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You use this report for the migration of Time Series Data Management (TSDM) to CDM (Compressed Data Management).

From SAP SCM 5.1 SP05 (SAPKY51005), all Time Series can be migrated from TSM to CDM.

Benefits of CDM are:

  • New data storage for fast access, space reduction and support for additional header data for more complex Time Series
  • Data is stored in a compressed way, so the space used on the system is reduced
  • Data is transferred in a compressed form, reducing network usage, and speeding up data transfer
  • No customizing
  • No revolution on the front-end, only the back-end is changing. For the user, the access is the same for CDM or other source of data Time Series
  • The new time series on CDM are seamlessly displayed, saved and modified as they would be on the (old) standard data source, TSDM.

Case 1: Existing customer, time series already exist

For the migration from existing time series in TSM to the new CDM tables the report /FRE/UI_MIGRATE_TSDM_CDM has to be run. This report copies the TSDM time series values in the new CDM tables.

For the conversion of the data sources in table /FRE/TSKPRM, the function module /FRE/UI_TSDM_CDM_MIGRATE is called.

Only after the conversion of the data source the system reads and writes in the CDM tables. This means, that the conversion has to take place after the migration and before the next system update with time series values, as otherwise gaps could emerge.

Case 2: New customer, no time series in tables

SAP SCM 5.1 is shipped in a way that only planning data is set to CDM.

When the system is set up and SP05 is imported, only the conversion of the data sources in table /FRE/TSKPRM via the function module /FRE/UI_TSDM_CDM_MIGRATE has to be done.





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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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