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This report is used to create and send messages from processes other than a payment run. It encapsulates functionality for finding and picking up files from a specified directory. It uses the application programming interface (API) /BSNAGT/BAPI_CREATE_FILE to create a message for each file.

Optionally, the pick-up report can trigger the sending of the messages by calling the method SEND_FILES of the class /BSNAGT/CL_TECH_UTILITY. Alternatively, you can use the send report to send the created messages.



You are authorized to use the pick-up report.



The following selection parameters are available:

  • Message Type
  • Receiver ID
  • Sender ID
  • File Name

You must enter the following directories:

  • Pick-Up Directory
This specifies the directory where the source files are located.
  • Target Directory
Optionally, you can specify a directory to move the files to after they have been processed.

You must choose one of the following options:

  • Create Files Only (No Sending)
  • Send After Each File Creation
  • Send At Process End

When picking-up character-based files (for example, XML formats such as PAIN.001.001.03), you need to enter the correct Code Page. This is required so that the connector can create text from the binary content of the file.

Standard Variants


When you execute the report in dialog mode, the log screen appears.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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