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/BEV1/SAPMSR0 - Module pool for sales returns

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Entry of the analysis results of the Sales Returns


Entry of the analysis results of the Sales Returns after laboratory or sensory analysis.

In the top list of the order items, the full goods items from the original (entry) order are displayed. The empties items attached to the full goods items are not mapped.

The analysis items are displayed in the bottom list. Unless you have entered, respectively saved, data for the Sales Returns order, the analysis items are set according to the order items; otherwise the stored analysis items are displayed. You can delete analysis items (unless you have not yet settled them) or insert further items.

You need at least enter the order item, the proportionate order quantity, the analysis result, the refunding key, and the stock quantity.

The data for storage location, plant storage location, empties storage location and plant for empties storage location can be entered. If you do not make entries here, the data will be read from Customizing of the analysis results when checking is performed.

Please enter the posting date for the MM difference posting in the header area.

You can create a credit memo for the customer immediately after the entry of the sales returns order of the tied empties of the goods returned. However, this may only been done once on condition that a (partial) settlement has not yet been executed.

Since a large amount of documents need to be created, a settlement in the dialog mode takes quite a long time. You can avoid this waiting time by planning the settlement as background job. To do so the program /BEV1/SR_BATCH_PROCESSING for periodic background processing has to be scheduled. In this case, the settlement is generated during the runtime of this program. You will be informed about problems in the course of processing by express mail.

When analysis items are settled, the system generates an SD order as basis for the customer credit memo. In its items this order contains the full goods material with the quantity you entered in the field Customer quantity and possibly the tied empties with the quantity you entered in the field Proportionate order quantity (the customer credit memo does not contain empties items unless you have already created a separate empties credit memo). In addition to the SD order, the system generates MM goods movement documents. These may be documents for posting transfers, destruction or empties postings. The type and number of these documents depend on the analysis result you entered and on the Customizing of the analysis result.

If there is a difference between the proportional order quantity and the stock quantity within an analysis item, the system creates a difference document for the material of this item. This document is a cancellation document for the goods receipt posting and reduces the goods receipt stock of the sales returns entry order by this difference.

All generated subsequent documents will be displayed in the document flow.

The log enables you to inform yourself about the transactions during the settlement.





Standard Variants



When you double-click on a line of the order item list, you set a filter for the analysis item list according to the order item number on which you clicked. If required, you can change, respectively delete this filter by means of the filter button of the analysis items list. It is also possible to reset the filter by clicking the button <1649> (filter icon with chevron )Deactivate filter in the pushbutton bar.

By clicking the button <958> (circle segment icon with chevrons)

in the list of the analysis items, you can update the screen display. The analysis items are sorted in ascending order according to both order item and analysis item.

By clicking the button <884> (scales icon) in the list of the analysis items, you can check your entries. The errors found during this check are displayed in a separate protocol window. By double-clicking on one of the error messages displayed in the protocol window, the cell containing the error in the analysis item is marked in color. The cursor is positioned. In case of errors, the active filters are deleted and set again on the incorrect analysis items.

With the layoutfunction you can set the display fields and their order in the list of the order items and the analysis items.

It depends on the Customizing whether you need to value all or merely a part of the order items.

(Refer to Customizing Document types for Sales Returns, switch Settle individual items)

Furthermore, it depends on the Customizing whether you need to value the complete quantity of an order item in one or several analysis items.

(Refer to Customizing Document types for Sales Returns, switch Incomplete settlement permissible)

Several icons may appear in the left column of the order items.

The icon <803> ( pen icon) tells you that you are valuing this order item.

If settling individual order items is permissible, the icon <770> (red cross) appears in the list of the order items provided that the quantity of this order item has not yet been completely valued.

The icon <769> (green flag) tells you in this case that the quantity of this order item was completely valued.

If incomplete settling is permissible, neither icon <769> (green flag) nor icon <770> (red cross)will be displayed.

The icon <814> (exclamation mark)tells you that you subsequently changed the quantity of an order item in a Sales Returns order that was already valued. Dependent on the Customizing, you may have to enter a further analysis item for this order item.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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