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/CEECV/RO_RFCASH00 - Cash Journal

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The program lists all account transactions in the selected posting period. In addition, it determines the opening and closing balances, as well as, in the case of a printout consisting of several pages, the carryforward amount. If more than one currency is being kept for an account, this is listed per account and currency.

The program can be used on its own, or with the cash journal transaction. If it is used with the cash journal transaction, as well as the information from the G/L accounts and FI documents, data from the cash journal transaction tables is also made available.


The basic settings in Customizing must be set for the list (display variant and texts).


You can easily adjust the output and sorting of the line items as well as the balance and the signature line texts. Here, you can adjust the output to meet the requirements of a specific country.


  • The standard texts for balances, balances carried forward, and the signature line have to be maintained in the country and language in which the cash journal is to be created.
Standard texts with text ID ST are included in the standard system for certain countries. The text names are created from the following characters and a country abbreviation, for example, DE:
FI_CASH_BB_* Text for the opening balance
FI_CASH_CF_* Text for the balance carried forward
FI_CASH_EB_* Text for the closing balance
FI_CASH_SI_* Text for the signature line
You have to copy the standard texts from client 000 into your current client.
If you want to modify the texts, copy the original texts and make the changes to the copies. You can use the standard text function for this.
You can use the variables of the RFCASH structure in the text modules. The number of debit postings is additionally output in the SPELL structure and the credit postings in the *SPELL structure, both written out as words.
  • Country-specific report variants are delivered.
The variant names consist of the indicator CASH and a country abbreviation, for example, DE.
  • You have to maintain the corresponding display variant for the output of the line items.
Variants with numbers, for example, 1 and 2, are delivered with the standard system. You can import these from client 000 into your current client if necessary.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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