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/BSNAGT/SEND_FILES - Send Messages to the Financial Services Network

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This program can be used to send messages to the SAP Financial Services Network. The program identifies the relevant messages by reading the message status from the table /BSNAGT/FILE_INF.

If the Include Sent Msg. checkbox is not selected, the system removes any previously sent messages, even if the selection criteria include them. Therefore, sending is only triggered for pending messages in this case.

You can explicitly request a resending of previously sent messages by selecting the Include Sent Msg. checkbox. In this case, the system creates copies of the previously sent messages and triggers the sending of them. The original (previously sent) messages are never sent again. When creating a copy of a message for resending, the system assigns the original message as the parent message of the copied message. You can navigate to the original message by displaying the parent message in the Connector Monitor.



You are authorized to use the send messages report.



The following message selection parameters are available:

  • GUID
  • TemSe Object Name
  • Message Type
  • File Name
  • Receiver ID
  • Sender ID
  • Message ID
  • Created By User
  • Creation Date
  • Creation Time
  • Changed By User
  • Change Date
  • Change Time
  • Status

In addition, you can choose to include previously sent messages by selecting Include Sent Msg..

Standard Variants


When you execute the report in dialog mode, the log screen appears.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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