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Delete F&R related order proposal and to support parallel processing of the records to improve the performance.





  • If no selection parameters are enetered all the F&R order proposals will be deleted.
  • Orders can be deleted based upon all or any of the selection parameters shown.

Parallel Processing:

  • If this option is selected deletion is performed in parallel on the selected server group.

  • COMMIT or ROLLBACK of the deletion is performed package by package in parallel processes, created based on no.of processes entered in selection screen.

  • A Package is created based on the number of records entered in selection screen.

Standard Variants


  • If there are any errors during the RFC processing, these errors are displayed on the screen upon completion of the deletion.
  • In simulation mode, selected orders are not deleted and depending on the display options chosen:
  • If "Detailed Display" checkbox is not flagged only the number of orders selected for deletion is displayed

  • If "Detailed Display" checkbox is flagged the number of selected orders and their numbers are also displayed.


Deletion of Database entries of F&R order proposals.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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