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Delete Empties Stock
Archiving Empties Stock
Reload Empties Movements
Archiving Empties Movements
Module pool for sales returns
Sales Returns Orders List
Evaluations of Excise Duty Movements
Consistency Check of Vendors
Consistency check of the ship-to parties (Customers)
Excise Duty Document Selection
Special Tool: Display Movement Types <-->Stock Ledger Groups
Special Tool: Reduce/Optimize LIS Database Size
Bulgarian Country Version Settings
Print FI invoice
Print Program: Cash Documents
Margin VAT Protocol (Bulgaria)
Balance Sheet/P+L Statement
Financial Statement Version
Provisions for Doubtful Receivables
INTRASTAT: Data Selection: Arrivals - EU Countries
INTRASTAT: Select Data for Dispatch - EU Countries
Example:List Tree Control (with Documentation)
Clone&Test! - Maintenance of anonymization sets
Clone&Test! - Check on existing customizing tables
Clone&Test! - Definition of external routines for user exits
Clone&Test! - Cluster check program (T52B5 and T52BA maintained?)
Clone&Test! - Copy and anonymization of personnel data
Clone&Test! - Import of copied personnel data
Clone&Test! - Mass comparison of payroll results
Clone&Test! - Mass comparison of time evaluation results
Clone&Test! - Copy and anonymization of applicant data
Clone&Test! - Import of copied applicant data
Clone&Test! - Deletion of personnel numbers
Clone&Test! - Single comparison of payroll results
Clone&Test! - Single comparison of time evaluation results
Clone&Test! - Single comparison of HR posting documents
Business Object Processing Framework Debugger Script
Display Field Control Data
Display Field Control Data
Test BRFplus Conversion Exits and Value Helps
Test BRFplus Expression /BOFU/BO_RETRIEVE_DATA
Trace Enable for Output Management
Create FSN Message
Connector Monitor
Pull Messages from the Financial Services Network
File Pick-Up
Delete Archived Messages
Select Messages to Archive
Read Program for Archiving
Reload Archived Messages
Archive Selected Messages
Send Messages to the Financial Services Network
Send Ping Test
Display Communication Logs
Send billing documents to CIS for approval
Send business space data to CIS
Bank Statement: Various Formats (SWIFT, MultiCash, BAI...)
VAT Return (Serbia)
Migration from /SAPCE/* to /CCEE/* tables
Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Purchases
ePoboti: XML send
EC Sales List
INTRASTAT: Data Selection: Arrivals - EU Countries
INTRASTAT: Select Data for Dispatch - EU Countries
Slovenia: post Input VAT decrease/increase
Convert Halcom to Multicash Format(Serbia)
Print Program: Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Purchases
General Customizing (Template)
General Customizing (Template)
Application Log Ceanup
Application Log Display
Application Log Display
Application Log Search
Activity Monitoring Cleanup
Activity Monitoring
DDIC Checks: Data Elements
Value-added Tax Return
INTRASTAT: Select Data for Dispatch - Estonia
INTRASTAT: Data Selection: Arrivals - Lithuania
INTRASTAT: Select Data for Dispatch - Lithuania
Statements for VAT Declaration (Latvia)
INTRASTAT: Select Data for Dispatch - Latvia
G/L Account Balances (14-6-30 CODE)
G/L Account Balances (14-6-30/a CODE)
G/L Account Balances (14-6-30/b CODE)
Trial Balance
D394 - Domestic Purchases and Deliveries starting as of 10.2016
Export Files for Financial Reporting (Romania)
Closing/Opening Postings at Year End
Balance Sheet/P+L Statement
VIES 394: VAT Identification Exchange System (Romania)
VIES 394 : Merge J XML Files
INTRASTAT: Data Selection: Arrivals - EU Countries
INTRASTAT: Select Data for Dispatch - EU Countries
Balance Sheet/P+L Statement
Cash Journal
Print Program: Petty Cash
Monthly/Year-end postings
Material document list
Foreign Currency Valuation
Print Program: Document Extract
consolut: Start Password Synchronization
Check transaction SOST for incorrect entries
Upload data from CSV in any table
Deleting entries from tables E07x
Maintain Commercial Project Status
Automatic Creation of Checklist Items
Check Employee Master Data
Reconciliation Program to Sync. Data in Commercial Projects
Check for Missing Configurations
Data Privacy and Protection for Contact Person
Report for buffering date of cross-project view
Insert Resource Request Header Details
XPRA Report for vesrion master data entry
Update Profit Center and Create Unsupplied Staffing Rows
XPRA to create Line type and filling plan line GUID
XPRA Report to Create Demand Plan GUID for Project Planning
Delete demand header data
This report updates the UOM to H and create new demand key
Material Structural Display
Migration CWM Category of UoM and UoM Usage
Migration CWM Tolerance Group into table TCWQTOLGR
Migration CWM Tolerance Group into table TCWQTOLGR
Report /CWM/MM_00001
Program /CWM/MM_0000A
Call IMG Direct
XPRA for Logistics Extract Structure Changes
CWM Batch Master Enhancements
Change the sortf char for references
Receive/Send mail
select fields for transfering to plm
Credit Management: Create Credit Data (Exposure & KNKK)
DSD Connector: Monitoring Status Records Upload and Download
DSD Shipment List
Test Input Processing
Tools for Lists
Configuration of Doc. Search in General Ledger per Accounting System
Test Configuration Archiving
Reorganization program for upgrade to SEM-BW 6.00
Copy output field definitions (Conversion to Version 3.3)
OrgPublisher for SAP solutions: Examples for user exits
OrgPublisher for SAP solutions
Initial transfer of consumption from BI
F&R Interface Processing
Maintain Interface Tables
Migration of Order Forecast/Demand Period Data
Determine Directly Supplied Location Products for CPFR Vendors
CPFR to test the provide function
Clean-up for F&R analytics databases
Generation of Planning Calendars
Deletion of Mass Maintenance Recovery Lists Entries
DIF Occurrences Deletion
DIF Delta Reorganization Report (delete obsolete deltas)
DIF Delta Migration (create missing deltas / delete obsolete deltas)
Reorganization of layout data
Deletion of Location Products
Transfer Selling Class from FRP to location product data
Reorganizing F&R Exception Tables
Deletion of Unused Procurement Cycles
Reorganization report: Worklist Initial transfert of consumption BI
Reorganization of TD Data: Transportation Lanes for Products
Reorganization of TD Data: Transportation Lanes for Subranges
DIF Occurrences Change
DIF Occurrences Create
Weighting Profile Maintenance
Weighting Profile Creation
Maintenance of Default Weighting Profile Assignment to DIF Identifier
Display of Default Weighting Profile Assignment To DIF Identifier
Weighting Profile Display
F&R Processor: FRP run
Housekeeping Report
Calculate Aggregated Time Series for DC Forecast Process
Detection of first-time DIF Occurrences
Detection of overlapping DIF Occurrences
Recalculate already Merged Consumption Data
Calculate artificial histories
Mass Release of Order Proposals
Deletion of reference data
Change Lock Indicator for a Location Product (Follow-Up Relationship)
Simulate FRP Processing
Read stock data
Simulate Source of Supply Determination
Load Time Series Data from File
Aggregation of Time Series from Daily to Weekly Granularity
Deletion of Time Series Data
Update of Merchandise Categories Table for RWBS
Check User Responsibility Assignments
Reorganisation of User Responsibilities
Maintenance of RWBS support users
Maintenance of RWBS users
Display and Change Time Series Data
Process FRP locations directly
Process FRP locations after erroneous step
Process FRP locations by dispatcher
Reset FRP location status
Run FRP Analytics
Run FRP calibration
Run FRP Order Forecast
Substitute Products: Display Switchover Information
Reorganization Report for Switchover Information
Display Substitution Assignments
Generate Time Series Data Areas
Adjust BWD from F&R 4.1 to F&R 5.0
Transfer data from PROREPL to PROSL
XPRA Name: Transfer Default Settings for profiles
XPRA Name: Transfer FRP base profile
Derive date field SDATE from week in /fre/procyc
XPRA for Forecast Profile
XPRA Name: Transfer FRP control profile
Transfer data from PROREPL to PROSL
Define and assign to stores SUI profiles & update SUI tables with GUID
Set/Change flags in trprod and tpsrc for internal sources of supply
XPRA Name: DIF event profile setting for Boolean DIF
XPRA Name: DIF Schema setting
XPRAprogram : FRP forces extraordinary forecast calculation + lock FRP
XPRA program: changes in FRP location environment
XPRA Name: Transfer FRP control profile
XPRAF&R 5.0 to 6.0 add Service Level concerning DIF Schema
XPRA F&R 60 RWBS Tree Configuration
Disburse Insurance Premiums to Insurance Tracking Vendor
Compare Payment Plans for Insurance Policies
Give Notice on Expired Insurance Policies
Report to delete a business org entity
Implementation Phase
Specify Filter for Events on ERP
Initial Load of GBT Events via Direct Input
Configure Logical Systems
Product Category Setup
XPRA program to delete incorrect Org values
Create Posting Run for Immediate Payments
Create Posting Run for Regular Payments
Single Posting of C/D Documents
Claim Payee and HCM Relation
Gross/Net Calculation for Immediate Payments
Set Immediate Payments to Completed
Display GBA Messages (Netherlands)
Export GBA Messages (Netherlands)
Import GBA Messages (Netherlands)
Archiving of Tramer Transformation (Turkey): Write
XML File Generation for TRAMER Reporting
Check Business Partners for Users
Send Notifications
RBD: RBD Account -> Change Documents
RBD: Development List
RBD IVA: List of Notes for FS-CML
RBD IVA: List of Notes for Several Source Systems
RBD: Drilldown Reporting with Ref.
