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/CCEE/FISC_SEND_BILL_DOCUMENT - Send billing documents to CIS for approval

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In Croatia, the tax rules state that all billing documents need to be sent to the CIS for fiscalization within the billing date. You use this report to generate a list of billing documents to send to the CIS.

To access this report, on the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Logistics ->Sales and Distribution ->Billing -> Billing Document ->Country Specifics ->Croatia ->Send Billing Documents to CIS for Approval.





On the selection screen, enter the following data:

  • In the General Selection Criteria group box, enter the company code, billing document, and the posting date.
  • In the Additional Parameters group box, enter the charging device code, fiscal payment method, fiscal invoice status among others.
  • In the Input Paragon Number group box, if you select the Paragon Documents checkbox, enter the billing document and the paragon number.
The paragon number that you enter here is updated in the billing document on executing this report.
  • In the Output Specification group box, enter the layout.
  • In the Type of View group box, choose one of the following radio buttons:
  • Display ALV

Select this button if you want to generate the output in the standard ALV format.
  • Execute in background (CIS)

Select this button to process billing documents only in the background. The report does not generate a list in this case.

Standard Variants


The list shows all the billing documents that match the user selection. If you do not mention any value in the Layout field, the system displays the list in the default layout, if any.

If you want to submit a billing document to CIS for approval, first select an entry in the output list and then choose the Send to CIS pushbutton. The system processes the billing document. Once the billing document is acceptable for fiscalization, the CIS assigns a unique receipt ID (JIR) to the document.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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