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Material Document List


This report provides you with a list of the material documents which were posted for one or more materials. You can display a material document from the output list.

You can choose whether you want to read a material directly from the database or from the archive. You can also display short documents for archived material documents from the database. The end of the document shows you how to define an additional field for the archived material documents and add it to the table MARI (Short documents for goods movements). You can only use data contained in the table MARI to select and display short documents.


Authorization check

You need authorization to display material documents for all chosen plants (authorization object for material documents: plant, activity 03).

If you want to display value fields from the document, you also need authorization to display accounting documents for the relevant company code (authorization object for accounting document: authorization for company codes, Activity 03).

Displaying archived material documents and short documents

To read material documents from the archive, you have to archive them first. To do this, choose Material document -> Archive -> Create archive from the Inventory Management menu.

To display short documents from the database, the short documents and the index table must have been created during archiving. You can subsequently compile the short documents using the program RM07MARI; you can create the index table using the program RM07MAIC.


Improving performance

To improve the performance of data selection, you should enter at least one material or posting date.


Choosing a data source

The report can read the document data both directly from the database and with the help of short documents from the archive. Note that the short documents may not contain fields that are contained on the selection screen. In this case, entering these selection criteria has no effect.

If errors occur when the documents are being read, the system informs you of these errors via a dialog box.


  • Plant
  • Storage location
  • Movement type
  • Special stock indicator (for example K for consignment stock)
  • Material document and material document item
  • Posting date
  • Qty moved and unit of measure

From the output list, you can display the following by choosing Environment:

  • To go to the material document, place the cursor on a material document item and choose Material document.
  • If a purchase order is assigned to the material document, you can go to the purchase order by choosing Purchase order.
  • To call up the stock overview for the material in question, choose Stock overview.
  • To call up the accounting document, choose FI document.

By double-clicking in the output list, you go directly to one of the following functions, depending on the field you choose:

  • Stock overview: double click on a header line.
  • Purchase order: double click on a purchase order number.
  • Purchase order item: double click on a purchase order item.
  • Document item: double click on the document item.
  • Material document: All other columns.

Configuring the selection screen and the field catalog

You can configure both the selection screen and the number of fields contained in the ABAP List Viewer for all clients. To do so, choose Define Field Selection for Material Document List in Customizing for Inventory Management.

You can improve the performance of the report by decreasing the number of fields in the field catalog.


This example shows you how to define an additional field for the archived material documents and add it to the table MARI.

Firstly, you have to decompile the short documents and the index tables. This ensures that you can only work with current data. You use program RM07MAID to decompile the short documents and index tables.

In the dictionary (transaction SE11), call up the table with object name MARI. The table MARI contains a field for a customer include. You use this to assign a new customer-defined field to the structure CI_MARISEL. The field you want to add must be contained in the table of material document items (MSEG).

Finally, you must recompile the index tables and short documents to activate the changes. You do this with program RM07MAIC.

You can now use the redefined field in the table MARI to select and display short documents.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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