access Profile
Access to core model
Team leader
Type of Change Request
Edition Type
Master Data
UI Model
UI Configuration
Visual Business Application
Financial documents: Auth. f. and fin.doc.type
ISAUTO_VLC: Vehicle Management System
Foreign percentages in bills of material
Licenses: Authorization for Legal Regulations
Legal control: Authorization for Sanct. Party List
Authorization for IPM SD Product Sales
Customer: Account Authorization for Sales Areas
Customer: Authorization for Sales Organizations
Customer Credit Limit: Edit SD Documents
Agreement: Authorization for Sales Area/Agreement Type
Maintain Condition: Auth. for Use/Appl./Cond.Type/Table
Generate Condition: Usage/Application Authorization
Purchasing Organization in Master Condition
Condition: Authorization for Sales Organizations
Condition: Authorization for Condition Types
Checkpoint: Authorization for Checkpoint
Delivery: Authorization for Shipping Points
PRICAT: Creation and Maintenance of Price Catalog
PRICAT: Maintenance of SBC Parameters
SD Head: Authorization for Prof. Services Lean Staffing
SD Item: Authorization for Prof. Services Lean Staffing
Authorization object for Salesplan
Address Data of Contact Person
IS-SW: Authorization for variant maintenance
IS-SW: Authorization for executing variants
Analysis and correction programs in billing
Sales Document: Authorization for Sales Document Types
Sales Document: Payment Cards
Sales Document: Authorization for Sales Areas
Sales Activities: Authoriz.for and sales activ.type
Billing: Authorization for Billing Document Requests
Billing: Authorization for Billing Types
Billing: Authorization for Sales Organizations
Revenue Recognition: Authorization for Company Codes
Deliveries: Authorization for Delivery Group Type
Billing: Authorization for Cancellation Collective Runs
Credit Doc. Value Class: Processing of SD Documents
Shipment Cost Processing: Auth. for shipment cost type
Shipment Processing: Authorization for Shipment Type
Shipment Processing: Auth. for Transport. Planning Points
Transportation Proc.: Authorization for Shipment Type Status
Assignments: Authorization for shadow document types
General authorization to use WCF Feed (Atom Feed)
Webchannel Document Authorizations
Web Channel Customer Profile
Product Rating Authorizations
Activity authorization for package WER
Authorization to View Hourly Pay Rates
Authorization to View Payroll Costs in the Schedule Views
Authorization to View Salaried Pay Rates
Autorization for Resources with job level and job function
Authorization for Resources per service area
Authorization to View Hourly Pay Rates
Pay Authorizaiton
Authorization to View Payroll Costs in the Schedule Views
Authorization to View Salaried Pay Rates
GDS Storage activities
Activity authorization for package WGDS_CONFIRMATION
WGDS Catalog Item Notification Mass Processing
WGDS Subscription Authorization Obj
Clearing Workbench
Assignment of Articles to Layout Modules
Creation of Assortments per Layout Module and Store
Release of Layout Module Version
Layout Module Version Variants Maintenance
Enter Layout Workbench
Call External Space Management
Material Hierarchy: Horizontal Hierarchy Maintenance
Material Hierarchy: Vertical Hierarchy and Attribute Maint.
