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/FRE/CPFR_DETERMINE_LOCPRD - Determine Directly Supplied Location Products for CPFR Vendors

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This report is used to determine locations that are directly supplied by a vendor for products defined for Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR).

This report updates directly supplied location products table (/FRE/CPFR_LOCPRD) and the CPFR parameter table (/FRE/CPFR_PARAM).

Location products are deleted from the directly supplied location products table when the CPFR vendors no longer supply these products. This is determined using the transportation lanes. When new locations are supplied by the CPFR vendor and the products are defined as CPFR products, these locations are added to the directly supplied location product table.

CPFR products can also be deleted from the CPFR parameter table when the transportation lanes no longer exist for the vendor and the already-defined CPFR products.

This report should be scheduled regularly to ensure that the directly supplied location products for the CPFR vendors are up to date. This ensures that the forecast of the directly supplied location products is generated (by the forecast run) for the required periods and that the CPFR data can be provided as specified in the CPFR parameters.


Directly supplied location products are read during the forecast run in order to retrieve the tactical horizon required for the CPFR products. The forecast is generated for these location products even when no operational forecast is required.

This report can also be called interactively when maintaining CPFR parameters for vendor products. For each product that requires a tactical forecast, the directly supplied location can be determined from the user interface.


You need to maintain CPFR parameters for products supplied by vendors you have designated for your collaborative process. Use transaction Maintain CPFR Parameters to do this.



  • Source Location:Enter a CPFR vendor. Only vendors for which CPFR products have been defined in the CPFR parameters are processed.
  • Execute in parallel process:If you select this option, each selected CPFR vendor is processed simultaneously in a different task.
  • Logon/Server Group: Enter the server group on which you want the report to run in parallel.

Standard Variants

Variants can be created and used for background scheduling of the report.


The output shows the number of entries added or deleted from the Directly Supplied Location Productstable and the number of CPFR parameters updated.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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