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/FRE/UI_SUBST - Substitute Products: Display Switchover Information

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Information about the switchover from an original product to a follow-up/replacement product and about the switch back from the replacement product to the original product are imported into SAP F&R via an inbound interface from SAP ERP.

The substitution screen is for display only; you cannot change any information.

The information about switchover/switch back includes the following attributes (header data):

  • Original product
  • Follow-up/replacement product
  • Supplying location
  • Receiving location
  • Relationship type
  • Time-controlled follow-up product

  • Event-controlled follow-up product

  • Event-controlled replacement product

  • Replacement profile
  • DIF occurrence number
  • Cumulated stock quantity (calculated based on goods receipt information)
  • Merge period (beginning, end)

In addition to the information listed above (header data), the document numbers for which a substitution has been made in the logistics system (outside of SAP F&R) are also saved in SAP F&R. This ensures that the goods receipt quantity for a delivery, which was imported using the goods receipt interface, can be reassigned to the document in which a replacement was made. The following item data is also displayed in the detail part:

  • Switchover date
  • Switch type, with the values
  • Switchover

  • Switch back

  • Reason for switchover, with the values
  • Event-controlled - availability check

  • Event-controlled - BAdI

  • Time-controlled

  • Reference document number (number of the follow-on document for which the replacement has been performed)

  • Original reference document item (follow-on document item to which the replacement relates - item with original product)
  • New reference document number (number of the follow-on document that contains the new item with the replacement product if, for example, a split was performed in the ERP system)
  • New reference document item (item number in follow-on document, which replaces the original item





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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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