Authorization: Follow-Up/Replacement Material Relationships
Generic Hierarchy: Authorization Check
Authorization Check OTB Special Release
Price Planning
IS-R Authorization for Appointments
Authorization for Assortment Maintenance
Authorization for Assigning Assortments to Plants
IS-R Authorization Document Type Allocation Table
IS-R Authorization Document Type Allocation Rule
IS-R Authorization for Alloc Tbls: Display/Reply per Plant
Authorization Check Users/Sites
Budget Type
CDT Maintenance
ISR Authorization for Article Hiearchy Maintenance
ISR Authorization for Article Hiearchy Maintenance
Authorizations for Condition Contract
Authorizations for Condition Contract Organizational Data
Retail Store Count Stock - Detail LineItem
Administration Enterprise Services Retail
ISR Authorization for Merchandise Distribution
Authorization for Invoice Forecasting Worklist
IS-R Authorization to Use Listing Procedure
Acceptance Authorization For Listing Errors
Assignment of Assortments to Locations
Assortment version maintenance
Budget Type
Slow Seller Management
IS-R Markdown Planning Authorization:MTYP, MATCL, SOrg, DChl
Authorization for Performing Parallel ATP Calculation
Authorization for executing Replication of Sites via IDoc
Authorization for Accessing Vendor Stock
Authorization for Starting Online Store
Authorizations for Original Price
Authorization: Product Catalog - Layout Area
Authorization: Product Catalog - Maintenance
Authorizations for Credit Card Numbers in the PIPE
Authorizations for PIPE-Related Tasks
Authorizations for Data on POS Transactions
Retail Authorization: Create and Maintain PRICAT per PurGrp
Authorisation for Operational APC: General
Authorisation for Operational APC: Release
Authorization Object for Markdown Profile Assignment
Authorization Object Layout
RMA: Administrator Workbench Authorization
Affinity Analysis: Analysis Run
SAP Retail Store: Application in Store
Authorizations for Physical Inventory in Open Store
Retail Store - Authorization for Ruling Price Maintenance
Receiving Site in Product Transfer of Retail Store Associate
IS-R Authorization: Allow changes to Structured Materials
SAP Retail Store: Store
Check My Products - Task List
Check My Products - Task List Products
IS-R Authorization: SAP Transaction
IS-R Authorization: SP Calculation: Distr. Chain/Price List
IS-R Auth. Sales Price Calculations, Distribution Chain
IS-R Authorization: Sales Price Calculations: Distr. Chain
IS-R Authorization: SP Calculation: Distr. Chain/Plant
IS-R Auth. promotion: Purchasing Organization / Purch. Group
IS-R Authorization Promotion: Material Number
IS-R Auth. Promotion: Theme
IS-R Auth. Promotion: Sales Organization / Distrib. Channel
show invoices for a TC
ISR Authorization for Reval. at Rtl: Distr. Chain/ Plant
GTM: Setup of Enhancement Table WBGT
Trading Contract: Authorization for Organizational Data
Trading Contract: Authorization for Trading Contract Type
WWS Trading: Authorization for Complaints Reason
Authorization for Settlement Document Type
Authorization for Organizational Data in Settlement Mngmt
Automatic Doc. Adjustment (Retail): Authoriz. for Doc. Cat.
Authorizations for IDOC Editor
IS-R Authorization for Additionals Monitor
IS-R Authorization Additionals: Supplier/Purchase Order List
Authorizations for Trading Execution Workbench
Runtime Measurement - Authorization to Delete Data Records
MAP: Design Planning Scenario
Merchandise and Assortment Planning: Planning Hierarchy
Merchandise & Assortment Planning: Planning Interfaces
MAP: Planning Layouts and Variants
MAP: Planning Scenario Planning
Coding Block: Add New Field
Common Object Layer
Event Handler Changes
Event Messages
Authorization Object for EPCIS Services
Authorization Object for Unrestricted Use of EPCIS Services
RCS: Compliance Workbench Compliance Data
RCS: Authorization Object for Task Management
RCS: Endpoint Data Management
CO Version
Firefighter Authority Check
Compliance Calibrator - Table maintenance
Compliance Calibrator - Execute
Compliance Calibrator - User Group
Restriction by Organizational Rule Id
Compliance Calibrator Alerts
Authorization for Business Units - Mitigation
Authorization for Risks - Mitigation
Authorization for Roles - Mitigation
Authorization for HR Objects - Mitigation
Authorization for Function - Rule Architect
Authorization for Risks - Rule Architect
Authorization for Rules - Rule Architect
Authorization for Business Process - Rule Architect
Role Expert - Authorization Object 1
Role Expert - Authorization Object 2

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