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/CDBASIS/SYSACT_DISPLAY - Activity Monitoring

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The activity monitoring allows identifying and displaying activity traces that have been recorded in the system.



A display of traces is only possible in case activity traces are activated for the selected functions within the respective customizing and the respective function has been executed.



Scope Criteria:

Enter the function key(s) for which you want to identify traces to be deleted.

Additionally select whether you want to list traces with overall status error, warning and/or information (includes undefined status). Traces with status abort will always be displayed.

Administrative Criteria:

Select or enter date/time and user criteria based on the available options.

Display Options:

You can define the maximum number of traces to be displayed within the result list. The limit will be applied after data selection and return the latest n entries up to the defined limit.

Activate 'Use Message Hierarchy' in case you want to display related application logs with their potentially included message hierarchy.

Standard Variants




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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