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The program enables the comparison of posting documents from SAP Payroll (HR posting documents).

These documents are created for a posting run by the evaluation of payroll results with report RPCIPE00. A posting run can consist of one or more documents and can be displayed and processed further using the posting run overview (transaction PCP0).

The existing program compares two posting runs, meaning all included posting documents with one another.

A prerequisite for this comparison is the posting of the payroll results via ALE. During the posting of so-called "external company codes" a TemSe object is created instead of an HR posting run. This procedure is no longer supported by SAP and is therefore no longer part of the existing comparison program (see SAP note 560301 for further information).

Please refer to the 'Function description' for a detailed explanation of the entire functionality, prerequisites, and the structure of the comparison data.




The documents from the original posting run are assigned to the documents from thecomparison posting run according to defined criteria (see .Structure of comparison data.). Two posting runs are always compared with one another and these can be either productive posting runs or simulations. As an option within these posting runs, individual documents can be selected explicitly or excluded from the selection.

Based on the scenarios that are currently supported, there is no need for a cross-system or cross-client comparison.


Run type

In this version, only run type "PP" is valid and cannot be changed.

Posting run number

Selection of the posting runs to be compared. A F4 selection help is available.

Personnel number

Feature is not yet supported.

Standard Variants


The output list is based on the ABAP List Viewer. For more information on the functional scope of the ABAP List Viewer, please refer to the documentation for this tool. You can find the documentation in the R/3 Library under CA . Cross-Application Components -> General Application Functions -> ABAP List Viewer.

The following special functions are available in the application toolbar:

  • Next difference (Control+F6)
  • Display all entries (Control-Shift-F11) / Display differences only (Control-Shift-F12)
  • Single line / Double line (Control-Shift-F10)
  • Legend (Control-Shift-F9)
    Displays a legend that explains the meanings of the lights (column 1) content of the status column (column 2) and of the colors.
  • Detail (Shift-F2)
    When displaying the posting documents (PPDHD): Displays the document items of the selected line in a separate ALV list.
    When displaying the document items (PPDIT): Detail display of the selected document item.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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