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/BKC/SOL21_MCOMPARE_B2 - Clone&Test! - Mass comparison of time evaluation results

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The program executes a mass comparison of time evaluation results. Contents of the tables and field strings from the Cluster B2 can be compared. A particular table or several tables (e.g. ZL, SALDO and ZES) can be processed in a run.
The data of the current system serves as the source, formed by the selected personnel numbers and other selections.
The reference values are read either from a sequential file or by another system via RFC.
Only the results of the same personnel numbers can be compared. The personnel numbers are selected from the basis of the current system.

The report can be operated in two different modes:


The output list is based on the ABAP List Viewer ABAP List Viewer. The function range of the ABAP List Viewer is referred to in the documentation of this tool. You will find this documentation in the R/3-Library under CA - Application Overlapping Components - > General Application Functions - > ABAP List Viewer.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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