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/FRE/DB_ANA_CLEANUP - Clean-up for F&R analytics databases

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This report is used to physically delete analytical data collected during the replenishment run. The objective is to reduce the size of the tables when data has been successfully transmitted to the Business Warehouse. Information such as Minimum Stock Varianceand Weekly Figures may increase very fast and may grow faster than the other analytical information.

Data not yet transferred to BW is not deleted from the databases unless the option Clean selected data not in BW is checked.

This report is normally scheduled and run in background.


For data to be collected in the analytical database tables, you must select analytical reports in Forecast and Replenishment Customizing. For new installations, these analytics settings are delivered with preselected reports. This means that when the replenishment module is executed, the system collects analytical data.

Also for each type of data to be deleted (Stock Exception, Minimum Stock Variances, Order Proposal Statistics, Weekly Figures), the system checks the corresponding BW datasource delta extraction time. The report prevents data that was not yet extracted to BW from being deleted, unless the selection option Clean selected data not in BWis checked.


Before any data is deleted, it must be transmitted to the Business Warehouse. Daily extraction of the analytical data should be scheduled from the Business Warehouse for all types of analytical information, including stock exceptions (stockout, possible stockout, overstock, understock, deadstock exceptions), minimum stock variances, order proposal statistics, weekly figures and any other analytical data that does not require specific tables, such as manually changed order proposals and replenishment exceptions.



You choose which data you want to delete by marking the corresponding check box. Then you specify a date range. The selection will be based on the date when the entries were created in the table.

For stock exceptions, you can decide to delete only certain type of exceptions: stockouts, possible stockouts, overstocks, understocks and deadstock.

Clean selected data not in BW:If you are transferring Analytics data to BW and you need to delete data that has not yet been transferred to BW, you have to check the option Clean selected data not in BW.This options should be used in exceptional cases, such as if you need to rerun FRP for a certain date for allyour locations, because this report cleans data for all the locations.

Standard Variants

For security reasons, a standard variant is delivered for this report: SAPDEFAULT. This variant ensures that the deleted data is old enough to be deleted.


The system does not generate a log of the deleted entries.


Depending on your selection, the report deletes entries in the following tables:

  • For Stock Exceptions, entries in table /FRE/ANA_STCKEXC
  • For Minimum Stock Variances, entries in table /FRE/ANA_VAR
  • For Order Proposal Statistics, entries in table /FRE/ANA_OP_STAT
  • For Weekly Figures, entries in table /FRE/ANA_WEEKLY

It is recommended that you clean the analytics tables regularly to improve transfer time to the Business Warehouse, unless you need to keep these entries for your own reports.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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