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/FRE/DIF_WP_CR - Weighting Profile Creation

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You use this transaction you can create DIF Weighting Profiles. You have to enter a weighting profile identifier and optionally the description of the weighting profile.

To select a profile category, choose one of the following options:

  • Weekly

A weekly profile is a weighting profile for consumption during a week. Weighting factors for the 7 individual days of the week specify how the consumption is distributed across the week.

  • Event

An event profile is a weighting profile for the consumption during a specific event. Weighting factors specify how the consumption is distributed for the duration of the event. In contrast to the weekly profile, the event profile is not limited to a certain length of time.

You have to enter weighting factors in a table. The number of lines in the table corresponds to the customized number of weighting factors. The values of these can be greater than or equal to zero. It is not necessary to maintain the weighting factors normalized to a certain value (for example, total of the weighting factors = 1).

To finalize the creation of the weighting factors, set the following parameters:

  • Weighting day number

Indicates the sequence number of the weighting factor in the weighting profile

  • Weighting profile factor

Indicates weighting factors for the individual days of the week, specifying how the consumption is distributed across the period.

  • Normalized weighting profile factor

Indicates the weighting factor that is normalized to the total number of values of the profile multiplied by 100.





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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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