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/CONSOLUT/TO_UPLOAD_TABLE - Upload data from CSV in any table

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Add & update Database-Fields (only for Mapping-Tables) via EXCEL-Upload (CSV-Format).



For the correct usage of this report the CSV-Document must fulfill the following requirements.

  • Column-Header:
The first row of the CSV-Document are the fieldnames of the table. Do not add the field MANDT (client) to the CSV-Document.

  • Required Entries:
All key-fields of the table must be in the CSV-Document. All other fields must be checked if they are necessary for update.
Table-Fields that are not included in the CSV-Document will updated with an initial value. Be careful in CASE of UPDATE a table, this will overwrite the existing value in the table with the initial value.

  • Column order:
The order of the columns in the CSV file is not important.

  • Conversion routine:
Fields with an existing conversion routine did not need to fill with zeros. The Report will do this automatically. F.E. the Customer Number #1234# will automatically filled up with zeros to #0000001234#.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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