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/BGLOCS/RFBILA00 - Balance Sheet/P+L Statement

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The report creates the balance sheet and profit and loss statements for a user-defined reporting period within a fiscal year with absolute and relative comparisons for a comparison period. Alternatively, planned values can also be used for comparison. To do this, the planned version number is to be specified in the "Plan version" field.

With this report, you can create as many balance sheets and profit and loss statements as required, based on different grouping principles which you define. You determine how the balance sheet and P+L is created using the financial statement version which you specify in the "Fin.stat.version" field.


You define the grouping principle and the assignment of accounts to the balance sheet and P+L items in the system.

  1. The specified financial statement version must be defined in the system.
  1. The line items must be defined for the financial statement version.


You determine the level of detail of the balance sheet and P+L via your entry in the "Summary report" field.
As an alternative to issuing a list, you can also print out the output
on a form by specifying a form in the form field.
(For more information, see the documentation for the form field).


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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