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/BEV1/SRLST1 - Sales Returns Orders List

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List of the Sales Returns orders


In this list the Sales Returns orders are displayed according to your selection. As a result of marking the column 'Status Customer', respectively Status Stock' followed by sorting in i ascending or descending order, the Sales Returns orders are sorted and summarized. This helps you to get an overview of the status very fast.

If you want to branch into the original document or the document flow, you first need to select a Sales Returns order in the column Sales document or Item by means of the mouse (in both fields the mouse cursor takes the shape of a hand). Then you can click on one of the two relevant buttons in the pushbutton bar to go to the original order or the document flow. To branch off in order to enter or change the analysis results of a Sales Returns order, you merely need to double- click on a Sales Returns order.





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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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