RBD IVA: Update Run - Past Analysis
RBD: Initialization Run after Upgrade FS 2.0 -> ERP 1.0
RBD: Reactivate RBD Account
RBD: Update Account Key Date for Valuation Method
RBD: Initialization Run after Upgrade FS 2.0 -> ERP 1.0
RBD: RBD Posting Log
RBD: CML Arrears Monitoring:Planned Record Generation(FIVA) and Pstng
RBD: CML Arrears Monitoring:Planned Record Generation(FIVA) and Pstng
RBD: CML Arrrears Monitoring: Clearing Actual Records (Reversal FIVA)
RBD: Initialization Run After Upgrade to Release ERP 2005
RBD: Ind. Document Table Source Sys.
RE Table Index and Exchange Rate Update
Upload of Interchangeability Groups
Upload of Interchangeability Groups
Upload of Interchangeability Groups
XPRA test for PRONC table
Generate Characteristics and Classes for Documents
Delete Document Builder Documents
Extract Document Builder Documents
Notify Agent Prior to Document Expiration
Populate Default Sections for Document Selections
Force Element: Send CO Plan Quantities and Prices
Generate CO Alternative Hierarchy from Organizational Structure
Generate CO Standard Hierarchy from Organizational Structure
Prepare CO Hierarchy (Hierarchy Areas)
Replace CO Standard Hierarchy with CO Alternative Hierarchy
Define CO Standard Hierarchy for Controlling Area
Display Application Log
Generation and Assignment of CO Account Assignment Objects
Reorganization of Addresses in Structures Workbench
Create CCMS Nodes for Partner System
Fill /ISDFPS/ALE_OBJ from Distribution Model
Fill /ISDFPS/ALE_OBJ from Partner Profiles
Fill /ISDFPS/ALE_OBJ for New System as Copy of Previous System
Set System to OFFLINE Mode
Set System to ONLINE Mode
Determine Status of Connection to Partner System
ALE Synchronization
DFPS ALE Status Monitor
Switch Port Settings in ALE Partner Profiles
Switch Mode of ALE Partner Profiles (Inbound)
Switch Mode of ALE Partner Profiles (Inbound)
Switch Mode of ALE Partner Profiles (Outbound)
ALE Synchronization
Connection Monitoring: Partner System and Auto-Reaction
ALE Synchronization
Maintain DFPS System Landscape
Assign Previously Existing DFPS Switches to Switch Groups
Authorized/Actual Comparison f. Infrastructure Maerial of Loc. Mgmt FE
Maintain DFPS System Landscape
Archiving Change Documents: Delete Program
Archiving /ISDFPS/CD: Sequential Archiving Read Program
Archive Change Documents: Reload Program
Archiving Change Documents: Write Program
Display of Change Documents
IDoc Transmission of Change Documents
System Switch of Force Elements
Select Technical Objects
Maintenance of Relocation/Relocation Step
Display Classification Data to Force Element
Start Structures Workbench for Classification
Material Level, Maintenance Level
Display Material Situation
Display Services Received
Optimization: FORCER Framework - Initialize Quantity Fields (Obsolete)
Optimization - FORCER Framework - Optimize Table Accesses (iPPE Rel.)
Delete a Storage Location
Follow-On Documents for Purchase Requisition
Status Change of iPPE Assignments to Force Elements
Evaluation of iPPE-Force Element Assignments
Evaluate Infrastructure Assignments - Force Element
Status Change of Infrastructure Assignments to Force Elements
Delete Infrastructure Assignments to Force Elements
Display Change Documents
Report for Initial Filling of Logical System
PCH Report for Filling or Converting the Logical System
Workflow Customizing Tree Control (With Documentation)
Central Number Range Check
Maintain DFPS System Landscape
Cleanup of Centralized Number Range Monitoring
Fill GNR System Landscape ( /ISDFPS/GNR_SYS from /ISDFPS/ALE_SYS)
Central Number Range Monitoring - Release Remaining Intervals
Collective Processing Run to Process Open MM Document Items
Positions Generator for Contingent Planning
General Overview of Infrastructure Material
Post Infrastructure Material to Prior Period
Loss Management
Create and Change Authorized Materials
Copy Material Master Data
XPRA for Serial Number Transfer from DFPS Matl Planning to Standard
Material Assignment
Edit Stationing
Replacement of Service Providers
Support Relationships Mass Change
Evaluation of Measures
Initial Assignment of Installation IDs
Program for Migrating Previous Local User-Administration Log Records
MI: Collect and Save Mobile, Relevant Organization Elements and SLocs
Create IDocs for Middleware Systems
Generate Change Pointers from DB Log Records
Generate Provisions and Equipment Packages from Consumption Data
Data Migration for iPPE Workbench
Data Migration for iPPE Workbench Special Runs
Scheduled Material Planning Objects
Notification : New HR Training Data
Notification: New Training Data (Maintenance)
Display Unassigned Storage Locations of Stock MRP Areas
Creation of NR Intervals for a New Fiscal Year
Operation/Exercise Calendar: Participation in Op./Ex./Proj./Maint.
Operations and Exercises Calendar: Command Responsibility for Op/Ex.
Operation/Exercise Calendar: Operation/Exercise for Force Provider
Operation/Exercise Calendar: Op./Exercise for Command Responsibility
Operation/Exercise Calendar: Projects and Assigned Force Elements
Selection Screen for Selecting an Active Supply Relationship
Open MM Documents for Maintenance Orders of Maintenance Relationship
OR Optimization - FORCER Framework CMD, MNT, OTH, SUP, TOB
PM: Alternative Data Transport - Outbound Processing
PM: Alternative Data Transport - Outbound Processing (Without C.Auth.)
