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/FRE/FU_DIF_OCCUR_FIRST_TIME - Detection of first-time DIF Occurrences

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This program is used to display the DIF Occurrences that occur for the first time within a given period. The program simply displays the first occurrences.





  • Select-option for DIF Identifier (DIFID), mandatory
  • Parameter for the beginning of the period to be analyzed, mandatory
  • Parameter for the end of the period to be analyzed
  • Checkbox to check only for active occurrences
  • Select-option for location (LOCNO), mandatory
  • Select-option for product (MATNR)
  • Parameter for the starting date of the first time occurrences. The system ignores occurrences prior to this time. Default is the current date.
  • Checkbox to generate exceptions
  • Checkbox to display detailed results for locations and products

Standard Variants


An ALV_LIST, displaying the following information as columns. Each line contains:

  • One DIF Identifiers number and its text
  • One DIF Occurrence number and its text (that occurs for the first time)
  • Valid From and Valid To date of the first time DIF occurrence,
  • The activity indicator of the DIF Occurrence

If a display of detailed result is required, columns for Locations and Products numbers and description assigned to the occurrence will be added. If an occurrence is assigned to several locations and products, several lines of the same DIF Occurrence with different locations and products will be added.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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