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DATA struc TYPE struc_type BOXED.


This statement defines a structured attribute of a class or an interface as a static box. It can only be located in the declaration section of a class or an interface and only at the highest level.

A structured data type must be specified for struc_type. This can be a local program structured type, a visible structured type of a class or a global interface, or a structure from the ABAP Dictionary, and can contain static boxes.

Static boxes support initial value sharing. The structure is not saved in the higher-level context itself. Instead, an internal reference that points to the actual structure is stored in place of the component. A static box is therefore a deep component.


  • A structure with a static box is a deep structure and the corresponding restrictions apply.

  • The BOXED addition defines the static box with reference to its context (structure or class). A data type that is declared by a direct TYPE or LIKE reference to a static box is assigned its data type but is not a static box.

  • When a static box is copied from one structure to another structure using the INCLUDE TYPE|STRUCTURE statement, its static box attribute is also copied.

  • The addition BOXED can also be used in the statement TYPES to declare a substructure of a nested structured data type.


The following section shows how the addition BOXED is allowed to be used with the statement $[CLASS-$]DATA. In a class, it declares a static structure struc1 and a structured instance attribute struc2 as a static box.

    TYPES: BEGIN OF t_struc,
             comp1 TYPE c LENGTH 100,
             comp2 TYPE n LENGTH 100,
           END OF t_struc.
    CLASS-DATA struc1 TYPE t_struc BOXED.
    DATA       struc2 TYPE t100    BOXED.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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