PM: Alternative Data Transport - Inbound Processing
PM: Distributed Maintenance - Return Change Auth. to Central System
PM Change Authorization: Initial Setup
Distributed maintenance - Install GOS Service "Change Authorization"
Distributed Maintenance: Distribute Equipment/FLoc Dismantling
Distributed Maintenance - Install UPS Commands for Equip. Dismantling
Distributed Maintenance - Reorg. Runtime Data "Distribution Factory"
PM: Distributed Maintenance - Forward Change Authorization
PM: Distributed Maintenance - Generic Distribution of PM Objects
Maintenance Documents for Maintenance Relationship
Overview: Master Equipment for Force Element
Broadcast IBDU Entries to Local Systems
Add IBDU Entries That Were Lost During Broadcasting
Equipment Package Archiving: Deletion Program
Equipment Package Archiving: Preprocessing Program
Equipment Package Archiving: Write Program
Archive Material Container: Deletion Program
Archive Material Container: Preprocessing Program
Archive Material Container: Write Program
Archive Material Planning Object: Deletion Program
Archive Material Planning Object: Preprocessing Program
Archiving of Material Planning Object: Write Program
Archive Provisions Package: Deletion Program
Archive Provisions Package: Preprocessing Program
Archive Provisions Package: Write Program
Cancel with or Without Replacement
Cancel with or Without Replacement
Delete with or Without Replacement
Manual Maintenance of ALE Replication Table
Data Migration from (Reference) Force Elements and Positions
Change Object Status
Display History of Each Piece of Used Subequipment in One List
Extended Equipment History (Hierarchical)
Request for Organizational Change
Logistics Work Centers for Force Elements/Positions
Application Log: Standard Log Display
Shift Material Assignments
Move Operation/Exercise Structures
Shift Command and Control Relationships
Cleanup of Centralized Number Range Monitoring
Event Monitor - Selection
Status Framework: Manual Status Check via Check Methods
Copy Status Check and Follow-Up Action Entries in Customer Table
Select Technical Objects
Complete Relocation FE
PDF Processor: Generate Checklist
PDF Processor: Import Checklist
PDF Processor: Import Checklist - Test RFC Function
PDF Processor: Import Checklist - Test Binary Interface
PDF Processor: Overview of Checklists for BOR Object
Reorganization of Runtime Data for Site Survey
Convert Infotype 1957 as Part of Operational/Exercise Relationships
DFPS Preparation of IDocs for Inbound Processing via File Port
DFPS Simulation - Batch Job Scheduler
DFPD Delete Contents of HR Master Data/Infotypes
DFPS Original Template Delete Contents of HR Master Data/Infotypes
Delete Unused Internal Number Range Intervals
Request Material Master Remotely (Replaces BD11)
Switch On Table Logging in Accordance with DFPS Standard
Reactivation of Table Logging In Accordance with SAP Standard
Conversion Rule for Work Centers
Initial Loading DFPS Central System => XI
XPRA: Set Quantity Spec. in FE-PPA Relationships (/ISDFPS/FORVPA)
XPRA Report for Extending Tab. /ISDFPS/CDFPSK01 to Include Switch Grps
XPRA: OR - FORCER Framework Conversion CMD, MNT, OTH, SUP, TOB
XPRA: Optimize FORCER iPPE Relationships
IS-H FR: Import CCAM Service Master Data
IS-H FR: Reload Price-SecA in CCAM Service Master Data
IS-H FR: Import GHM Service Master Data
IS-H FR: Import GHS Service Master Data
IS-H FR: Import GHT Service Master Data
IS-H FR: Import LPP Service Master Data
IS-H FR: Import NABM Service Master Data
IS-H FR: Management of Individual Payment Distribution
IS-H FR: RPPS Data Transfer - Update Business Partner Data
IS-H FR: Import UCD Service Master Data
IS-H FR: CIM10 Import Report
IS-H FR: MDC Import Report
IS-H FR: Number of Days Present (EHPAD)
IS-H FR: Number of Days per Level of Care in Selection Period (EHPAD)
Initialization Report for New Fields in Table /ISHFR/TNWFR_F21
Initialization Report for New Fields in Table /ISHFR/TNWFR_R10
IS-H FR: 615M - Create Dispatch Orders Manually
IS-H FR: RSF-ACE - Create Dispatch Orders Manually
IS-H FR: B2 - Accompanying Form
IS-H FR: B2 - Create Dispatch Orders Manually
IS-H FR: Manual Dispatch Order Creation for Various MCO Procedures
IS-H FR: PMSI - Manual Message Order Generation
IS-H FR: RSF - Create Dispatch Orders Manually
Itemized PoD Statement for Overtake and Undertake Amounts
Program to generate NW Demo Model content in BEP
Refresh the cached code list
Reporting Configuration Checks
Cleanup for SAP Gateway Cache and Persistency Frameworks
Clears the Notification Gateway's cache on the Hub
Clear the notification data and metadata cache
Cleanup for Event Enablement Persistency
Check Connection to IXOS ECR Server
Export Record Types for retrieval - mapping
Export SAP types for the data export scenario
Export SAP Type Definition for IXOS ECR Server
Query Data from IXOS ECR Server
Send Data to IXOS ECR Server
Show Document from IXOS ECR Server
Transfer data to ECR-Server
Adjusting Datatype of Administration settings
Maintenance of deleted records.
Administration of duplicate COLD records
Administration for deleting user groups & configuration
Administration of lock table
Copying the user settings from one version to another
Copying administration settings from one user group to another
Administration of COLD statistic
Restore DocuLink Variants
Backup DocuLink Variants
FS: Ability to delete table content from remote
FS: Ability to update table content from remote
Delivery Record Deletion
Maximum Batch Re-Determination
Export Roles in the R3 system to an Excel Sheet
Archiving LIME: Delete Program
Index Build Program from LIME- Archive Files from ADK
Index Delete Program from Index Table with ADK
Archiving LIME: Write Program
Delete Obsolete Table Entries
LIME Collection Deletion Run
Program /LIME/CONV_TREE, XPRA for TREE Conversion (AP 2005)
LIME Dispatcher Run
LIME Physical Inventory Document Archiving: Delete Program
LIME Physical Inventory Document Archiving: Write Program
Upload of Transformation Rules as Project Team Member
Mass Change Processing for Multiple-Asset Contract
Slow Seller Analysis
Display Activity Template Structure from Customizing
MRS - Delete Capacity Graphs
MRS - Capacity Graphs: Create - Update - Display
Deletion of Demands and Related Assignments
Deletion of Performance Monitoring Data
Deletion of Resources
HR Interface -> MRS: Availability Interface
Technical Object Availability Maintenance
Update Parts Availability
Service and Maintenance Orders - Check Material Availability
N.N. Resource Transfer
Customizing Mirror
Creation of Capacity Pots
Delete Capacity Pots
Maintenance of Capacity Pots
Graphical Display of Memory Consumption
Memory Consumption Monitor
Runtime Performance Monitor
Maintain Details of Resources, Spare Parts and Frozen Period
Transfer program for qualification catalogs
Alerts deletion report
Bundling of Demands
Business migration of assignments in MRS Basis
Migrate assignments from WFM Core to MRS Basis
Check and Correction of Logical Nodes
Maintenance of Planning Nodes in SAP Multiresource Scheduling
Display and Deletion of Read Access Log Entries
Planning Node Transfer
Schedule Compliance Report
Capacity and Demand Overview
Team Maintenance
Automatic Scheduling of Multiday Assignments
Transfer program for qualification catalogs
Transfer program for qualifications from employee profile
Maintain Service Area
Deletion of MRS Assignments
Check and Correction of Split Numbers
Delete MRSS resources.
