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/BKC/SOL21_PBKLUP - Clone&Test! - Import of copied applicant data

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This report uploads the data files created by the /BKC/SOL21_PBKLON program (PB Copy).

The tables from which data is to be copied should have the same stucture in the source system and the target system. It is not possible to copy data between different releases.

If you try to process a file that has not been created with the PB copy program, then the following message will be produced:

The file does not match the current copy program!
Expected type: PB

If new applicant numbers have to be created then this must already be resolved in the PB copy program.

If the option 'Copy advertisements'has been selected in the PB copy program and no new advertisement number was entered (internal number assignment) then new advertisement numbers will be generated in the target system.
During the import of the advertisements the table T750B will be locked.

Before importing the data the program will check whether the target client is set to productive. It is not possible to import data into a productive client.


The source data must have been created with the PB Copy program.


Infotypes and clusters of the copied applicants.


You would like to copy data from one system into another, but an RFC connection is not present. In this case you can use a sequential file.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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