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/FRE/DB_LAYOUT_REORG - Reorganization of layout data

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You can use this report to reorganize the SAP Forecasting and Replenishment (F&R) layout database tables. The layout data contains information on the minimum, maximum and target stock quantity for a location product.


The layout information is transferred from the ERP system to F&R. The layout data cannot be maintained in F&R itself.

The layout information is stored in F&R with a valid-from and valid-to date. The report can be used to delete expired layout entries from the database. A layout entry is "expired" when its valid-to date exceeds the number days in the past as defined in Customizing for Time Dependent Fields (the report takes the maximum value defined for the Customizing fields MAXSTOCK, MINSTOCK and TARGETSTOCK for table /SCMB/MDL_LOCPROD).

In additional, the layout information is aggregated in the time-dependent location product data (table /SAPAPO/MATLOCTD). Aggregation means that, when the layout information has overlapping validity periods, the values for the minimum, the maximum and target stock quantity are cumulated for the overlapping periods. The report can be used to recalculate the aggregation.


The system determines the location products to be processed via the Productand Locationfields in the selection screen. The report processes all location and product combinations that match the selection.

If you leave the Productand/or Locationfield empty, the system processes all products and/or locations.

If you select the Delete obsolete layout datacheckbox, the system deletes the expired layout information for the selected location products.

If you select the Aggregate layout datacheckbox, the system aggregates the layout information again for the selected location products.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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