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/CEECV/BELO_RVEXST00 - INTRASTAT: Select Data for Dispatch - Estonia

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This report selects data on the basis of billing documents in order to subsequently create intra-European Union trade statistics. The selected data is stored in a file.

This data may be used for declaring to the appropriate authorities in subsequent functions such as

  • Creating a tape
  • Creating a document
  • Creating a diskette


Entering parameters:

  • Selection criteria

    The billing documents are selected according to:
  • Company code

  • Billing document number

  • Recipient country

  • Payer

  • Sales organization

  • Document date of origin

  • Author of the billing document

  • Billing document types

    In addition to invoices and proforma invoices, you can specify whether the following are to be selected:
  • Cancellations of invoices

  • Debit memos

  • Credit memos

  • Cancellation credit memos

  • Intercompany billing documents

  • INTRASTAT - General
Here you can enter the reporting month and the reporting year as well as additional specifications valid only for Germany such as material number, the federal state's key number and the federal state of the tax office.
  • Incompletion log
Log type: This report can be started alternatively in the test run or in the production run. In the test run, the selected data is not stored in the file. Furthermore, you can control the output of a selection or incompletion log.
The following possible entries exist for this field:
  • 'A': Production run / Log list / ___________________________

  • 'B': Production run / Log list / Incompletion log

  • 'C': Production run / _______________ / ___________________________

  • 'D': Test run / Log list / ___________________________

  • 'E': Test run / Log list / Incompletion log

  • 'F': Test run / _______________ / Incompletion log

  • Country in which INTRASTAT is created:
Here you have to enter the country code of the state for which the declaration is to be created. Please keep in mind that the same country code is specified for Table T609I which controls the incompletion log.
  • Country key
Here you can specify whether the numeric Intrastat Code and the alphabetical two-digit ISO Code are to be used.

Additional specifications

  • Origin of date:
With this indicator you can control which date is to
be taken into account in the relevant document:
  • Indicator set: Date of services rendered (VBRP-FBUDA)
  • Indicator set: Billing document date (VBRK-FKDAT)
The corresponding date is checked against your entries in the fields
'reporting month' and 'reporting year'.
  • Plant as a selection criterium:
Narrow down the selection of the documents according to the plant specification.


All billing documents are selected which

  • Have an "export" indicator
  • Include the goods movements within the European Communities
  • Have a date (FBUDA and FKDAT) within the selected period
  • Are relevant to FI
  • Already exist in FI or are no longer blocked for posting in FI.

Depending on the indicator you select for the incompletion log, the following screen displays are carried out:

  • Selection log
  • Selection log sorted according to commodity codes
  • Incompletion log
  • Key to incompletion log

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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