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/FRE/FU_CALC_FCBASIS - Calculate Aggregated Time Series for DC Forecast Process

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You use this transaction to aggregate the time series for the distribution center (DC) forecast process. This comprises the aggregation of store sales, store orders, store forecast (as DIF) and order forecast (as DIF). You can specify the start and end dates for the aggregation of the time series. ,,

Two (or more) time series of the same type but with different location products might be combined into a single time series that describes the behavior of all combined location products. This combination is called Object Based Aggregation.

Object based aggregation is necessary for the time series:

  • Aggregated forecast without safety stock for DIF
  • Aggregated consumption data for forecasting in DC (PDF)

Usually, object based aggregation is performed to simplify data (gained in the store) for the use in the DCs (for forecasting purposes). This can be done by aggregating time series of different products or by aggregating time series of the same product in different locations.

When aggregating the time series for DC forecasting, a time shift between the DC demands and the real store demands must be considered. To satisfy the store demand, the DC goods issue date must be sometime earlier, exactly the time shift between the goods issue date in the DC and the sales date in the store. The time shift is the planned delivery time without the goods issue processing time. A constant time shift can be maintained in MD at DC product level. The constant time shift is applied after the aggregation. In case of aggregating POS data for DC forecast, the missing values are filled with the corresponding DC forecast values.





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