Deletion of MRS Timespecifications
Maintenance of Business Partner Resources
Maintain MRS Resources
Import GIA Assignment File
Import Assignment of Municipality Key to Postal Code
Import Type Classes
FS-PM Auto: Test Migration of Insurance Certificates
FS-PM Auto: Test Migration of Registration Messages
FS-PM Auto: Test Policy Migration
Create Central Telephone Number Delivery (Germany)
Export Registration Data (A)
Import Registration Data (A)
Registration (Germany) - Check for Unconfirmed Messages
Registration (Germany) - Process Expired Insurance Certificates
Export Registration Messages (Germany)
Import Registration Messages (Germany)
Import Eurotax Data
ABC Nth Factor
ABC Reduced Subscriptions
Mass Changes of Customer Master
Mass Creation of Credit Memos via Complaint
Bulk Creations/Changes for Subscription Orders
Replace Contract Partners
Reassign Contract Partners
Kicked out lockbox payments
Posting Payments from Lockbox or Over the Phone
Include for Constants - Advertising
Maintain Business Partner Texts
Customer Credit Master Update for Bad Debt Write-Off
FI Posting for Customer Bad Debt Write-Off
Write-Off Small Balances on Customer Accounts
Copy Sort Word From Item Level to Ad Spec Level
Convert Contract Number to Number Range Object Number and Vice Versa
Sales Agent Contract Mass Reassignment
Generate Bonus Day/Up-Give Items
Application Log for Bonus Day and Upgive Functionality
Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
Additional Values for Billed Orders
OEE: Reason Code Maintainance via Excel Upload
OEE IDoc Selection
Key Conflict Advisor
table content analysis
table content analysis
Role Mapping for Upgrade
Migration Program for Upgrade to 5.2
Duet Technical and Application Check Tool
Duet Check Tool:Technical Checks (SP02)
Duet Check Tool: Business Application Checks (SP02)
Duet Check Tool: Customizing Cross-System Viewer
Duet Check Tool: User Checks (SP02)
Duet CJS Viewer
Employee File Management Activity log: Clean Up
Copy EFM IMG customizing entries
Cleanup OCR Requests
Pecaso: Download / Upload of DB tables
XPRA to migrate data from 300 SP04 to 300 SP05
SAP Screen Personas Administration
Personas Settings
Secure ID Preprocessing for ACL Archiving
Archiving Secure ID - Deletion Program
Archiving PLM Authorization Runtime Tables: Sequential Read Program
Archiving Secure ID - Write Program
Initialize Runtime Data
Update of Runtime Tables from Change Pointers
Display Duplicate User Groups
PLM Enterprise Search Object Key Extractor
Delete Engineering Record Change Items From XML Storage
Set Migration Status for Engineering Record Change Items
Migrate Change Items from XML Storage to Engineering Record Database
Generate CDS View for Analysis of Engineering Record Header Data
Recipe Development - Migrate Formula and Recipe
Recipe Development: Master data and customizing setup check
Recipe Development - Load Migration Object into Mapping Table
Recipe Development: Migration of Process Parameter Master
Labeling - Migrate Label Sets
Labeling - Load Migration Object into Mapping Table
Find Unused Specifications
Parallel Processing
Test Program Naming Conventions
Clean Up Correspondence Data
Management of Delivered Products
Display Product Delivery
Compare Product Templates
Execute IFBC Import As Update Run
Import of Product Data and Listing Values
Display Logs of IFBC Import
Execute IFBC Import In Simulation Mode
Analyze PSV Import
Execute IFBC Import As Update Run
Display Logs of IFBC Import
Execute IFBC Import In Simulation Mode
Display Product Tables
Execute IFBC Zero Import As Update Run
Execute IFBC Zero Import in Simulation Mode
Analyze Templates of A Product Module
Check Consistency of DC FM, UBOI FM, and UBOI Structures
Where-Used List of Variants for Field Modifiers
Automatic Conversion of Archiving Runs
Delete Temporary Migration Data of Policies
Convert Migration Files with Partner Entities and Fields
Test Migration of Distribution Plans
Migration - Error Handling Run
Test Migration of Insurable Objects
Test Policy Migration
Clean Up ICM Interface Data
Deletion of FPP Runs
Create Milestone Overview for Periodic Processing
Display Milestone Overview for Periodic Processing
Parallel Processing
Analyze Policy Business Object
ABAP Dictionary Field Definition msg.PM
List Entities with Fields
GUID Analysis on Basis of /PM0/ABDAPOLICY
Obsolete: Display Journal and Settlement Information for Contract
Display of Searchable Fields in Full Text Search
Workflow/Enterprise Search - Evaluate Changes to Business Partners
Simulate Information Container
Execute Recurring Correspondence on master policy
Background tool to upload file and execute BTX
Main Program to Start Master Policy IBC Application
Simulate Premium on Master Policy
Schedule Recurring Correspondence
Display of Result Set
Selection of Result Sets of Master Policies
Deletion of Selection Result Sets
Assignment of Templates to Master Policies
View Scheduled Periodic Correspondence on Master Policy
POA SBC Program to Upload Context Data Services Meta Data
CLM Content Group Report 01 : Entity validation error analysis
BUI Persistence Service Admin UI
Audit Report for Transaction Logs
LPA : Historical Data Loading for New Patterns with Initial Status
ONRR-2014 - Admin Workplace
ONRR-2014 - OGOR Compare Report
ONRR-2014 - Upload Agreement / Lease
Payment Processing - Admin Workplace
Process 2.0 - ONRR-2014
Withholding - Admin Workplace
Bucket and Initiative Roll Up
Capacity Planning Integration at Portfolio Item and Item (Int) Level
Automatic Transfer to SAP S/4HANA
Portf. Mgmt Data Display
FI-CO Integration and Planning at Portfolio Item and Item (Init) Level
Financial Planning Integration at Portfolio Item and Item (Int) Level
Multilingual Portfolio Maintenance
Doc. Migration from RPM 4.5 (KM) to Portf. and Proj. Mgmt 5.0 (KPRO)
Migration of MSPC Object Links
Portf. Mgmt Migration: Transfer xRPM 2.0 to cProjects 4.0 Project Data
Portf. Mgmt Migration: Undo Migration Runs
Portf. Mgmt Migration: Undo Migration Runs
Portf. Mgmt Migration: Update of Business Partner Attributes
Portf. Mgmt Migration: Conversion of Categories and Subcategories
Collab. Room Migration from xRPM 4.5 to Portf. and Proj. Mgmt 5.0
Portf. Mgmt Migration: Convert Global Roles to Role Functions
xRPM Migration: Convert Global Settings for Capacity Management
xRPM Migration: Convert Projects into Items
xRPM Migration: Convert Projects into Items
xRPM Migration: Convert Object links
Migrate Object Link Types
xRPM Migration: Location/Geography and Priority migration
Transfer Resource Pools to Organization
Batch Report to Synchronize xPD Concepts and Portf. Mgmt Items
Creates Financial/Capacity Categories and Groups
Projects Batch Update Program
Calculate Status and Update Key Figure Values
Migrate xRPM 400 Customizing
Convert xRPM 4.0 Item iLinks to Object Links
Migrate item header
Migrate xRPM 400 Customizing
Migrate Scoring Model Configuration from Release 4.0 to Release 4.5
Creation of document template areas
Enable GUID for Teams and Resource Pools
XPRA: Update of Workflow Configuration for xRPM
Update Projects Based on Superuser Customizing
Correction program for /S4PPM/XPRA_S4MIG_AUTH_REF
Correction program for /S4PPM/XPRA_S4MIG_PROJECT
XPRA program for conversion of authorization data
XPRA program for conversion of project structure data
XPRA program for conversion of work packages data
Start External Optimization
Delete Entries from the ATP Analytics Log
Clean-Up Temporary Entries for the ATP Analytics Log
ATP: Delete application log
ATP: Display application log
Display Persistent ATP Tree Structures
ATP, BOP: Backorder Processing (Batch)
ATP, BOP: Initial Worklist (Filter, Sorter)
ATP, BOP: Monitor Backorder Processing
ATP, BOP: Initial Worklist (Filter, Sorter)
Reset Enhanced RBA Settings
Chart to Chart Engine customizing conversion
Unlock CIF Outbound Queues in Connected ERP System
