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/CEECV/ROFI_ANN_FS_EXPORT_16 - Export Files for Financial Reporting (Romania)

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You use this report to generate a single file for the different financial statements you prepared for financial reporting. This file can then be submitted to the Agentia Nationala de Administrare Fiscala (ANAF) tax authority in Romania.

This report can concatenate the following files:

  • Balance sheet (form 10)
  • Profit and loss statement (form 20)
  • Informative data (form 30)
  • Asset history sheet (form 40)



  • You have generated the form 40 using the Asset History Sheet report. To access this report, on the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Accounting -> Financial Accounting -> Country-specific Functions -> Romania -> Financials -> Asset History Sheet.



On the selection screen, enter the XML merge identificator that you used in the Balance Sheet/P+L Statement and Asset History Sheet reports for the files you want to concatenate.

Indicate whether you want to generate the file for semester or annual reporting. In the Output XML File for PDF Form field, enter the path where you want to save the XML file.

You can also specify the data of person responsibles on the selection screen, or you can later add this data to the PDF file before you submit it to ANAF.

Standard Variants


The report generates the XML file with the data of all forms with the same XML merge identificator. You can import this XML file into the PDF software provided by ANAF.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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