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/EACC/ARCHIV_RUN - Test Configuration Archiving

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The program archives the documents of an accounting system



Archiving must be set up for the accounting system (Implementation Guide)


You can use the characteristics selected in Customizing to select the documents to be archived. Without archiving, you can call up statistics in the test mode about the number of data records in the document tables and the resources used.


In Customizing, you can select the characteristics for the selection. When you execute archiving, you specify the values of the selection characteristics in a variant.

Standard Variants




  1. Scheduling the "Write" job:
Choose the Write pushbutton. You can now make the necessary entries for the archiving job.
  • The variant specifies the desired selections.

In the test mode, the documents are not written to the archive.

Instead, the system just issues statistics about the number of data records in the document tables and the resources used.

  • After selecting the variant, you need to enter the Start Date and where appropriate the Spool Parameters.

  • To schedule the job thus created for processing, choose Continue.

  • You can monitor the progress made in processing the job by choosing Job Overview.

  1. Scheduling the "Delete" job:
With the standard settings, the delete program is set up to be started manually in the archiving object. Once the Write job has completed successfully, you need to schedule the Delete job by choosing the Delete pushbutton.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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