Lock CIF Outbound Queues in Connected SAP R/3 System
Processing of CIF Queues (LUWs) in the Case of Performance Bottlenecks
Unlock CIF Inbound Queues in Connected SAP System
Lock CIF Inbound Queues in Connected SAP System
CLPBID: Consistency Check for Collaborative Transportation Planning
Status management: Collaborative Planning
Migration Report: Generation of Due Delivery Schedule
Deletion Report for Scheduling Agreement Releases and Confirmations
Manage Fiscal Year for Sales Scheduling Agreements
Control Profile: Conversion of Procedures into Heuristics
Convert Configuration Scheme
XPRA: /sapapo/matkey-flagclass: Set for VC Configuration
Consistency Check Product Master Classification/Configuration
Create locations for business partners, plants and shipping points
Extension of the available capacity of resources in SAP liveCache
Documentation DC UI ALV-Tabelle TDBD
Documentation DC UI ALV-Tabelle TDBD
Documentation DC UI ALV Table MDO
Documentation DC UI ALV Table MDP
Documentation DC UI ALV-Tabelle TDB
Documentation DC UI ALV-Tabelle TDM
Documentation DC UI ALV-Tabelle TDB
Delete PP/DS Orders
Geocoding of Locations in Batch
ATP: Parameter Buffers Display
Delete ATP Tree Structures for Order Items from Database
Consistency Check for Pegging Areas and Account Assignment Objects
Reorganization of Time-Dependent Location Product Data
Remove Inconsistencies Between Stock and EGM Order
Fill the field LOC_UUID for all entries in table /SAPAPO/LOC
Migration FNMATT ( XPRA !) 2.0 --> 3.0
Generation of temporary qty assignments from the ATP tree structures
Transport Transfer Customizing to Groupware Server
Register Inbound Queues for WFD Groupware Integration
CDP Data Conversion APO 3.X to APO 4.0
Remove Characteristics from Class (CDP)
Upgrade program for migration of MLR Diagnosis groups
Technical Report to Monitor the WFM Objects in the WFM Core
Demo 1: Display Data in the Bar Chart Control
Demo2: Add Custom Buttons to the Bar Chart Control Toolbar
Demo3: Event Handling with the Bar Chart Control
Demo4: Add Context Menus to Bar Chart Control Objects
Demo5: Display Alerts on the Bar Chart Control
Rebuild the Time Line Contents for All ATP Anchor Objects
Log for Class Container Size and Monitor OMS Table
Deletion Report for Temporary Quantity Assignments
liveCache Memory Monitor Heap
Periodic (Daily) Reorganization of COM Objects in liveCache
Test pegging with shelf life
Upgrade report for SCM Optimizer customizing for Releases SAP SCM 7.0+
Release 9A DataSources for External Use
Display Document Table for Production Confirmation
Production list
Program /sapapo/PPM_CLEAN_UP
Report for Determining Statuses of PPMs Cross-Client
Report for Creating PPM Conversion Status
Report for Saving Converted Validity Data
Client-Dependent Creation of Modification Status
Customizing Product Plan. Table: Supplementation of Standard Settings
Batch Conversion of Planned Orders to Process Orders
Batch Conversion of Planned Orders to Production Orders
Copy of User Settings from Product Planning Table
Delete user settings in the product planning table
Standard module for heuristics in Repetitive Manufacturing
Write Release into Archive
Reset all Classification Tables
SCM Queue Manager
Initialize a reference cube
Setup of a complete example for Demand Planning
Read InfoCube, Translate Data, and Call ProductAllocationAPO BAPI
Product Allocations: Copy Character. Combinations into a Planning Area
Product Allocations:Copy Characteristic Combinations fr. Planning Area
Product Allocations: Copy Product Allocations from Planning Area
Product Allocations: Transfer Product Alloc. Quant. to Planning Area
Generate Safety Stock Requirements for ATP
Delete the Change Pointer
Copying Sales Orders from Active Planning Version
Standard module for heuristics in Repetitive Manufacturing
Periodic Planning in the Product Planning Table
Controls in the product planning table
Table controls in the product planning table
Periods in the product planning table
Basis functions in PP/DS, particularly for the product planning table
Product planning table - customizing
graphics in the product planning table
User settings in the product planning table
Product Planning Table - Access Program
Reset Buffered Scheduling Data
Consistency Checks in Transportation and Shipment Scheduling
Simulation of Transportation and Shipment Scheduling
ATP: Migration of SD Document Data From an Earlier Release
Correction Report for Delivery Requirements and Sales Requirements
Supply Network Planning: Maintain Costs
Convert key figure semantic and key figure function
Service Fill Maintenance Monitor
Selection of Outdated Stocks with Zero Quantity
Report for Preparing the WFM Core After Toggling Dispatchers
Conversion of Planned Purchase Orders into Purchase Orders
Preselection of Data from GEO Information System
Reorganization of GIS Preselection
Update Mass-Maintained Means of Transport with GIS Data
Recalculate Aggregates
Check liveCache Time Series Master Data
Toolbox for Planning Object Structures
Calculate Transportation Zone Coordinates
Calculate Transportation Zone Coordinates
Update the address number of locations
Perform a location update for shipping points and plants
Copy Planning Version
Display the Change History
Conversion of old VS optimization profiles to new structure
OLTP Publication Monitor
Application of Split Rules
Generate Split Rules
TP/VS Upgrade Report for Release SCM 4.1
Program /SAPAPO/WFM_TEST_006
WFM Core XPRA Conversion to 4.0 Structure
XPRA: Location - Supply Chain Unit
XPRA: Location Shipping Calendar -> Receiving Calendar
Conversion of Bucket for Block Planning to PP/DS Bucket
XPRA for Filling CONF_QTY_4_PEG Field in Planning Procedure
BOS: Print Output Program: Debit Memo Request with BOS
Consumption units display in print form for poland BBP
Display units for Industrial cust % based (in partial inv) for poland
Display units for Industrial cust % based (in settl inv) for poland
Vat Registration No for bbp Industrial customer
Meter Reading Type display in invoice for poland bbp
Settlement invoice Partial bill units display in print form for bbp pl
VAT Declaration and Sales Journal (EU 2007) for Bulgaria
Accounts Receivable Ledger (Greece)
Accounts Receivable Trial Balance (Greece)
Cash Payment Documents (Greece)
Export of Business Partner Transaction Data (Greece)
Business Partner Ledger (Poland)
Trial Balance (Poland)
Tax Adjustment for Overdue Invoices (Poland)
Migration of Overdue Invoices to FI-CA standard
VAT Register (Poland)
Cash Journal (Romania)
Sales Journal (Romania)
VIES Declaration 394 in FICA (Romania)
Check and Create Enhancement: VAT Russia
Cash Registration Journal
Sales/Purchases Ledger and Invoice Journal (Russia)
Invoices of Cash Payments (Slovenia)
Update Payment Type Flag (Slovenia)
Sending of Credit Transfer Data to Financial Accounting
Tax Book for Incoming or Outgoing Invoices (Slovenia)
Register for comparing tax lines and tax document (outgoing tax)
Register of Issued Invoices (Ukraine)
Create XML File for Each Tax Invoice/Corr. Tax Invoice (Ukraine)
Process Electronic Confirmations (Ukraine)
Create Tax Invoices and Correction Tax Invoices
Change Send Status of Tax Invoices by Timeout
Print Tax Invoices and Correction Tax Invoices
Annex OK to Profit Tax Declaration
Archiving of B Cheque: Write
Archiving of SIPO (Czech Rep.): Write
Archiving of Exchange Rate Difference: Write
Archiving of Nondelivered Credit Memos: Write
Archiving of SIPO File Data (Slovakia): Write
Archiving of SIPO Master Data (Slovakia): Write
Transfer Posting of Nondelivered Credit Memos
Archiving of Benefit Posting: Write
Archiving of Social Benefits Data: Write
Archiving of Seals Data: Write
Get delta amount and quantity
Old Partial Invoice detail display for Poland
Mass Change of Benefit Data (Russia, Ukraine)
Energy Consumption Sheet Report
Energy Consumption Sheet Mass Print Report
