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/CCEE/SIFI_POBOTI1 - ePoboti: XML send

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According to LAvodDP (ZPreZP) a debtor, who gets into the delay in payment, has to (mandatory) report all overdue open items in the system of obligatory many-sided reconciliation E-POBOTI. Registration in the system has to be done only once and only in that round of the reconciliation that following the date of the Net due date.


Report /CCEE/SIFI_POBOTI3 - Slovenia: ePoboti: receive XML


  • Define regulatory days for reconciliation (SM30 /CCEE/SIFIPOBKRO)
  • Define reference field, blocking reason (SM30 /CCEE/SIFIPOBXRF)


This report generates XML file for manysided reconciliation e-Poboti. Information about XML file are stored in the system (identified by Run ID) and can be later on displayed.

  • Vendor account
  • Company code (if multiple choice is selected, all Company Codes have to share same VAT, no interval and have to be explicitly enumerated - no interval selection is allowed)
  • Dynamic selection (for Vendor Master, Company Code, Accounting document)
  • Open items at key date
  • Baseline Payment Dte
  • Net due date
  • Special General Ledger Transactions

Reconciliation Run ID

  • Company code
  • Year
  • Number of the round

Reconciliation mode

  • Create new run
  • Display old run
  • Delete old run (special authority needed, auth.object /CCEE/EPOB, Activity 06 (delete)

Type of open item

Filters items selection (relevant in Create mode)

1 - mandatory overdue open item (overdue, not sent to e-Poboti)
2 - voluntary not overdue open item (not-overdue)
3 - voluntary overdue open items (overdue, already sent to e-Poboti)

Output options

  • ALV Layout
  • XML file
  • Display

  • Download to PC - name of the file to be stored to

Standard Variants


ALV Item proposal (detail F2 to Accounting document)

or ALV Item display

XML file display

XML file download


In create mode item proposal appears to interact with user (select/deselect items, dialog for save). From this reason no background executing is possible.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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