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/FRE/UPGARDE_50_BWD - Adjust BWD from F&R 4.1 to F&R 5.0

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Create Business Week definition information in F&R system


Within F&R 4.1, the first day of a week was always Monday and the week numbering over the year uses the European Calendar rule. This refers to a fixed week definition according to what was supported by our FRP system. This week definition is important with regards to forecasting and updating dynamic week profiles (day weights), or in more general, for all information that requires a set of data for a complete previous week.



The BWD information is created equivalent to the German year which corresponds to Monday as first day of the week and Rule #1: 'week no. 1 is always the week that includes at least 4 days in the current year'.

Note: It is important to keep this entry equivalent to the one assumed in F&R 4.1 otherwise all time series data are invalidated.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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