Check and Create Enhancement: OKOGU 7 Code (Russia)
Migrate OKOGU Field from Length 5 to 7 Digits (Russia)
Seals Management : Initial Screen
Post Advance Payment Request
Unused Subsidy for Heating
Change External Sold-To Party
Conditions: Archiving Condition Records (DB Deletion Program)
ETM - Update SoRT information for Archived data
Create Shipping Documents With Confirmed Requirements
Data Transfer - Catalog Data
Deletion of CEM Data in Equi.Master f. Non-CEM-Relevant Equi.Category
Deletion report for ETM recipient Personal Data
Create Individual Capacities for Equipment
BAL90 Data Format -> Standard File for Catalog Input
BGL91 Dtaa Format -> Standard File for Catalog Input
Move Inventory Data
MFLE XPRA for J_3GRESSOU field of ETM tables
Lease Settlement
ETM: planning board
Change Usage of Condition Table for ETM from J to 4
Table S491 Delete Null Values
Catalog Structure Display
Location Setup: Create HIstorical Stock from Temporary Stock
Delete the contents from Customizing table /SAPCN1/
XPRA: Copy the Customizing tables from INDX to /SAPCN1/
Cleanup of Condition Technique Master Data after De-Installation
Archiving Condition Records: Deletion Program
Archiving Condition Records: Display Program
Archiving Condition Records: Reload Program
Archiving Condition Records: Search for and Display Records
Archive Condition Records: Write Program
Consistency Check of Control Tables for Subsequent Screens
Tab areas used across applications
General Condition Determination
Test report for condition tech. key fields
Customizing Consistency Checks for Condition Technique
Generic unit Test for condition masterdata
XPRA for initial entry in MAX_DIM field in /SAPCND/T685
XRRA Report that regenerates all objects for condition technique
Contract availability customizing
Hierarchical List
Down Payment Chains - Tax Rate Change for Germany
Down Payment Chains - Delete Payment Block for Tax Rate Change
Equity Change Management (Actual Data)
Check Project-Oriented Enterprise Structure
Report for Conversion of Archiving from AR_ENGINE to SARA
Complete Postprocessing Orders
Complete Postprocessing Orders
PPO AutoCorrector
Deletion of Postprocessing Orders
Resubmission of Postprocessing Orders
Display System Settings
Create PPO Orders for Testing
Possible Entries for Purchasing Document
Possible Entries for Purchasing Document
Purchase Order Extended History
Automatic Closeout
Closeout Purchasing Documents: Create Recommendation List
Options Handler Report
IBU PS: Due Option Document Notification
Post Shopping Cart Commitments
Logical database /SAPQUERY/LDB : Database program
Find Internal Customs WH Movements
Display Audit Trail for Depreciation of Export Declarations
Edit Activity Sequence of Customs Declarations/Shipments
Flag Customs Management Documents for Archiving Automatically
Cancel Document Closing
Change Status of Customs Shipments/Customs Declarations
Reset Processing Status of Documents
Check Archivability of Customs Documents in Feeder System
Upload Currency Exchange Rates
Upload Customs Offices from Official Format
Display Differences for Delivery and Declaration Quantities
Match Delivery and Declaration Quantities
Display Completed Differences for Delivery/Declaration Qty
Completed Transactions from Worklist
Display Domestic Issues
Process Domestic Issues
Processing of Domestic Issues: Log Display
Display Completed Domestic Issues
Process Inventory Differences
Cancel Released Goods Receipts
Display Assigned Logistics Documents from Worklist
Create Customs Declaration from Worklist
Create Customs Declaration: Inward Processing from Customs Warehouse
Display Worklist for Customs Declaration
Determine Customs Status for Goods Receipt Postings
Compare Transferred/Left Over Worklist Quantity
Post Outbound Movements Subsequently
Subsequent Posting: Material to Material Transfer Posting
Process Domestic Goods Issues for Processing Trade
Process Scrapping Operations for Processing Trade
Process Undefined Goods Movements for Processing Trade
Reorganize Obsolete Transactions from Worklist
Process Scrapping Operations
Process Undefined Goods Movements
Display Domestic Goods Issues to Declare
Domestic Goods Issues to Declare - Free Circulation
Display of Completed Supplementary Customs Declaration Items
Processing of Temporary Storage Releases with Errors
Display of Completed Storage Releases with Errors
Shipment Consolidation: Generate Customs Declarations from Sales Docs
EAD: Request Customs Import Declaration Submitted by Representative
Request EAD List for Customs Import Declarations from Authority
Display Status of Inbound Customs Shipments
Processes with Inbound Delivery Reference
Transfer Receipts and Returns to Supplier
Transfer MM Dispatches - OBSOLETE
Transfer Dispatches and Customer Returns
Transfer Intercompany Billing Receipts and Returns
Deactivate Outward Processing Relevance Flag
Transfer of changed master data for GTS Integration
Find Logistics Documents in Worklists
Search Log for Aggregation of Vendor Declarations
Request Long-Term Vendor Declaration
EU: Aggregate Long-Term Vendor Declaration
EU: Maintain Long-Term Vendor Declarations
NAFTA: Aggregate Long-Term Vendor Declaration
NAFTA: Maintain Long-Term Vendor Declarations
Maintain Product Master through Worklist
Restitution: Generate Billing Documents for Restitution
Log. Database /SAPSLL/CUSWLO : Database Program
Process Supplementary Customs Declarations Automatically
Manually Postprocess Supplementary Customs Declarations
Upload Customs Classification Data from XML Files
Check Changed Business Partner Addresses
Check Changed Document Addresses
Assign Values to Comparison Index for Sanction List
Display Structured View of Sanctioned Party Lists
Display SPL Data Relevant to Archiving
Load Master Data with iXML
XPRA: migration of commodity codes and assignment to materiales
GTS 2.0: XPRA: Customizing
GTS 2.0: XPRA: Document Data
GTS 2.0: XPRA: Document Data
GTS 2.0: XPRA: Master Data
GTS 2.0 -> 3.0: XPRA: Document Data: Dates
GTS 2.0 -> 3.0: XPRA: Document Data: Status
GTS 2.0 -> 3.0: XPRA: Licenses and License Type Customizing
GTS 2.0 -> 3.0: XPRA: Prod. Masters - Classifications (Country-Spec.)
GTS 2.0 -> 3.0: XPRA: Product Masters - Classifications (Generic)
GTS 3.0 -> 7.0: XPRA:Business Partner: ADRCON Entries
GTS 3.0 -> 7.0: XPRA: Supplementary Customs Declaration: CUPED Entries
GTS 3.0 -> 7.0: XPRA: Customizing
GTS 3.0 -> 7.0: XPRA: Default Data: DPDATA Entries
GTS 3.0 -> 7.0: XPRA: Customs Doc.: Transit Procedure: LEGTPR Entries
GTS 3.0 -> 7.0: XPRA: Activity Sequence: TLEPAF Entries
GTS 7.0 -> 7.1: XPRA: Customs Shipment/Declaration: CUIT Entries
GTS 7.0 -> 7.1: XPRA: Supplementary Customs Declarations
GTS 7.0 -> 7.1: XPRA: Customizing
GTS 3.0 -> 7.1: XPRA: Customs Shipment/Declaration: LEGCULC Entries
GTS 7.0 -> 7.1: XPRA: Customs Shipment/Declaration: LEGCUS Entries
GTS 7.0 -> 7.1: XPRA: Customs Shipment/Declaration: LEGDOC Entries
GTS 7.0 -> 7.1: XPRA: Customs Warehouse ID Mapping
GTS 7.1 -> 7.2: XPRA: Set PRDES in Customs Declarations/Shipments
GTS 7.1 -> 7.2: XPRA: Customizing
GTS 7.1 -> 7.2: XPRA: Document - Legal Control: Depreciate Quantity
GTS 7.1 -> 7.2: XPRA: Document - Legal Control: Depreciate Value
GTS 7.1 -> 7.2: XPRA: Licenses: Quantity Update
GTS 7.1 -> 7.2: XPRA: Set STCTS in the License Tables
GTS 7.1 -> 7.2: XPRA: Licenses: Value Update
GTS 7.1 -> 7.2: XPRA: Set Field DATBI in Preference Tables
GTS 7.2 -> 8.0: XPRA: Product Master/Document: Add Custom Codes
GTS 7.2 -> 8.0: XPRA: Product Master: Flag: BOPs Exist
GTS 7.2 -> 8.0: XPRA: SPL Audit: Set "Applicant Check" Flag
GTS 8.0 -> 10.0: XPRA: Application Area for Transit/Presentation Docs
GTS 8.0 -> 10.0: XPRA: Supplementary Cust. Decl.: Control Periodicity
GTS 8.0 -> 10.0: XPRA: Preference: Assign Agreement to Rule Set
Planning of Batch Run for Periodic Transfer of R/3 and OSS Notifs.
