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/FRE/UI_SUBSTSW_DELETE - Reorganization Report for Switchover Information

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The report is used for reorganization of switchover information for follow-up and replacement products.



A switchover information is obsolete and the system can delete it if the end date of the merge period is older than the comparison date used.


The system determines the comparison date using the time series profile of the target location which is assigned to the switchover information. The system determines as the comparison date, the earliest date in the past for the key figure parameters of the following time series:

  • Aggregated store sales
  • Aggregated store orders
  • Consumption data

If no time series profile is assigned to the location or none of the three relevant time series key figures is assigned to the time series profile, then you can force deletion of the switchover information by setting the indicator Delete in Case of Missing Time Series Profile. In this case, the system uses the current date as the comparison date.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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