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/CDBASIS/SYSACT_DELETE - Activity Monitoring Cleanup

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The activity monitoring cleanup allows identifying activity traces that you want to remove from the system.



A cleanup of traces is only required in case activity traces are activated within the respective customizing.



Scope Criteria:

Enter the function key(s) for which you want to identify traces to be deleted.

You can choose to ignore the expiry date of the activity traces. Otherwise only traces will be identified to be deleted that have passed the expiry date.

Additionally select whether you want to cleanup only traces with overall status information (includes undefined status), warning level or error (includes abort status).

Administrative Criteria:

Select or enter date/time and user criteria based on the available options.

Execution Options:

In case you select 'Test Mode' the traces are only identified and the number of identified traces to be deleted are returned to the output.

Standard Variants




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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