Single-Level List - Quality Notification
Reset Personalized PO Item Default Values to System Default Values
POWL: Load / Reload Customizing for POWL Queries
SRM Workflow Conversion
Replicate the Data of Contact Person of Bidder from SAP SRM to SUS
Replication of Conditions to external system in Bid decoupling
Updating Additional Status to RFx
SRM Test Tool Program
Generalize Dependent Tasks
LMS Entries Generator
Delete program for archiving object /SAPTRX/A0
Read program for archiving object /SAPTRX/A0
Reload program for archiving object /SAPTRX/A0
Write program for archiving object /SAPTRX/A0
Delete program for archiving object /SAPTRX/A1
Read program for archiving object /SAPTRX/A1
Reload program for archiving object /SAPTRX/A1
Write program for archiving object /SAPTRX/A1
Delete program for archiving object SAPTRX_A2
Reload program for archiving object SAPTRX_A2
Write program for archiving object SAPTRX_A2
Process overdue expected events
Process overdue expected events
Event handler List with the last event message
Event Handler list
Event Handler List Status
Error messages list
Event Message Status
Event message status- Administrator
Display Rule Sets
XPRA for update of rulesets and procedures from EM 1.1 to SCM 4.0
Manual update of rulesets assignment of EH from EM 1.1 to SCM 4.0
Check in Shipments
Generate and Send XML Message for ASN
Delete Old Assignment Indicators
Checks overdue quantities and overdue alert responses
SDPR documents data basis
Process changed SDPR documents from queue tables
TSDM Planning Object Consistency Check
Redundant Header and Item Data for Outbound Delivery Order
XPRA for Process Code Profiles in EWM 7.0
Change Configuration for Loading Node Relevance (Client Independent)
cFolders Authorithy Administration Report
Simulation of Partner Ascertainment
Supply Chain Unit Blocking
Activation of All ODM Components for Fulfillment Coordination
Activation of All ODM Components for SCE
ODM: Check Consistency of Order Documents
Simulate and Test Process Scheduling
Transaction Data Layer Tools
Test Distance and Duration Determination
Calculate Distance-Related Emissions
Test GIS Infrastructure
Activation of All ODM Components for Transportation Management
Supply Chain Unit Unblocking
Send Business Partners and Locations for Transit Warehousing
Posting of Forwarding Settlement Documents
Check Customs Statuses
Check Time Streams in TM Generated from Sales Order Scheduling in ERP
Connection Cache Consistency Maintenance
Create Deliveries in ERP
Test program for export/import processing
Find Transportation Network Path
Status Value Interface Generation
Geo-Map Shape Maintenance
Geo-Map Shape Upload
Delete Complete BO Instances from DB
SAP S/4 1809 Migr. of Transp. Demand and Freight Doc. Summary Report
Creation of Schedule-Based Freight Documents
Planning Run
Program /SCMTMS/R_EOP_INDEX_REBUILD - Rebuild Retention Information
Schedule Deletion
Update Schedules with new SCAC
Schedule Upload Report
Display extracted IATA codes for carrier schedule upload file
Posting of Freight Settlement Documents
Fill Shadow Tables for Location Master Data
TM Allocation Upload Report
Update Award Status of Freight Quotations of Closed Tendering Process
Path Finder
Fill BW Upload Queues With Data of Completed Freight Documents
Mass Processing of Freight Orders (A2A, B2B, prepare print)
Set Freight Documents to Life Cycle Status Completed
Create and Merge Organizational Hierarchy from SAP ERP or SAP SCM
Fill customizing table for IATA, SCAC and UNLOCODES
XPRA for S4 1709 freight settlement document (FSD) integration with TM
XPRA S/4 HANA 1809 TM: Forwarding Settlement Document Integration
Create Zones
Transportation Management: Archiving Freight Docs - Deletion Report
Transportation Management: Archiving Freight Docs - Reload Report
Transportation Management: Archiving Freight Documents - Write Report
Transport Management: Archiving of Shipments - Deletion Report
Transportation Management: Archiving Shipments - Reload Report
Transportation Management: Archiving Shipments - Write Report
XPRA: Conversion of EWM Transportation Cost Profile into TSP Profile
Customizing Check
XPRA for Type Conversion
SoRT Data Creation for Existing EWM Documents
Data Destruction Program for Loading Appointments
Deletion/Creation of Expected Goods Receipts
Stock Comparison with ERP System
Delete Events from EWM-GBT Transfer Table
Transfer SAP GBT Relevant Events from EWM
Activation of ODM Components for Indirect Labor Tasks
Layout Labels of Resource Types
Print Physical Inventory Count Document
PI: Delete a Print Request from PPF
Check for Complete Count of Product
PI Sampling Interface - Upload PI Documents to be Created
PI Sampling Interface - Download Stock Population
PI Sampling Interface - Download Results and Update Stock Population
Asynchronous Updating of Priority Points for Inbound Deliveries
Packaging specification distribution
Administration of Account Assignment Data
Correction Report for Inconsistencies in Handling-Unit References
Create Start of Retention Time for Existing Appointment Documents
Schedule Replenishment
Post Unplanned Goods Issue
Mass Change of Storage Bins
Executed Workload: Determinations for Incomplete Workload Records
Creation of Indirect Labor Activities Based on Attendance
Executed Workload: Redeterminations for Complete Workload Records
Blocking Bins in Bulk Storage (with Time Limit)
Merchandise Distribution - Quantity Adjustment - Flow Through
Report for Navigation from Production to Pattern UIs
Creation of Master Data for Preconfigured Warehouse
License Compliance Check
License Compliance Analysis
Report for Navigation from Shipping Cockpit to Pattern UIs
ABC Analysis
ABC Analysis Report
Upload of LM Processors
Setup of Storage Bins
Delete Setup Table
Setup of Delivery Items
Setup of Value-Added Services
Setup of Warehouse Orders
Setup of Warehouse Tasks
Display and Analyze Check Log
Delete Check Logs
Tramsit Warehouse - Up-/Download of Condition Records
Delete Slots and Appointments
Change Stock Type in Difference Analyzer
Display Delivery Notes for Archived Documents
Post Goods Movement for Production Supply Area
Enhancement of the Print Condition Tables
Assigning a Standard BAPI Destination
Initial Stock Data Transfer
Report for Navigation to Product Master
Completion of Open Inbound Deliveries
Schedule Staging for Production
Generate PLC Objects from EWM Objects
Delete Measurement Service Results
Start Measurement Services
Generating Storage-Type-Specific Networks
Zero Quantity Item Completion for Outbound Delivery Orders
Upload Storage Bins and Count Data
Count Physical Inventory Document
Download Storage Bins and Count Data
Replicate Production Supply Area (PSA)
Upload of Packaging Specifications
Report for Navigation to Pattern UIs
Stock Consolidation
Change Stock Type
Deletion of Time and Attendance Data
Upload of Time and Attendance Data
Transit Warehouse - Check Destination Bin Determination
Background Wave Generation
Upgrade report for putting Pack. Specs from SCM 4.1 -> SCM 5.0
Data Destruction Program for Time and Attendance
Activating the ODM Components for VAS
Generate Warehouse Billing Measurement
Distribute Warehouse Billing Measurements
Create Snapshot for Inbound Delivery
Create Snapshot for Outbound Delivery
Create Snapshots
Delete Snapshots
Create Snapshot for Physical Stock
Create Snapshot for Warehouse Task
Check Transport Request
Analysis of FIORI Services
Object Overlap Between Two Transport Sets
Compare Objects and Transport Requests
Online Import Check - Usage Statistics
Single record stats with data entry of and assignment to trans. ID
SQL Monitor: Data Display
Dangerous Goods Master: Display with Descriptions
EHS: Delete All Change Documents
Transfer PM Orders
Transfer Projects
Transfer Results
S/4HANA BUPA Synchronization
S/4HANA BUPA Synchronization
Migration of Business Partner and Vendor data related to Employee
XPRA: Migration of Business Partner and Vendor data related to Employe
Copy and Unpack a Profile
Solution builder for SAP All-In-One
Repository Objects Check
Flex Org: Simulate + Compare two Algorithm for all Creation Use Cases
