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/FRE/FU_TOOLS_TS_FILE_LOAD - Load Time Series Data from File

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Test program only!

The report can be used to load F&R time series data from csv-Files. The files can be load from presentation server and application server as well. The time series data will be posted to the related time series directly or to the interface buffer tables. This is controlled by the parameters in section data target.



The following format is required for CSV-Files: LOCNO, MATNR and PERIOD as mandatory fields.

The location and product master data must be known in the F&R system.

The period indicator is expected in the format WWYYYY for weekly time series and YYYYMMDD for daily time periods.

When entering a posting period, the posting of data is restricted to the specified time frame, i.e. file data for periods outside the posting period will not be processed.

As optional fields there can be one or several key figures, e.g. SALES, FORECAST, DIF_EFFECT. The key figures can be mapped to time series parameters or qualifiers via selection screen.

If the parameter "Time series application table" is marked, the key figures can be mapped to time series parameters. If the parameter "Interface table" is marked, key figures are identified by qualifiers for movement types. See also the example below.

The key figure values are expected in base units of measure.



Standard Variants




If the CSV-File has the following format: LOCNO, MATNR, PERIOD, SALES, DIF_EFFECT the key figure selection at the selection screen should be marked with

Key figure index 1 => Time series parameter CONS_DATA

Key figure index 2 => Time series parameter DIF_EFFECT.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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