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/CCEE/SIFI_VAT_REPOST - Slovenia: post Input VAT decrease/increase

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In Slovenia, if a tax liable person has already claimed the pretax settlement according to the invoice, which this person did not pay to the supplier in the utmost term according to to Law on Avoidance of Delays in Payments LAvodDP, he must decrease his input tax deduction proportionally to the not paid part of the liability towards the supplier. Only after he pays, he is allowed again to increase his input tax deduction.

The report

  • calculates amount (input VAT) that is to be reposted in case an invoice is due and not payed

  • calculates amount (input VAT) that is to be reposted in case an invoice is payed/partly payed

  • displays calculated amounts

  • creates accounting documents

  • displays accounting documents


  • Report RFUMSV00 (Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Purchase). The only VAT documents that have been applied for deduction in any of VAT Tax Returns (BSET-STMDT, STMTI is not initial) are relevant for that processing.
  • Report /CCEE/SIFI_POBOTI1 (Send XML to Manysided Reconciliation System - Poboti)
    If the debtor reports his financial liabilities out of invoices of the supplier into the system of obligatory manysided reconciliation (OMR), there is no necessity to make the correction of the tax liability (then item field BSEG-XREF1 / 2 / 3 contains identification). So, such items are not relevant for further processing.


Customize Posting Rules view /CCEE/SIFI_OMRPR. This supplies application with posting information for combination of Company Code / Tax code / Tax code transaction. This combination also defines filter for VAT documents relevant for processing. If accounting document does not meet any key values in the table, it is excluded from processing

Example of the customizing data

CoCodeTx.codeTrns.Doc.typeTarget Tax codeTarget AccountTax code DecreaseTax code Incr

  • CoCode,,- company code
  • Tx.code,,- tax code vendor invoice
  • Trns,,,,- tax code transaction type
  • Doc.type,,- document type for reposting document
  • TarTxCode,,- target tax code
  • TarAccount,,- target account
  • Tax code Decr,,- target tax code for posting VAT decrease
  • Tax code Incr,,- target tax code for posting VAT increase


G/L Acc. account must have Tax category "-" or "*"

All Tax codes used must be of type Input ("V")

TarTx, TxCodeDecr, TaxCodeIncr must have only one Account Key active (e.g.VST)


If Tax Code for Decrease is not filled, reposting document for tax decrease is not generated (this case detect the "unclained input tax"). The tax can be deducted just after an invoice is payed - tax increase reposting document is then generated.

Example of accounting document for Input Tax decrease (invoice tax T6/ESE)

linepost.keytax codeaccountamount
250DR160000 *1)-20

Example of accounting document for Input Tax increase (invoice tax T6/ESE)

linepost.keytax codeaccountamount
240DJ160000 *1)20

*1) account is taken from original vendor invoice tax item



General selection

  • Company Code
  • Fiscal Year
  • Document number
  • Posting date
  • Document date
  • Tax return on (report RFUMSV00, update run date)
  • Tax Code
  • Open items at key date


  • Propose and post ,,- propose amounts (and creates posting documents)
  • Display posting document - on the selection screen only Company Code, Fiscal year, Document number, Posting date remains active. Selection is connected to original document (Vendor Invoice) except of Posting date which is related to reposting document.

Proposal and posting options

  • Calculate Tax Decrease,,- calculate reposted amount when invoice is not payed
  • CalculateTax Increase,,- calculate reposted amount when invoice has been (partly) payed
  • Show closed items,,- in proposal list there are also items (invoices) in status 2-closed displayed (payed off, reposted amount 0)
  • Posting Date,,,,- posting date for accounting document,,
  • Document Date,,,,- document date for accounting document
  • Document text header,,- text for document header
  • Text,,,,,,,,- text for document line
  • Create posting documents- if not checked, only proposal is shown, no posting after leaving ALV is triggered

Standard Variants


ALV display in mode "Propose and Post"

ALV shows selected relevant documents for tax deduction decrease/increase. See detail for each line.

  • Date on Which the Tax Return Was Made
  • Time of Program Run for the Tax Return
  • Baseline Date for Due Date Calculation
  • Terms of Payment Key
  • Due Date for Net Payment
  • Invoice total
  • Invoice payoff
  • Payed part of the Tax amount
  • Tax to repost proposal
  • Tax amount posted to deferred account
  • Status of processing _-not processed yet, 1-open (reposted, partially reposted), 2-closed (invoice payed off)
  • In non-simulation mode, accounting document posting follows after leaving ALV (for items with non-zero field "Tax to repost proposal")

Posted accounting document

  • It may happen, that some accounting document can not be created from some reason (customizing of account, posting scheme). In such case message triggers and the status for the item is not updated. After you have corrected a reason, you can run report once again.

ALV display in mode "Display posted documents"

  • ALV shows selected relevant reposting documents made.


Application data for the vendor item status is stored in the table /CCEE/SIFI_UMSIT.

All reposting accounting documents are stored in the table /CCEE/SIFI_UMSPO.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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