Maintain Migration Assignment via View
Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
Transport A3C Solution
Transport Reference Business Content
Upload and Process Reference Content
Delete table ATO_SETUP in Lifecycle and Clean Client
SNP Data Distillery - Administrator
Redirect Inbound Deliveries: Selection
Generate Expected Goods Receipt Documents in SAP EWM
Inbound Delivery Delete Report
Inbound Delivery Purge Report
Generation of Inbound Deliveries
Interface Communication from CRM --> ERP using the SHELL module
Resend Temporary Deliveries to WME
List of Service Part Returns
Validate ASN Source
Validate delivery date for ASN
Not used
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Validate ASN Source
Copy Characteristics and Classes
Upload Suppliers from an SAP ERP System
Upload Suppliers from a Supplier Registration System
Upload Suppliers from an SAP SRM System
Set Notifications for Default Contact Person
Reload Suppliers from Connected Back-End Systems
E-Mail Reminders for Expiring Certificates
E-Mail Reminders for Certificates (Based on Certificate Types)
Trigger Reminders for Evaluation Responses
E-Mail Reminders for Pending Tasks
Resend Suppliers to Connected Back-End Systems
Resend Suppliers to a Supplier Registration System
Replication of Certificate Types from Buy Side to Sell Side
Delete Selected Certificates
Replication of Purchasing Categories from Buy Side to Sell Side
Migrate IDs of evaluation and qualification documents
Creation of Evaluation Responses
Set missing VALID_TO dates of certificates from qualification
Transfer Certificates from Qualification Responses to Supplier Data
Migrate Node Categories of SRS Parties
Transfer Suppliers to Leading SAP ERP System
Transfer Suppliers to an SAP ERP System
Transfer Suppliers to Master Data Governance System
Transfer Suppliers to Supplier Registration System (Sell Side)
Transfer Suppliers to an SAP SRM System
Transfer Supplier Master Data (Delayed Update)
Correct Assignments of Standard Product Classifications to Suppliers
SAP ATTP General Customizing
SAP ATTP Integration Report for Batches
Integration of Business Partners
SAP ATTP Integration Report for Plant and Storage Locations
SAP ATTP Integration Report for Material Master
SAP ATTP Integration Report for Transaction Data
Transaction Data Integration Report
Locally Delete GTIN from Material
Trade Item Serialization Attributes
Bill of Material Transfer
IMDS Export: Bulk Processing
Import from Application Server
Import from Application Server
Import Batch Mode
Filter and Split
Set Missing Deletion Indicator and Physically Delete Data
Where-Used List for Pure Substances and Groups
Test Creation of Different Interactive Forms
Change CfP Comp. Data Model to REACH 2.0 Comp. Data Model
Mapping for DI Characteristics Moved into SAP Namespace in PRC 2.0
Conversion of Compositions into Use and Exposure Compositions
Conversion of Use Property
Test of Workflow Configuration for Material Assessment
Test Workflow for Registration Projects
Customizing Check
Phrase Sets and Characteristic Assignments
Convert Property and Characteristic Mappings
Upload Macro for Preregistration Output: Macro File
Migration of Registration Management Data
Unlink Substance from IUCLID
Synchronization of Substances Linked with IUCLID
REACH Compliance Workflow Cleanup Tool
XPRA REACH 2.0: Migrate Endpoint Study Objects to Endpoint Data Record
XPRA REACH 2.0: Convert Representative Assignments to SVT OR
EHS: Search/Display Modules for Substance
Collecting Tracking Data from sSstems Asynchronously
Cross-System Object Lock and Downgrade Protection Settings
ChaRM Services
Maintenance Optimizer - Stack Delta XML Monitor
Software Lifecycle Manager Configuration Assistant
Software Lifecycle Manager Configuration Assistant
Software Lifecycle Manager Central Download Directory Assistant
Multiple Software Lifecycle Manager Configuration Assistant
Programm /UI2/CDM_EXPORT
Replicate Backend Catalog from a Remote System
Delete replicated Catalogs for a remote system alias
Deployment Monitor program.
Schedulable program for deployment in batch
Fiori Launchpad Checks
Fiori Launchpad Intent resolution analyis
Fiori Launchpad Texts
Replicate Backend Catalog from a Remote System
Replicate Backend Catalogs for all system aliases
Replicate Backend Technical Catalog from Remote System (DEV)
Client Cache Invalidation
Global Cache Invalidation
Delete Expired Personalization Containers
Transfer Data of Unified Shell Personalization Service
Analyze (Lost) References in Fiori Launchpad Content
Calculation of SAPUI5 Application Index
Delete cached OData Metadata
obsolete! Reset Cache Buster for Application Resources
Upload, Download, or Delete Apps to or from SAPUI5 ABAP Repository
Update Caching of OData Metadata
Check load for consistency (support only)
Check load for consistency (support only)
Check load for consistency (support only)
LREP Health Checks
Cleanup of Layered Repository Files
Deletion of LRep file (support only)
Delete user for batch job /UIF/LREP_LOAD_CONSISTENCY_CHECK
List repository files (support only)
List load of files (support only)
Check and repair smart links (support only)
Activate/deactivate key user check for CUSTOMER variants
Activity Monitoring
Maintain ORGUSERS table
Download Spool Requests by Job Name
Upload/Download Compliance Calibrator Tables
Where Used list for Mitigating Control Id/Monitor.
Analyze disabled sod tcodes and objects
Optimizer for SOD Data Table
Conversion Utility Report for CC New Release
Display changes to Profiles
Count authorizations in roles
Rule Architect
SOD Rule Builder
Monitor actual usage of Conflicting & Critical Transactions
Download Authorization Objects for the SOD Transaction Codes
Build SOD Object Level Rules from SOD TCodes & Auth. Objects
SOD Rule Builder Wizard
SOD Rule Validation Tool
Non Reference Report - Tcodes by Roles/Profiles, not in SOD tables
Comparing different SOD Matrices
Tcodes by Roles/Profiles, never executed in a specific time period
Authorization Object by Roles/Profiles Report ( not in SOD Tables)
Monitor Actual Usage of Conflicting & Critical Transactions
Comparing Critical Transaction Matrices
Comparing SOD Authorization Objects
Compare SOD Tcode Matrix with SOD Authorization Object Tcodes
Compliance Calibrator Data Maintenance
Count authorizations for Users
Analysis of called transactions in Custom Code
Management Report for SOD Remediation
Expired and Expiring Roles for Users
Check Role Status
Check tcodes in menu and authorizations
Compare Users Roles
List roles assigned to a user (exclude singles of composites)
Roles / Composite Roles Relationship
List roles and transactions
Print Program: Sample Printout for the Shipment
Print Program: PDF Print Output for Shipment
Picking According to Vehicle Space Optimization
Trigger Printing of Transfer Order
Show communication log
Access Code Consumption Details
Access Code Generation
Generate Learner Details Related to a Company
Approve Booking Requests
Assign or Change Role of Learners
Assign Users to Company
Display Last Minute Bookings
Get Comments Ratings
Scedule community creation background job
Display Company Certification and Online Test Results
Company Activity History
Approve or Reject Company Assignment Requests
Display Advertisement for Courses and Bundles
Course Revenue and Cost
E-Voucher Creation
Create Material for Existing Objects viz. Course Types and Bundles
Access Code and E-Voucher Deactivation
Access Code or E-voucher Details Edit
E-voucher Details
Course Request Retrieval
Invoice Details
Maintain Learner Profile
Manage Rating and Comments
Manage External community activities
Mandatory Training Fulfillment of Learners and Qualification
Display New Course Requests by Learners
Create Operations Employee Learner Profile
Monitor Prepayment Account Consumption
Export Catalog as Print Version
Enhancements for Master Data Maintenance
Invoice print program
Maintain Ratings and Comment
Terms and Conditions
Send Periodic Mail
User Course Interest
Display Learner Activities and History
Report for Generating DFPS Node in APD
Include for Container Macros
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