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/BEV2/EDTOOL_LIS_OPTIMIZE - Special Tool: Reduce/Optimize LIS Database Size

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By means of this program the entries in the LIS statistics tables (S465, S466) of the Excise Duties are compressed. Entries that are not needed to compute the Excise Duties are removed.

The following data records remain in the tables:

  • only dates starting with the validity of the first tax warehouse
  • only storage locations that are assigned to a tax warehouse
  • only materials identified as being ExD-relevant

A test run to determine the extent of optimization can be started in order to forecast the effectiveness.


The Excise Duties environment has been maintained correctly; i.e.:

  • all ExD-relevant materials have been assigend to a tax type
  • all ExD-relevant materials have been assigend to a tax warehouse

Warning :

These are preconditions to determine the stock correctly.


The optimizing run does not affect updates of recently posted movements. Therefore, it is useful to restart the program periodically for the entries of the recent past.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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