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Report for calculating the order forecast

If you use the dispatcher to run FRP, the order forecast calculation is automatically triggered within the FRP run. This does not happen if you use the /FRE/FRP_MID_BASIC report to execute FRP.

This report allows you to trigger the order forecast calculation in connection with /FRE/FRP_MID_BASIC.



The order forecast calculation triggered by this report can only be done in combination with the FRP run: the sequences 1 to 3 (Update of master data and technical data, Update of open order proposals, Automatic replenishment and order proposal release management) of /FRE/FRP_MID_BASIC must be executed for the corresponding planning day. During these sequences, the system determines data that serves as a prerequisite for the order forecast calculation (for example, relevant location products, end date for the order forecast calculation).

If you change master or transaction data that has an impact on the order forecast calculation, you can rerun the report to recalculate the order forecast. The above-mentioned sequences must also run again in order for the system to consider the changed data.

The rerun of the following sequences is required, depending on the changed data:

  • Changes to Customizing or master data: Rerun sequence 1
  • Changes to open orders: Rerun sequences 1 and 2
  • Changes to stock or consumption: Rerun sequences 1, 2 and 3 (in this case, a new forecast and replenishment calculation can be done and new order proposals can be created)



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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