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/CPD/MAINT_STATUS_AS_HDR_ATTR - Maintain Commercial Project Status

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in the Cross-Project View, you can search for commercial projects (master projects) based on a number of search criteria. One such criteria is the overall status. To enable users to search for projects based on their overall status, it is necessary to update the search program with possible values for this criteria.

This program does the following for master projects that exist in your system:

  • Updates the search with values for the overall status, from existing projects (based on the status template assigned to the corresponding project type).
  • Synchronizes existing projects with the overall status from the corresponding status template. This may be necessary if there are significant changes to the status template, especially if the overall status for a template is different from one that was defined earlier.
It is recommended to first execute the program with this option, before choosing to update the search with values of the overall status.



You have made the following settings in Customizing for Commercial Project Management, under Master Data >Commercial Project:



Standard Variants




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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