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/FRE/DB_MATLOC_DELETE - Deletion of Location Products

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The report can be used to delete location products and all dependent data from database.

The report processes location products which are already marked for deletion.




When the corresponding flag in the selection screen is set, the report checks before the deletion of a location product, if it still occurs in database table not yet fully processed. For details please refer to the documentation of the flags.

To avoid database inconsistencies SAP recommends to set these flag.

Addtionally the "Test Run" flag can be set. In this case the report performs the consistency checks only, but does not delete the location products.


The "Date of Change" parameter allows the selection of records based on the last change date of these records. For example if a record was last changed on January 4th 2009 then it can be selected by entering the date 04.01.2009 in this field. It is also possible to make a selection based on a date range as well as "greater than" or "less than" options among others available. If nothing is entered in this field then no restriction on the change date is applied to the selection criteria.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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