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/FRE/DB_DIF_DELTA_DELETE - DIF Delta Reorganization Report (delete obsolete deltas)

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The report deletes obsolete DIF delta records. A DIF delta record is obsolete in the sense of this report, if there is no active occurrence for the DIF assigned to a particular location.

Deleting obsolete DIF delta records can reduce the run time of FRP sequence 3 (demand forecast calculation) for the respective location.





The report allows selection by DIF and location.

It provides an option for package processing by packages of locations. The main purpose of this option is the definition of packages for parallel processing. Without parallel processing, the option can be used in order to reduce memory consumption peaks.

Parallel processing is possible with definition of server / server group and maximum number of parallel tasks.

Standard Variants


The report provides a simulation option without performing actual data changes (deletions of DIF delta records).

Per default, the output is an aggregated list of deleted delta records per location. Optionally a detailed result list can be requested that lists all deleted DIF delta records.


The report should be run on a regular base (e.g. weekly or monthly) in order to delte obsolete DIF delta records.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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