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/CEECV/BVFI_PVN1_123 - Statements for VAT Declaration (Latvia)

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You use this report to prepare additional statements for VAT declaration in Latvia. The statements that you need to submit to the tax authorities, in addition to the VAT declaration, are as follows:

  • A statement that lists all of the documents on which calculation of the deductible amount of input tax on domestic purchases of goods and services for a taxable period is based.
Such documents include tax invoices, credit invoices, or customs declarations of business transactions, such as import transactions or domestic purchases of goods and services.
  • A statement that contains all data necessary for input tax of all goods and services purchased from other European Union (EU) member states.
  • A statement that lists all business transactions of supplied goods and services within the country.

The report provides an output list and, if specified, it generates the corresponding files in XML format.

To access the report, on the SAP Easy Accessscreen, choose Financial Accounting → General Ledger → Reporting → Tax Reports → Latvia.



  1. You have run the Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Purchases program.
  2. You have generated the VAT declaration in XML file format with the DME File for Summarized Advance Tax Return program by selecting the Customized Summarization radio button and entering the LV_VAT_RET DMEE tree name.
  3. You have made the following settings in Customizing for Financial Accounting under General Ledger Accounting →Periodic Processing → Report → Statutory Reporting: Latvia:
Customizing ActivityRelevant Statements
Assign Tax Codes to Statements for VAT DeclarationStatements 1, 2, 3
Define Transaction Types for StatementsStatements 1, 2
Assign Transaction Types to Tax CodesStatements 1, 2
Define Country CurrencyStatement 2
Exclude Transaction Keys from StatementsStatements 1, 2, 3
Specify Document Types for +/- Sign ChangeStatements 1, 2, 3



Enter data as follows:

  • In the General Selections group box, enter the run date and an ID for the run.
Note that you must enter the run date and identifier that you entered in the Posting Parameters group box of the Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Purchases program.
  • In the Additional Selections group box, enter a limit for the tax base amount of the transactions you are including in the selected statement. This amount is in Local Currency 1 (LC1), which is EUR for Latvia. Local legal requirements define the limit of the tax base amount. All documents for the same taxpayer with amounts less than this legally defined limit, but the sum total of which exceeds the limit, are displayed on a separate line of statement 1. The transaction type for the line is V.
  • In the Statement Type group box, choose the statement that you want to create.
  • In the Additional Parametersgroup box, enter the data of the manager who is responsible for the creation of the statements and the VAT declaration.
  • If you select the PC Download checkbox in the Technical Specifications group box, you must also enter a file name for the file that the report generates.
  • In the Reorganization group box, enter data that you may want to reorganize once the file has been generated.

Standard Variants


The report generates an ALV list, which you can then use to check that all of the data has been collected. If there is an error, the system generates an error log. If the data in the ALV list is correct, you can create a statement for VAT declaration and submit it to the tax authorities for each corresponding taxation period.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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