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GET LOCALE - obsolete_parameters

Short Reference

Obsolete Syntax

... COUNTRY cntry MODIFIER mod


1. ... COUNTRY cntry

2. ... MODIFIER mod


Although ABAP syntax requires the additions COUNTRY and MODIFIER to be specified for the statement GET LOCALE, the results of these additions should not be used.

Addition 1

... COUNTRY cntry

The addition COUNTRY was intended for reading the country key of the current text environment explicitly. cntry expects a character-like data object.

The function of this addition was not implemented in full and the result is undefined.


The addition COUNTRY of the statement GET LOCALE does not extract the formatting setting that can be set using SET COUNTRY.

Addition 2

... MODIFIER mod

The addition MODIFIER was intended for reading the identifier of a special locale. mod expects a character-like data object with a maximum of eight places.

This function is not implemented. Instead, the addition initializes the variable mod.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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