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/CPD/PFP_R_SYNC_DATA_IN_CPM - Reconciliation Program to Sync. Data in Commercial Projects

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You can use this report to synchronize information between Commercial Project Management and reference objects. When commercial projects are integrated with a reference object (CRM Opportunity), bid structures may also contain references to these objects (items of a CRM Opportunity). If a line item of a CRM Opportunity is deleted in the CRM system, references to the deleted line item are also deleted from the bid structure. In case deletion of references in the bid structure are not successful, they are recorded in an error log table (/CPD/D_PFP_OPLOG).

This report processes entries from the error log table, to remove any references to a deleted CRM opportunity line item from the corresponding bid structure.



You have done the following:

  • Activated the switch to allow integration between commercial projects and reference objects (CRM Opportunities), in the customizing activity Advanced Functions and Processes, under Commercial Project Management > Master Data.
  • Integrated your CRM system to call the API /CPD/PFP_RFC_DEL_REF_OBJ_LINK and delete references to the CRM Opportunity line item.


This report does the following:

  • Reads the error log table /CPD/D_PFP_OPLOG and retrieves the GUID of the reference object, the commercial project, and the financial plan.
  • Deletes the corresponding reference object item from the bid structure element of the financial plan.


You can use the following criterial to execute this report:

  • Commercial Project ID (Optional)
  • Error Log Date (Optional)

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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